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  1. The mount has arrived arrived! I haven't had a chance to use it yet but it feels a lot more substantial than the CG-5 which is a good thing. I've already got APP and I've had a little play around with what little data I managed to get with the old mount. I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to take longer exposures and more of them so I'll be looking at guiding sooner rather later. I'll have to have a look at what's involved with Ha imaging with a DSLR. Do you mind me asking how much it cost to have your camera modded?
  2. Philter

    DSO Imaging

  3. I've actually ordered it with the belt mod already installed from FLO. I've heard lots of positive things about it so I thought I'd start off with it. I'd probably manage to mess up the installation anyway! ? The light pollution where I live is bad (Bortle 7) so I'll stick with the bright and relatively easy targets for now. I also picked up an IDAS D2 filter recently, I know it's not a substitute for dark skies but I'm hoping it'll help a bit.
  4. I've got a HEQ5 Pro on the way as well as it was clear that my current CG5 with goto upgrade isn't going to cut it. Hopefully it'll help make things go more smoothly! I hadn't really thought about modding the camera but the images in your Flickr gallery have made me think it might be something to consider when I've got a a bit more experience.
  5. It's brilliant! It's nice to see what a D5300 and the 80ED can do since I'm just starting out using the same equipment (although my D5300 is unmodded). I'm a long way off getting anything near this quality. ?
  6. Looks like I've got some reading to do! I'm now wondering if my flats are underexposed as I used the in camera histogram to judge my exposure and I've just been reading that it displays for the 8-bit JPEG data and not the raw data. I've attached a single flat file, is anyone able to take and look and see if it's exposed correctly? Thanks. M81_FLAT_Tv12s_1600iso_20190225-22h52m19s251ms.NEF
  7. So the flats might not be able to remove the the dust spots correctly without dark frames, is that right?
  8. Hi. After buying a Sky-Watcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro last year I finally managed to to get some images last night, although not as many as I would have liked. After setting up, trying to polar align and battling with software I only managed to get 39 minutes on M81 and M82 in total. I don't know much about processing yet but this is what I got out of Astro Pixel Processor and stretched (aggressively) with curves in Photoshop: SW Evostar 80ED SW 0.85 flattener/reducer Nikon D5300 (unmodded) IDAS D2 filter Lights - 52 x 45s (limited due to trailing) Bias - 100 Flats - 50 No darks Bortle 7 I can see a few bright spots that match up with dust bunnies on my subs that I thought flats would take care of. I was wondering if if there might be something wrong with my flats or the way I applied them in APP. They were taken using an EL panel and exposing so the camera histogram peak was in the centre. This is what the masterflat from APP looks like. The most prominent dark sport seems to line up with the brighter spot in the integrated image. Thanks
  9. Mine turned up yesterday, thanks FLO! When I'll actually get to use it is another matter...
  10. I took the plunge and got the SW Evostar 80ED DS-Pro with the flattener/reducer. I probably won't get to use it much this side of the the bright nights but at least I've got it to practice setting it up and guiding, etc.
  11. No problem, thanks for asking. I decided to go a head and place an order with FLO last week as I've been hit by surprise price increases in the past and I didn't want to risk it this time. Knowing my luck there'll be a price decrease soon!
  12. Thanks, Steve. Good luck with the house move!
  13. I noticed that Celestron have increased their prices recently and it was mentioned earlier in the thread that Sky-Watcher tend to follow not long after (or vice versa). Is it likely that there's going to be Sky-Watcher price changes soon?
  14. Nice image! I've been toying with the idea of getting a Skywatcher Evostar 80ED to use with my Nikon D5300 but I keep talking myself out of it because I'd only really be able to image from my light polluted garden (Bortle 7). Your picture gives me hope that I might be able to capture something after all!
  15. Thanks for your comments! Hopefully I'll get at least one more shot at Jupiter if the weather behaves. I think I might try longer captures (5 minutes or so) next time and give WinJupos a go, I haven't used it before.
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