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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys I’ve been in touch with Ian King and he is going to adjust it for me. I also appear to have some sort of CA or processing issue with this scope at the moment which I’ve posted in my other thread. More than likely this is just me and can be resolved.
  2. Yea thanks might well be this. I didn’t get any error messages in pixinsight so I was assuming it had aligned well enough. Never used PS but maybe someone can have a look. Just odd that the same thing happens on different nights.
  3. So having a slight issue with what looks like CA to me although im relatively new to RGB imaging so im guessing its more likely my processing or registration. On all my images from different nights i have a purple edge to all my red stars. Does anyone care to have a play with my unaligned RGB? Blue https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qpkymSgwRuIeHtglF3LDxJmsFQFZ1bmF/view?usp=sharing Red https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EvQunfNEjMfsdDIubH2FS6Afrxmz7MSO/view?usp=sharing Green https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l_aVxTI1VR7UXS-levPsfAG2iOUeTY05/view?usp=sharing Thanks Ken
  4. I’ve found it’s impossible to focus near the zenith without fully locking down the focuser first. Without locking it down the focuser slips almost immediately so you can’t first focus and then lock it down. You can actually visually see it slipping when the lock mechanism is undone. Attached to the scope is an asi 6200mm and 7x2” filter wheel so about 3kg. Not the lightest but by no means should it be near the limitations of the focuser. Is this normal or is it possible to tighten the focus mechanism ? Anyone else using this scope ? Do you first lock the focuser before focusing ? Thanks ken IMG_4272.MOV
  5. Ken82

    ASI 6200

    Ok cool a bigger field of view so what are you planning to image ? Personally I think the field of view is adequate for almost all Astronomy targets unless you want to start mosaics etc etc. The sensor will not work well with 36mm filters. Depending of course how far the filters are from sensor. I’m not sure what zwo filter wheel you have but the 7x2” works well. It also works well with baader filters which was an uncertainty given the filter sizes and documentation zwo released.
  6. Ken82

    ASI 6200

    It’s a great camera for the fsq 106 Not sure about coatings, I get a small halo on very bright stars which probably means the coatings are decent. The halo is definitely from the camera and not filter given it’s size. Field of view is awesome with the fsq although I’ll likely bin 2x2 in software most of the time. Included is a crop of alnitak showing a small halo. 4min uncalibrated sub. Adapters have been an issue with the fsq as the M54 tilt adapter is too far from the sensor so causes vignetting. I’m waiting for some custom made adapters which should arrive in the next few weeks.
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone ! I will have a further look into the cause of the halo in the oiii filter and let you know. I think I’m going to cancel my baader SII filter order for now. A friend has posted this to me, although they have no direct experience with the chroma filters they have based the comments on what’s written on the FLO website - Narrower band will result in better SNR as it will cut away more of the LP. At some point you need to be careful about speed of the system, as light coming at an angle will have its effective wavelength "shifted" with respect to filter. It is not only related to speed of the beam but also to focal length of the scope and so called instrument angles - how large illuminated circle vs focal length of the scope. Chroma 3nm Ha filters are apparently designed for: "Filters designed for use with CCD and for f/4.0 or slower" So that is fine, but there is spec that I don't particularly like: Transmitted wavefront better than 0.25 waves/inch This means that quality of filter is "guaranteed" to be 1/4 wave - and not over whole aperture of 1.25" filter. 1/4 wave optics is considered borderline usable, so called diffraction limited, but in practice people see difference between it and 1/6 or 1/7 optics. And all of that at a cost of 500e. I don't know, I'm skeptical about it. I would rather use Baader Ha filter 7nm that is x4 less expensive but tried and tested to work well than something new and very expensive
  8. I ordered a full set of baader narrowband filters some time ago which have been good. I do get halos with the oiii but reading around this appears normal. Just waiting for my SII to arrive as these are delayed for a while. I had initially wanted the narrower 4.5nm oiii but I’ve been told there is a long waiting time for these (possibly production issue) In the mean time whilst I wait chroma have become available on the FLO website. I could potentially cancel the SII and look at getting the narrower 3nm or 5nm filters but is it worth it ? Has anyone experience with chroma filters ? Is it worth the narrower bandpass ? Would the oiii get rid of the halos ? I’m imaging from a fairly light polluted area bortle 6??? With refractor at f5 thanks
  9. Excellent scopes the equinox series. These new ones look like a replacement to me. I regretted selling my 80mm equinox and since then I’ve not sold a single astronomy item !
  10. Are FLO / John still offering this custom adapter service ? thanks ken
  11. 1790mm high with the central bar extended plus the height of a trigger grip. Would that not be enough ? im currently using this monopod which is great but when others are using it it’s not sturdy enough to just leave. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sirui-P-324SR-Section-Monopod-Support/dp/B073ZHHL94/ref=mp_s_a_1_8?keywords=sirui+monopod&qid=1580304035&sprefix=sirui+&sr=8-8
  12. Would this be a good option for mounting my 16x70 binos ? i would also like to mount a small 85mm refractor on occasion but not sure what additional connectors I’ll require for that. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01M8QHFHM/ref=psdcmw_1104574_t1_B07145KW2G?th=1&psc=1
  13. Looks excellent, what tripod are you using ?
  14. Just an update- so Ivo advised me to download the beta version 3.85.2 which I did. This has resolved my initial issue and now using either the ascom driver or native zwo driver I’m able to download images. I am currently unable to use the cooling aid as it doesn’t want to pause for an interval. So manually decreasing the temperature and waiting is the temporary solution. I guess zwo/apt developers need to have a look at this for future beta releases. I'm currently waiting for the 7 position filter wheel which will give me the correct connections for my setup. For now I’ve used an t adapter which will block a lot of the light in the corners.
  15. Yea thanks I was going to mention that. Using the native drivers I can use the zwo video mode in APT but still cannot take pictures. ive been asked to download a beta version from APT. Fingers crossed. I’ll post my results, hopefully helpful for someone at some point.
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