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  1. I‘ve had extensive help from the Sitech mailing list sorting out my problems with the factory configuration (that was unusable except for „no pier flip“ configurations - maybe works for an 80mm Apo). The Sitech software has a learning curve, but once I got used to it, I have come to appreciate the functionality and it blends into the background. I did not know about the possibly faulty hand controllers, but I find it strange that one is expected to hunt down the Mesu supply chain to get replacement parts and configuration instructions - great and helpful as those guys may be.
  2. The guiding assistant idea will not work because the drift is not constant, so this will not fix things. I am currently convinced that the clutch design of the Mk2 is faulty and can cause slippage, but this is my layman‘s explanation. I have put far too much work into this and contact with the manufacturer has become more and more unpleasant the more it became clear the mount is the issue. It took three weeks to get him to fix the DEC encoder, and whatever he did in RA (the information oscillates between „nothing“ and torque adjustment) did not address the drift at all. He has now started
  3. I use it for an Esprit 100 photographically without any issues, should work well for the 120mm ED for visual. After a belt mod, no problems even at 1500mm FL with an RC8 (0.4”/pixel), guiding at 0.8-.09” RMS. Easy to set up. Only thing that could be said is that the Sky-Watcher hand controller seems a bit 80ies.
  4. Thanks for trying to help, again. Unfortunately this did not turn out well after all. I thought to post here because reports on this forum were instrumental in me deciding for this mount. I got the mount end of September, with „first light“ in Oct 1st. In addition to some problems configuring the Sitech software (which I am now very confident in, it is not so bad once you get to know it), I had the above mentioned troubles with intermittent drift and stopped tracking in RA. The „good hour“ unfortunately was a singular experience. In addition I soon got „Motors in Blinky“ errors in the Sit
  5. Thanks again for the help, everyone. I have some unexpected clear skies tonight. After upgrading and reinstalling the Sitech software I now have no more tracking issues. Guiding is at 0.35" RMS, which seems excellent with (for here) mediocre seeing of about 2" FWHM, and there is still room for improvement of focus on the OAG.
  6. Thank you, again. On the sitech group, someone had the same problem and fixed it by reinstalling the software. I tried reinstalling before. I have now uninstalled and upgraded to a higher version that I found in that forum. I can no longer reproduce the stop of the RA motor. So, next check will be under the stars. If they ever come out again.
  7. Indoor space where a running mount does not lead to marital arguments is heavily constrained (well... used up...). I might have to disassemble a part of the music studio, which is a hassle to cable up again. The mount/scope lives under a telegizmos 365 cover with dew heater. Everything keeps nice and dry there, always. I actually expected the mount to perform from the set-up and not having to start out with lengthy trouble-shooting. I probably should have known better, in this game. I spent more than 10 hours so far (8h and 2h of clear sky) trying to fix various configuration problems. I
  8. Thanks again for helping out. I have balanced with great care. Sitech.exe does not show “pier side”, but I think if there was a problem, slewing would be impaired and tracking in other parts of the sky, too (which works fine). I am quite sure it is a problem with my mount settings. I can hear the RA Motor stop when the problem occurs (a bit difficult because the computer is quite loud, it I am sure). Slewing away from equator makes everything work again. Turning off and on and disconnecting etc. does not. With “non-clear skies” what I really meant was basically continuous rain for
  9. Thank you for your quick reply. I have not touched the horizon limits yet, but had cleared the horizon file just to be sure, and the problem remained. I have also contacted Lucas, who gave me some config files. These helped with some slewing/alignment problems I had but did not resolve the tracking issues. I am in touch with him, but wanted to tap into the knowledge of the userbase, too. With the abysmal weather here, the testing proceeds rather sluggishly (2h of clear sky in 2 weeks).
  10. Hello, I am Torben, from Germany. I found quite a few posts here regarding the Mesu mounts, some of which convinced me to purchase one as a step to using larger scopes. Unfortunately, I have a problem with tracking: If I slew to a target near the celestial equator, RA tracking stops after a few seconds. Sitech.exe will report the scope status as tracking and RA/DEC coordinates stay constant. I can only resume tracking by slewing to a different target.I am using Voyager for imaging control, but I could isolate the problem, and it occurs without Voyager, too. Sitech version is 0.94N from the Sit
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