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  1. Well, should be arriving pretty quickly today. Estimated between 9:19 and 10:19, so delivery no; 16 on the list.
  2. Looks nice John. My 6” should land tomorrow at some time. Been mostly a visual observer I thing the stock focuser will do. No plans to step back into astrophotography in any big way.
  3. Yeah, will be the first thing I aim at. Seen some pretty good views already with my existing scopes (jetstream not withstanding), but hoping this one blows them away.
  4. Just pulled the trigger on a Stellalyra 6” f12 CC. Ooops! Now to decide which scope must go to make space for it?
  5. I have a Celestron Mars filter which works a treat. As the atmosphere on Mars can kick up some planet wide dust storms sometimes teasing fine detail out of Mars can be a challenge. Best thing to do with your coloured filters is use them all one at at time and see which one works best. Sometimes a yellow, blue or green filter can tease out more detail too, but which one works best can vary although overall when I view Mars I use the Mars filter which also tones down the brightness of Mars & gives it a nice red hue to boot. Also, take time when observing Mars as sometimes you get better or steadier seeing conditions later on, especially if viewing Mars above where sources of heat can still be sending heat up in the atmosphere to churn it up, like over rooftops, chimneys, etc.
  6. Yep, 2 minutes after sunset it will be smack in the middle of Jupiter. Got my scope out last night for a peek, but no sign of of the GRS. Looking more promising for tonight with nice clear weather forcast too for the evening, at least where I live anyhoo, so be dragging the scope out for another looksee.
  7. Looks good Doug. Hope it works out Ok for you.
  8. They probably need to use a lower powered eyepiece than the 4mm EP which is Ok for the Moon and planets etc. Maybe a 15mm or 20mm EP would suit better to view galaxies, nebula etc to give a wider view and brighter image to be able to pick out these objects.
  9. Hi and welcome. Sorry to hear of your scope problem. Make sure your scope is set up as in the diagram below with the diagonal fitted (7) into the scope first, then the eyepiece (5) next. Make sure you take of the front cap off the scope (6), then turn focus wheel (3) outwards or inwards between its maximum outwards position and maximum inwards position. You should see the diagonal and eyepiece move backwards or forwards in the telescope tube as you turn the focus wheel. Make sure your scope is aimed at something easy to focus on in the distance. As others have said use the eyepiece marked as MA26mm without the barlow. If all looks as though its working as it should and you still can’t get an image to focus there could be an issue with the lens at the front of the scope. Check that it is seated correctly in the front end of the telescope and not been knocked out or moved, And see if you can you can see a problem in the lens at the front. HTH. Also, check that the diagonal has the optics inside it correctly with nothing blocking any view through it.
  10. In short, no! It will deplete funds from your bank account now each and every month!
  11. Nice work Doug. Not done any doubles work for a while, so need to remedy that soon. Was out last night from 1am to 2:30am viewing Mars, which was much higher than I expected it. Saw the south polar cap easily with the Mars filter attached, and some fine subtle details on Mars too when seeing clicked in. Packed my scopes away, only to notice then Venus just popping over the roof tops blazing away, so snuck a look with binos only.
  12. Nice shots. Well done! I was out this morning from 1am to 2:30am. Using my Mars filter on my Omni 120 ‘frac I could see the south polar cap very easily, along with some subtle details on the surface when the seeing clicked in with.
  13. With a barlow you are getting more magnification, so in general the more you magnify things then the quicker they'll zoom out of site. With this model goto you won’t be able to hold high mag views in site as easy as lower magnifications. You would only get that tracking stability over longer periods with much more expensive goto mounts.
  14. Got one myself, so only need to pull out the seat in its slot, then slide it into a new slot at what height you require. Works pretty good. Very easy to change around.
  15. A good filter brings out details better. I bought the Celestron Mars filter the other year, and it works a treat in teasing out more info. I tend to find I get better, sharper views in my ‘fracs than with my 10” Newt with it, although it works OK in the Newt too. If you don't want the expense of a filter like that then you can use some yellow or green planetary filters that work pretty good too, although not as good as the Mars filter.
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