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  1. Hi @Portech7, thanks for the response, it's good to know that the protrusion is there and that you've had a good experience with it!
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a question relating to the Sky-Watcher steel tripod linked by Portech7 at the top of this thread. The original aluminium tripod of the EQ3 has a metal protrusion at the top of the tripod that the mount slots into, which provides azimuth left-right movement with the two knobs either side of the EQ3 mount. Looking at the pictures of the steel tripod I can't see the same type of protrusion, is this the case and if so does that mean that this tripod is not compatible with that left-right motion? Is another items needed for this? I hope this makes sense, I can provide
  3. Hi Pete, welcome to the forum from another Hull resident! I've learnt a lot from browsing and asking questions here, I'm sure you'll get a lot from it too.
  4. Lovely shot, plenty of detail and good work on the transit! What's your setup?
  5. Definitely an improvement and better than anything I've imaged this week! Are you using Registax or similar to stack the best frames and waveldts to bring the details? If not then you can get a lot of your videos by doing so.
  6. Looks like the image has been stacked without being debayered, yet you have colour. Did you shoot in Raw or RGB24?
  7. Hi Craig, I was looking at this scope the other day thinking I'd like to get one but can't justify the cost, quite serendipitous that you've posted this ad! I'll PM later to discuss.
  8. Hi @Cosmic Geoff, thanks for advice. Before I source screws I just want to check if I'm going about this the right way as your comment suggests I might not be. Essentially I want to mount my small refractor onto my main OTA to act as a guide scope by screwing it onto the tube rings. Would you say there was a better way to do this?
  9. Hi guys, I've been wanting to mount my small refractor onto the top of my 150P via the screw that comes with the scope on the tube rings. It works quite well but the single screw that came with my scope has snapped. I've tried to buy some replacements but the thread pitch is different and so they don't fit, you can just about see the difference in the picture. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the correct screws or if there is a better way to mount a small refractor onto my scope? Thanks guys, Roysten.
  10. Hi @ecuador, never tried using Firecapture, would you say it's a superior bit of software compared with Sharpcap? Do you know if it can handle custom resolutions in a more stable way than Sharpcap? As I'd like to get the moons in shot without a lot of empty space above and below eating at my fraerate. I'l try the quality estimator in PIPP and try Autostacker too. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Dominating the sky at opposition. Video taken 8th April 2017.
  12. With the couple of decent nights we had last week I was able to finally get a view of Jupiter at opposition this year! The problem I've been having is when I've processed the videos. I've been taking videos in RAW8 at a custom resolution (720×240) with a ASI120MC camera in sharpcap. I noticed that the image would jump about periodically causing part or all of Jupiter to flash to different parts of the frame. I hoped that when aligning with PIPP and then limiting the number of frames in Sarpcap to the 10% highest quality images that it'd go away but when I finish the image I get the strang
  13. Something like this may be helpful too: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/172283387733?lpid=122&chn=ps&adgroupid=40176066202&rlsatarget=pla-279594455985&adtype=pla&poi=&googleloc=1006816&device=c&campaignid=738210941&crdt=0
  14. Hi Peter I think to film in 5× mode you want to be pressing the following button once when in video mode. You should see a little image in the bottom right of the LCD screen that then says that you're in 5× mode.
  15. Hey @hornedreaper33, that a Dungeon Keeper reference there? I think a lot of people generally use a polar scope, which you can pick up for ~£30 depending on your mount, FLO and 365Astronomy both sell one for my EQ3 mount. I've heard good things about Polar-Master's but they look very expensive! Before using Sharpcap I was just using my finderscope and aiming about 1º away from Polaris in the direction of Dubhe and Merak in the Plough, admittedly very crude! @The-MathMog, I used my ASI120MC with a 0.5× reducer attached to my Travelscope 70 to get the alignment then switched to my 150P and
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