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  1. Like the idea to thread the weight bar on like that for extra balance when required.
  2. I have up for sale my Baader 1Kg weight, which I have screwed into a spare Skytee2 saddle that I no longer use on the mount. This is great to help balancing your scope etc with any Vixen dovetails on your scopes. Looking for £42 which includes postage in the UK. Payment via Paypal friends or family or direct bank transfer. Thanks for looking. Last image shown for ilustration only. Scope or mount not part of the sale! Item now sold.
  3. Seen with my Astromedia solar projector from a service station off the M1 near Rugby at around 13:45. Was better with the naked eye, the image is pretty crud with the phone camera. Ignore the blob near the middle, that’s a mark on the card. Image from Skysafari to match up the position of Mercury. Saw for about 10 minutes before clouds closed in. No other chance to see it at all on the remainder of my journey to the SE near Crawley. But at least I got to see something!
  4. An app like Skysafari will show you when an object is due south (hence in the northern hemisphere highest in the sky on that particular day) with the information you can get from it. Other apps/software can do a similar thing too.
  5. Sadly, I’ll be away for work down in the SE from Monday for half of the week, so no chance to observe it through a scope, although I do have an astromedia solar projector that I could take with me as it doesn’t take up much room and have a look around lunchtime if I can see it through that. If the clouds allow that’ll be the best chance I get to see it. The solar projector works pretty well when sun spots are on show, so hopefully Mercury will be visible with it.
  6. Up for sale in time for Christmas I have a brand spanking new Altair Astro Sabre mount, and a Skyris 274C camera up for grabs. Altair Astro Sabre mount, tripod, clamp, weight bar and two weights bought 3 months ago, but soon after purchase got the chance to re-own an excellent second hand Skytee2 mount again, so the Sabre is up for grabs. As new this would cost £460, but have it up for sale for £300. As can be seen in the pictures it is in excellent as new condition, with only a slight scuff on the clamp after fitting telescope dovetail bars into it in the dark. Would prefer either collection, or meet up for item. However, I do have the original boxes that the mount and tripod etc came in, so would be willing to post out in the UK, but this would be at an additional cost & risk to to the buyer if going down that route. Payment via cash on collection or meet up, or Paypal friends and family payment or direct bank transfer (with the extra cost of postage service you require) on top of that. Note; telescope shown for illustration purposes only and is not part of the sale! Withdrawn from sale. Skyris SOLD- Also up for grabs a Celestron Skyris 274c camera I bought off a member on here a few months back. Comes with original box and cable. Was intending to do more planetary and Lunar imaging, but due to work schedules at the moment (and forceable future), and weather on top of that its just not getting used. Up for sale for £100 which includes postage in the UK. Payment via Paypal friends and family, or direct bank transfer. No CD with drivers, but easily downloadable from the Celestron web site.
  7. Excellent sketch! Well done! I see you managed to pick out not one but two alien monoliths residing in Clavius too! Clarke and Kubrick would be well pleased!
  8. As you have a dew shield already I’d get a normal dew strap to fit. A controller box is optionally as larger scopes can have the strap run on full power with no problems when used for visual use. It may prove necessary if doing any imaging to reduce the power (hence heat) as this can sometimes interfere with imaging, so in those cases then a controller may be desired.
  9. Nice work Doug. Always nice to see fuzzies in the EP. Must be nearly 2 weeks since i had a brief spell at the eyepiece, and even then didn’t get to see much ‘cos clouds were rolling in again. Hoping for some clear skies at the weekend fingers crossed.
  10. I think without very specialist equipment the angle of parallax observed even from two different points on the earth simultaneously would be too small to measure. You would have to take readings when the earth has moved further in its orbit around the sun to be able to make out the difference in the stars position due to parallax shifting. Clearly this cannot be something done simultaneously, but a test performed over a time period of months to get any results that could be seen, and even then only for some of the closest stars to earth.
  11. Don’t forget to bring that Zarkov cloud blaster gun with you clear those clouds away please!
  12. Yeah, Paris is real tacky these days I know! Just look at the Eiffel tower there!
  13. Toughie, but personally I find the 6x30 finderscope better to use than a 9x50, purely because of the wider field of view, so find it more eaier to use than the 9x50 because of this, although the 9x50 can scoop up fainter objects so if at a dark sky site then this would work better most likely.
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