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  1. its a shame there is no trial version of DSLR focus, I do like to know if something will work for me before investing even a nominal about. I did make a mask the other day as well, so im ready to play with that as well. Boy who thought using an exacto blade would hurt your hands . soo many tiny pieces cut out
  2. ive been toying with the idea, but the canon is a daily shooter for me now, once i get another to replace it i plan to cool it and mod it
  3. thanks ill look into that, yea i was excited when i tested the "time lapse" feature to do a set of images in the house. great potential for really helping me get focus. and for taking a series of images i like that i can take an image and adjust any setting untill i get what im looking for. i will definatly be keeping notes for sure on what settings to use for various targets. stoked for the first clear night that i dont have to work the next day
  4. luckily i dont have to worry about that right yet, my current telescope wont support more than a 5 second exposure! but thats good to know thank you
  5. If you have an older camera with out live view, and the drivers are not supported on newer Operating Systems this will be a real game changer First I have a Canon 350D/XT DSLR. These cameras can be controlled completely by computer, If and only if you have a Win XP 32 bit computer to control it. I first toyed with the idea of doing a Dual Boot drive Win7/XP. but it would require me to -make a partition -enter BIOS and set the HDD to IDE or compatable -install XP -reboot -finilize XP -Set bios back to SATA -boot into windows 7 -run VistaBoot( or another MBR repa
  6. thank yall, it was a pain still without having live view! i was playing around testing different exposures, ISO, and aperture its cloudy and raining now so maybe just maybe ill get some this weekend
  7. Quick single image of the moon tonight. I was trying to target M42 but the GT mount is not likely up to the task
  8. n you canon for not supporting win 7 and later O_o

  9. i think i will be 3d printing one for the camera, unsure if i should do a petal type or box.
  10. thank yall, it was just by accident, but i lov eit, i plan to get rid of the artifact glaring in the middle, no idea wha tit is, as i have only had this camera for 3 days now
  11. this was a single 30sec eposure, just getting a feel for the camera, I accidentally caught the moon, but i love the image anyways. I have adapter a t adapter printing at the local library. Hopefully tonight is a clear night !! M42 is in my sights!
  12. I took the camera out last night just to see what i could do by simply bracing the camera against the van. for only a 20 sec image im pretty stoked and can wait to 3d print a telescope adapter. i notice some hot pixels and somthing else up at the top that i am unsure what it is. but i am sure some processing would help alot. this camera was a bargain at 100 dollars full kit included Canon Rebel XT 28-90 EOS lense Held very very still, LOL i was really excited that i got a better focus than i had expected. much to learn! but its a decent step up from my logitech pro modded
  13. scored a Rebel EOS XT with two lenses, battery.... hell everything that came with it originally including a nice case! for 100 bucks! works perfectly fine and looks barely used!


  14. around christmas my buddy bought me fairly beaten up scope. he thought if the scope was junk that we would be able to use the tripod and mount since it was a 114mm scope. same as the celestron we use. well he was right, the mount and tripod were real solid, the scope on the other hand would be better used as a makeup aplication mirror. see it has a flimsy plastic focuser that looks like it would break if i decided to grip it. well now i have two ways i can set up the celestron, if i have...

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