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  1. Also I think the pup wants to play ball.
  2. And we have a good fit! Going to lose the nut and use locktite instead most likely locktite blue
  3. North peg MK2, slightly shorter, more squared off too
  4. Ahhhhh that's what I was looking for!!! Just ordered some, thank you
  5. North peg MK1 complete. Lets hope there's no need for mk 2
  6. Thank you, yes that was my main objective this eve. The Copernicus was done as a bit of an addition at the end
  7. also here's a bit of Copernicus from this eve too
  8. Never bothered doing a lunar mosaic before , so thought why not! this is 18 panels and about 18000 frames shot in total. Altair 72EDF deluxe, 2 x barlow, altair GPcam 290c.
  9. Yes, double check it (I always doubt myself haha) but I'm pretty sure it's an M10
  10. Well this is flippin irritating, but I knew it would happen time to cut down an M10 bolt!
  11. Sadly not. The pin on my tripod is one of the molded kind, it doesn't detach. Apparently I should be able to use an m8 bolt and then file the sides off if I need to
  12. This arrived today! Just ordered the anchor bolts. Now just to get some masonry paint and resin fixer
  13. So right, I'm picking my battles as and when to get my full imaging rig out. So thought if I can find other stuff to do then hopefully I won't get too bored over summer (and spend too much money ) ha!
  14. Thanks! Each exposure was 15s with the interval set to 20. So 5s I think. I probably made that sound more complex than I needed to
  15. Never done one before, but thought why not! Especially as I left it running while game of thrones was on haha! anyway this is my Eastern sky over south Birmingham VID_93460106_084819_891.mp4
  16. It's all good just trying to get an idea of the bigger picture. What was the exposure time of these pics? Generally with something bright like the moon, you would be looking at very very short exposures
  17. Hi what spacers are you using ? It looks to me here like it was very out of focus and over exposed.
  18. Haven't been feeling too wonderful lately, so haven't done much work with my scope at all. Decided to ease myself back into it by going after this pair. These galaxies featured in my first ever exposure with my equipment back in Dec17/Jan 18. I'd never used an eq mount before and I remember running up the stairs shouting that I had galaxies haha on a simple 30s exposure. Its always good to revisit things M81 & M82 83x 120s stacked and edited in APP with final touch up in photoshop. Altair 72edf deluxe, 0.8x reducer, hypercam 183c pro tec, L Pro Max filter. HEQ5 pro
  19. Hi all, I'm definitely a newbie when it comes to solar imaging anyway took delivery of a new camera yesterday (I've been using a 290c up till this point) and got my first light today . Camera is another purple one I think my dog likes the colour ?? Anyway I managed to shoot ar 2741 through passing cloud so I'm quite happy with this. Shot with an Altair 72edf deluxe, quark Chromosphere and GPCAM3 178m
  20. New camera for solar work Altair gpcam3 178m
  21. And the pier adapter is now ordered this is how everything will be fixed up. Decided I shall have 6 anchor socket bolts
  22. She didn't ...she's a lady ? no leg cocking
  23. My friend David did this video ?
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