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  1. She has! I didn't think I was going to be able to build it today as yesterday she was poorly....but lots better today so full steam ahead
  2. I've been a busy bee! So here's my progress pics Main part of the build is done, next I'll paint it with masonry paint, maybe put a gabion cage around it and also put some pebbles at the base.
  3. And we've got some blocks £8 ish for the two from Travis Perkins
  4. Got cracking today bought myself a nice shiny new hacksaw . Used a vise and also bent them with a bit of brute force. Who needs the gym ?
  5. Ok so looking at the instructions, I need to cut those 10mm bars and then put a bend in them. Any tips? I can't say thats something I have ever attempted before ?
  6. Have just ordered 2x blocks from Travis Perkins to pick up tomorrow. Never knew there was a branch near my office
  7. Got myself a DeWalt. It's nothing too special but hopefully it will do the job! Will have a look for a masonry bit
  8. Thanks James! I've got a few of my dad's masonry drill bits (he was a builder, retired now) . Though I just have a normal hammer drill....I might have to go begging for his sds drill too ? but cheers for all that info very helpful!
  9. So I've thought about this for a while now and I'm finally going to start building a pier (of some sort). I found @MattGoo's fab guide and so I think I will be following that. Once done I'll probably add a gabien cage and some fancy rocks to make it look a bit snazzy ? Made a start getting some stuff today, got postcrete also. Just need to find some breeze blocks now! Have tried Wickes and Selco...neither had the hollow ones in. Will try EH Smith over the next few days
  10. Just wondering if anyone has one of these they would like to sell
  11. Yes got the 18mm. I love mine, it's fantastic and contrary to the sky at night review.... Flat as a pancake
  12. Thank you and very true, if it gets folks interested then great ?
  13. Thanks everyone, even sky at night are in on it... They had a poster with all the names on. There's some corkers, I'm just happy with full moon ?
  14. I'm not sure where all these odd names for the full moon are coming from? Apparently last night was a worm moon??? Regardless happy first day of spring everyone...here's my moon from last night Taken with an altair 72EDF Deluxe, GPCAM 290c and 0.5x reducer.
  15. Hello , I'm selling my Sesto senso robotic focuser (RRP £329) This has been fitted to my scope once and comes with original box, all the required leads, usb drive with software and all the required bits and bobs for different scopes. Selling as there's a vibration on my scope focuser and it seems that the Sesto isn't the best fit for my requirements. UK only and postage will probably be no more than £10 with royal mail (special delivery, covered up to £500)
  16. Took this over the last couple of nights with the new primaluce gear that i got on Friday . Pleasantly surprised with the airy72ed scope, on paper it doesn't have as good glass as my Altair 72 ....but I actually feel the image quality is higher. I need to do more comparisons anyway. Either way super pleased with how this one turned out And thats a wrap 252 minutes on the cone nebula area PrimaLuce 72 Airy Scope, 1x flattener, Altair Hypercam 183C ProTec, Primaluce Eagle , HEQ5 pro
  17. Primaluce airy 72, flattener, scope rings , 60mm guidescope with rings, vixen bar, psu for eagle ?
  18. That's the plan eventually ! I found focusing manually with the Ha filter difficult....so I've got a Sesto senso for my birthday (in less than a month) then I hope I'll be able to focus easier and make use of those filters! Cant wait. Thanks for the good feedback also
  19. Thanks so much David . This was a challenging target for me as really I am still a beginner compared to some folks on here for example, it was only on my latest session on the jelly fish (14th Feb) that I carried out a meridian flip for the first time
  20. It's a different process, this time I focused on the jelly fish nebula itself and not the rest per se. I didn't want to 'overcook' it this time whereas in the previous version I felt I did to keep the area on the left. Everything is a balance...im quite happy with my latest and final version
  21. Yep! Just to increase the SNR. More darks and flats didn't help the previous version
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