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  1. Evening all. So I have not an artistic bone in my body in terms of pen/pencil/paint etc to paper. I'm a keen photographer and consider myself to have quite a good eye in that respect. I play musical instruments and love a bit of fine woodwork too so I'm clearly not lacking in creative juices, but I just haven't been able to translate what my eye sees to paper in the past. To be fair though, I've never really persevered. The last thing I drew was my 3rd year art project about a thousand years ago. I've always been of the belief that I can teach myself anything with the right guidance and plenty of practice, and some of the stunning pieces on the forums have captivated me so I decided this evening to give it a go. I've skimmed through "Astronomical Sketching: A Step by Step Guide" from the Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy series to get some rough guidance and raided the wife's craft supplies for pencils, putty and stumps. For material, I'm using an image I captured and stacked from video of the eastern limb of the moon about 3 weeks ago. I'm focussing around the Mare Crisium area and surrounding craters, including Langrenous, Cleomedes and Tralles. This is nowhere near finished and nowhere near what I'd like to be able to achieve, the geometry is off and there's nowhere near the full amount of detail - plenty of work to do in that area, but I thought I'd ask what everybody thought, in terms of critique of the overall effect, what you would be wanting to capture, and how you would do it - there's plenty of technique advice in the book, but I'd like to hear how others do it. I'm particularly pleased with the area at the top of the image, Cleomedes and surrounding craters, I think it's got some good dimension but I'd like to capture more. Excuse the shadows - quick iPhone snaps. Tell me what you think and thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks mate, just bagged one for £25. Why did I not know about this site before???? Looks like when I'm ready to upgrade the mount I'll be cobbling it together with bits from Astroboot!!!
  3. Hey Rob, that's the chap. Fingers crossed, I have Steve from FLO on the case trying to source one.
  4. Thanks mate. But what's worrying me is it says they're for eq5 and 6. I'm concerned they won't fit. Does anyone have one and if so can they tell me the distance between centres of the holes for fitting to the saddle
  5. Evening all, I have a skywatcher 120 newt on a skywatcher EQ2 and one of the ends has sheared off the dovetail bar. Whats the cheapest replacement? I assume it'll be a similar, single bar that the rings mount onto, in which case what am I looking for as skywatcher only seem to have them specifically made for the eq5. Bear in mind there's a nut sticking up out of the saddle, and the holes for the nuts which fix it to the saddle are about 59mm apart at centre. Anyone know of a product that'll do it for me? I wouldn't mind moving to a 'system' as long as the price is reasonable, so what's the cheapest way I'm going to set it up so I can keep the tube in the rings and slide the whole assembly in and out of the mount as required? I hope that makes sense. Bear in mind I will be upgrading the mount to something more robust later in the year as I intend to get a decent finder scope and start fumbling around the crazy world of imaging so the EQ2 won't be suitable for much longer as I'll need tracking and more weight bearing capability. With that in mind I'll need to know that whatever I have is likely sit on something like an EQ5/6 or whatever I end up with. I don't want the 'system' to be redundant if I can avoid it.
  6. Dambuster I'm thinking of going out tonight in about an hour. Short notice but if you read this in time do you fancy it? I'm in Plymouth and was thinking of yelverton aerodrome or wembury beach
  7. That's about right. [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. As a noob who has only just got his scope and hasn't seen first light yet I have to say those notes & sketches are inspiring Nick, thank you for sharing.
  9. Hey Paul, I know this is a few months old but are you still looking for folks to meet up with? I'm a complete noob, just been given a skywatcher 130, I've done lots of reading and feel I know a lot but the prospect of putting it in to practice is a little overwhelming so meeting up with some experienced folks would be just right!!! It's only a half hour drive from Plymouth where I am so definitely seems practical.
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