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  1. Postage will be extra, but can get a price online
  2. Hello , I'm selling my Sesto senso robotic focuser (RRP £329) This has been fitted to my scope once and comes with original box, all the required leads, usb drive with software and all the required bits and bobs for different scopes. Selling as there's a vibration on my scope focuser and it seems that the Sesto isn't the best fit for my requirements. UK only and postage will probably be no more than £10 with royal mail (special delivery, covered up to £500)
  3. Decided to restack and rework it
  4. Took this over the last couple of nights with the new primaluce gear that i got on Friday . Pleasantly surprised with the airy72ed scope, on paper it doesn't have as good glass as my Altair 72 ....but I actually feel the image quality is higher. I need to do more comparisons anyway. Either way super pleased with how this one turned out And thats a wrap 252 minutes on the cone nebula area PrimaLuce 72 Airy Scope, 1x flattener, Altair Hypercam 183C ProTec, Primaluce Eagle , HEQ5 pro
  5. Primaluce airy 72, flattener, scope rings , 60mm guidescope with rings, vixen bar, psu for eagle
  6. That's the plan eventually ! I found focusing manually with the Ha filter difficult....so I've got a Sesto senso for my birthday (in less than a month) then I hope I'll be able to focus easier and make use of those filters! Cant wait. Thanks for the good feedback also
  7. Thanks so much David . This was a challenging target for me as really I am still a beginner compared to some folks on here for example, it was only on my latest session on the jelly fish (14th Feb) that I carried out a meridian flip for the first time
  8. It's a different process, this time I focused on the jelly fish nebula itself and not the rest per se. I didn't want to 'overcook' it this time whereas in the previous version I felt I did to keep the area on the left. Everything is a balance...im quite happy with my latest and final version
  9. Yep! Just to increase the SNR. More darks and flats didn't help the previous version
  10. Putting this jellyfish back in the pond now! had enough for this season, but its been a useful learning tool! IC443 - The jellyfish nebula. A Supernova remnant in the constellation of Gemini. 143x120s. Altair Astro 72EDF Deluxe, 0.8x reducer, Hypercam 183c Pro Tec, HEQ5 pro. Stacked and processed in Astro Pixel Processor, with some hefty processing in Photoshop too. This one has been a pita to me ...I so wanted to call it finished but couldn't leave it alone. Finally happy with this version now!
  11. and heres the original 55x60s without the extra luminance from T9
  12. It was a bit...I did some processing jiggery pokery. Here's the jpeg that iTelescope sent me as a preview of that 2 Mon exposure
  13. StaceStar

    Hi all!

    Fancy seeing you here
  14. Thank you yeah it's a great way of quickly injecting detail into your shots!
  15. Think i might be done with this target for the season this is 55 x 60s exposures from my garden in Birmingham with my osc camera...and 2 x 120s exposures luminance with T9 in Siding Springs observatory in Australia. Always enjoy a processing challenge...especially taking different cameras and optics and mixing it all together. So image details: Location : Birmingham, UK 55x60s exposures, altair 72edf deluxe, 0.8x reducer, hypercam 183c pro tec. Siding Springs Observatory (Via itelescope.net) 2 x 120s exposures with luminance filter, Tele Vue NP127FLI, FLI Proline 16803 ccd. All images stacked and processed in Astro Pixel Processor (including scaling them to each other). RGB combined with luminance in photoshop and post processing also carried out in photoshop.
  16. I think I may have used dust and scratches a bit too much and also had the opacity on that layer too high...so it became more fuzzy.
  17. Thank you . Nope focus was smack bang on as I regularly checked my focus I do believe the issue here is with my processing. Probably something to do with the fact I did it at 3am . I never learn
  18. Here it is! Version 2...now up to 210 mins integration. I may get a bit more...not decided yet very happy with how its progressed so far.
  19. Looks like it might be clear in my neck of the woods tomorrow, so i may go for a bit more data on this....or maybe i'll go for a different target. Decisions!
  20. Of course thanks for the great feedback also. I use an Altair 72edf deluxe scope with lightwave 0.8x reducer and Altair hypercam 183c Pro Tec (gain 400, -15c, black level 30)
  21. I get a bit of a kick out of dragging as much out of minimal data as possible Took this last night, packed up early though as it was getting icy and treacherous. I think by the time I packed away it was -5c. Anyway this one actually came out better than i expected and i'm pretty pleased so far 55x120s stacked and processed primarily in APP and final touch up in Photoshop. Also used my L pro max filter for this, which no doubt helped.
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