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  1. Am enjoying following this thread, some great pics being posted! Got some new kit and got out for the first time in weeks last night. A single sub of everyone's favourite - Orion at 15 seconds with contrast as only post-processing. Rough and ready but a nice demo of what the kit can do. +1 for the EQ3 mount for DSOs
  2. Hi guys, it looks like it's going to be a clear night for awhile tonight so hoping to get out and try the polar alignment tool! I know the best solution will be a guide scope or 0.5 reducer but for tonight do people thing that a FOV of 0.69 (0.85 diagonal ) will be ok for the alignment?
  3. Glad to hear you're getting some good images, I've been buying various bits and bobs to improve my images but have had nothing but cloud for the last fortnight, am guessing Hornsea had been the same. You been able to out much?
  4. Cheers guy! Am very grateful for the comments and suggestions, just need a clear night to get out and try them!
  5. New moon, no wind, ideal for observing... but yeah, clouds make it impossible. I whole-heartedly share everyone's frustration!
  6. Thanks for allowing me to put a few numbers to the situation @kens! Definitely gives me a bit more of an idea how to quantify any improvements I make. Just need a clear night to get out and try and do a better job!
  7. Hey Waldemar You had my worried so I went to double check. It's actually almost bang-on 55. I think the angle I took the image at made it look higher. 55 is still obviously higher than 53.75. Would that 1.25 make a big difference to the quality of the PA? If so then either my finderscope (that I was using to track Polaris) isn't aligned properly or what I was looking at wasn't Polaris!
  8. Thanks for that @dph1nm, I wasn't aware of that so that's very useful to know! Improved technique in terms of polar alignment is definitely what I'm going to try when I next get a clear night.
  9. Hi Happy-kat. Yes I'm using a Skywatcher Explorer 150P on an EQ3-2, which I know isn't really ideal for DSO imaging. The wind is definitely an issue, but the trails are too consistent IMO for it to be due to the wind.
  10. Cheers for the response guys! @Nova2000, my latitude in Hull is 53.75. I don't have a guiding scope just the camera attached for prime focus imaging. @cjdawson, I have plenty of atmospheric issues all the time, am still waiting for a truly calm, clear night this year! The wandering is fairly consistent so I'd say it's the alignment. Have never performed a drift alignment, sounds like a good next step! I've thought about going full guided, but I probably won't do that with this setup, think I'll wait until I've got a heavier mount. Thanks for the encouragement!
  11. Hi Guys Since we lost Jupiter, Saturn and Mars from easy viewing I've been getting into photographing deep-sky-objects, initially I wasn't really interested but since seeing what other people have done and getting a glimpse of a couple of objects myself I've been inspired! I recently bought an EQ3-2 dual axis motor drive system and have been reading up on polar alignment. I've attached my best efforts to date on M42, orders of magnitude away from the majestic images I've seen on here but I've been seeing a steady improvement as I've used the motors and improved my technique. I'd like to highlight the star trailing evident in the oblong appearance of the stars in the image. I don't think I'm imaging long enough for periodic error to creep in (please correct me if I'm wrong!) and the drift seems to not be in the RA axis so I'm guessing it's DEC drift? I'm aware that the EQ3-2 is not really adequate for long exposures of DSOs but the most I've been able to achieve without considerable trailing is an 8 second sub, when I feel like I should be able to achieve a stable frame for maybe up to 20-30 seconds. I've been polar aligning by eye as I don't have a polarscope and I've been having trouble getting my mount fully aligned before I begin a polar alignment as I'm not 100% sure that I've got the mount fully straightened before aligning. The DEC axis has an arrow that allows me get it lined up nicely at 90º, however the the scale for the RA axis (shown in the other attached image) moves as I move the RA axis unless I lock it in place, so I don't know whether I'm completely straight or not, which I'm assuming can affect the quality of my alignment. Any advice or comments would be much appreciated! Thanks, Roysten
  12. Hi Planet Searcher, welcome to the forum! There'll be many folks on here who will be able to advise you better then I can but I'll see if I can help. If you look West on an evening you'll see a bright object to the left of the setting sun, this is Venus, which will be the brightest object in the sky until it sets after 7ish. If you look "up and left" about the distance of an outstretched-spread palm you'll see a dimmer object looking a bit orange-red, this is Mars. Sadly you may not see much through your scope while it is bright and obviously it'll depend on your scope. Give it a few months and looking South Jupiter will be visible again, that's always impressive to look at, was amazed the first time I saw its moons through my scope!
  13. Cheers for that Knight, I use that site but hadn't seen that part of it, will take a look. The sock sounds like a good idea, will give it a go!
  14. Hi Petehog72 I've visited both the North Lincs and Beverley groups, I've not been back due to various commitments but both are nice clubs are I'd recommend you pay them a visit to meet some like-minded people. I'm in the Hull area and have been trying to get out a bit more with the dark winter nights giving a few more opportunities. How are you getting on? Getting some good views with your scope?
  15. Thanks for the input Ant. The scope was out for quite a while and there was dew everywhere including my table and metal chairs, everything was icing over, a nice cold night but really too much moisture in the air. I didn't take any images sadly, but essentially M42 couldn't be seen with my kit when at other times (and since this occurrence) I have been able to see it. From what you're saying it may not be worthwhile spending a load of money getting equipment, any general advice on keeping the optics clear on such a night, or is it best to just not bother!?