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  1. Just a few things that aren’t getting used. First up my 1.25” Lacerta Herschel wedge with 1.25” circular polariser (single). Purchased new from Teleskop Express last year. Cracking bit of gear but not getting used at the moment with the invariably blank white light disk we are seeing. Selling for £80 inc postage to UK mainland **SOLD TO PAZ** Next is my Asahi Super Takumar F4 200mm - m42, purchased 2nd hand from Lockie for £40. I wanted it for widefield Astro but even with adjustment I couldn’t get it focussed to infinity on the Nikon. I believe they’re fine on Canon. I have 200mm covered for daytime use, so it’s not getting used. No dust or scratches. Selling for £30 inc postage to UK mainland - SOLD TO NEWBIE ALERT. PP or bank transfer only for both.
  2. Working late so won’t make the picking up Jupiter early challenge but I’ll be out from 10ish. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Jawdropping, and always nice to shoot a scene nobody else has (to your knowledge anyway) shot before.
  4. It may only be box ticking but it’s one of the best reports I’ve read. Evocative as Kerry said. Well done.
  5. I've seen it all now Nice shot Dave. The groove is the space between two of the prominent ejecta rays and I don't think it has a name. Or perhaps it does now thanks to Ray.
  6. Nicely done. I love my mak 102.
  7. Thanks chaps It's looking good for tonight but I've an early start tomorrow.
  8. The seeing wasn't too good but they're not all that bad
  9. The weather, and my schedule have allowed me to have 3 nights at it in a row. That'll do nicely. Here's a little full disk, a larger one and some closer views on the way.
  10. Another one from last night. Tonight's images are cooking presently.
  11. Nicely done Dave. I’m hoping to get a go at the WL tomorrow do be aware it’ll probably be cloudy
  12. Thanks Reggie. I had to do a bit of cloning to remove artefacts from the stacked image which I don’t like doing.
  13. Cracking report. An impressive haul. Well done for the Valentine Dome.
  14. I think the Moon in daylight, or at least dusk, is suitable on the longest day don't you? Here's 250 of 1000 frames in reasonable seeing. Pipp>AS!3>IMPPG>Photoshop And a close up with 2.5x barlow, 500 of 2000 frames, of a region packed with interest, Plato emerging into the daylight, the Alpine valley, the Bessel Ray, Hadley Rille and that's just your first 5 minutes observing The close up does have a little processing artefact but I can live with it. Now where did I leave my wicker man?
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