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  1. Also great for deep sky visual it's basically the same ota as the highly rated Skywatcher skyliner 150p dosbsonian. A light bucket
  2. Skywatcher 150pl, this is a monster scope that is great for lunar, planetary and I've even seen some folks use it for deep space. Selling as it's sat in my shed gathering dust and someone might aswell get some use out of it! There are the usual marks on the vixen bar but other than that it's in great condition. Will require a decent mount (think eq5 pro /Heq5 upwards) . It comes with a 25mm and 10mm eyepiece and a Skywatcher Cheshire eyepiece. Finder scope not included. Collection from Longbridge, Birmingham only.
  3. New Altair starwave ascent 102ed f7
  4. Ordered myself one of these today, it arrives tomorrow Not too worried about the glass , just eager to see what i can do with it!
  5. i've been experimenting with astropixel processor and photoshop. believe it or not, this is still only 35 minutes of data. I used the Ha-Oiii extract stacking mode in astropixel processor, and then used my Ha data to make a synthetic Oiii image. I then combined these in photoshop to make a bi colour image. Not totally accurate :) but good practice nonetheless.
  6. Cheers Adam I did indeed add the colour in post processing. I have a monochrome version too...but I was liking the red one ! Looking forward to using them a bit more
  7. This is a reprocess of some old data i found lurking on my hard drive Yes i know its not the done thing (and the reasons why it isn't) but sometimes i like to do a bit of narrowband with my 183c. This is literally just a starting point, i'll be adding miles more data, maybe doing a mosaic and a bi colour with my oiii filter too. 7 x 300s with darks and flats, stacked and processed in APP with final touch up in photoshop.
  8. I was lucky enough to win image of the month from the national schools observatory Data was from their 2m Liverpool telescope, but my processing
  9. Not a serious imaging night for me I'm afraid, just testing. But got a few shots of m13 good luck with the new pier!
  10. First light with the pier. Keeping it simples tonight, but considering i didn't rebalance it and the wind is picking up, I'm very pleased!
  11. Here you go https://www.orbitalfasteners.co.uk/en/products/m6-concrete-anchor-ankerbolt-socket-bolt-m8-thread?utm_medium=google_shopping&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=google_shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMItoC3662C4gIVzLDtCh2noA1mEAQYASABEgIklvD_BwE
  12. Not sure yet, idle hands and all that watch this space
  13. Haha my north wasn't quite perfect, I'll hold my hands up...drilling concrete isn't my forte However had enough adjustment in my bolts to get there, and a nice polar alignment just to make sure all my work wasn't for nowt!
  14. Won't be having first light tonight, just need a wing bolt to lock everything down
  15. Mostly painted, with added zoomies
  16. Hold my beer. Said someone without a block pier
  17. Will do I'll make sure I'm fully prepared before using it Living in Birmingham ....most likely taking it off and on. This is more for stability really. Though if I can find a good cover eventually I might leave it out if for example we had a run of good evenings etc
  18. Possibly, I read your post on your thread. There doesn't seem to be any wobble in mine. When I'm happy with it all I'm going to put a notch in the end of the peg so I can tighten it with a screwdriver, then put a thin layer of locktite to lock it down. Hopefully it should do
  19. Hey James I had some threaded M10 rod left over, so I lopped a little off and used a file to square it off a bit and flatten the sides. It seems thick enough and I have plenty of azimuth adjustment. I did order some threaded stud connectors though as my plan b. They were pretty cheap at £2.50 for three. I figured they might be useful in future anyway
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