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  1. Thank you for the replies. Even though incorrect I still learned a lot from the resulting searches, plus you are the only one with input so far. I think I am going to go for it I just hope I don't overpay.
  2. Hmm. I looked up the atik 314L and I think it has a different sensor. Icx285al The starlight Xpress sxv-h9 has the same sensor but the sxv-m9 according to the manual has the icx423al I have been looking at the datasheets for both and the icx285al seems to have better sensitivity on different wavelengths than the icx423al. That makes me want to ask the question: Is the sxv-m9 going to be much more sensitive than my Olympus e-pl7? I want to think yes but I really don't know enough. I wonder if anyone can help with this? Thank you Greg ICX423AL.pdf ICX285AL.
  3. Thanks Stuart I'm off to Google it. I don't suppose you would know what would be a sensible price for a camera like this. What I left out of my essay is that I don't have a lot of money... Shocking isn't it...
  4. Hello SGL I am looking at a used old (2004 ish if I'm correct) starlight Xpress sxv-m9 and guide head. I have been googling my bottom off but I cannot find any information/review of the camera apart from the manual and a few vague references. What I know: Small format big pixels. (752x582) The sensor active area I'm not sure of as the manual states in 2 separate places 2 different values, 6.5mm X 4.8mm, and 8.72mm X 6.5mm. Pixel size: massive (11.6um X 11.2um) Quantum efficiency: 60% at 520nm from the icx423al sensor whatever that means. I mean I know the h
  5. Hi SGL I popped this topic on CN too but noone seems to know anything. I came by an old Celestron Ultima 8 pre-PEC. I really like the scope and the mount it may be that I have read too much of Uncle Rod's and other's praise that I feel this scope has some intangible personality and charm. Anyway... Circuitry in the base seems to work fine even though the batteries don't hold charge but drive the Ra axis . I have 2 replacement on its way to me. Now my issue: It didn't come with a hand controller. I know it is not needed for tracking, and I don't have a Dec motor but
  6. So it has been a few weeks I just wanted to put an update on in case anyone is interested. So the mount and scope has been listed 5 times on eBay I put in 140 for it got accepted. I picked it today overall so far happy with my purchase. No details had been really checked apart from visual observing and checking Ra/Dec movement. Seems fine. I can see no immediate issues with the mount. The scope seems in good nick mirror doesn't seem to have anything on it I can see down the tube. Hopefully tomorrow I can check it out more in dept try my first ever collimation and hop
  7. Thanks Geoff I may seem stubborn but I do take the advice onboard. I doubt the seller will accept my offer... I have no intention to keep the OTA I would probably just try to sell it and keep the mount. If nobody buying it maybe tinker with it take it apart learn from it so if/when I buy a good quality bigger scope. I am thinking at least a year before I move up or more. This is the plan when I said EAA I probably wasn't clear that I just want to use the sensor of my (or future webcam, imaging device etc.) Camera to add to the visual observing. And I am aware that this hobby
  8. That is what I read too apart from a higher payload capacity of 13kg for visual just under heq5's 15kg. But if I could get it for about £125-£150 that could mean that in a year or so saving I could have an 8" Newtonian OTA or sct on it for visual. So would that be worth it mind it doesn't have any motors.
  9. I understand that, it is the mount that I want really. Is the Bresser exos-2 mount really that rubbish?
  10. Thank you John That is interesting. I haven't made up my mind I probably will leave it or I might make a ridiculously low offer on it. Anyone else has anything to add? How about exos2 is that a good mount? I know heq5 five is the best for me but I am just interested. There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews on it and bad about its GOTO. Thanks Greg
  11. This is great input I hadn't considered the missed clear nights. Hmm something to think about. But I do enjoy a good tinker....Hmm... Is a Bresser exos-2 that much inferior to the heq5? How about the Newtonian OTA in question? Anyone wants to weigh in on that? Thanks
  12. Thank you everyone for the quick response I heard that good advice is to be found on here. Astrophotography as in full blown autoguiding and hours worth of exposures is not really my interest I simply wish to locate an object (get the satisfaction of finding it) observing it through the scope than snapping a photo or two to enhance the details (within limits) DSLR only astrophotography doesn't really intrest me. So I was looking at the heq5 but used on astro buy and sell it starts for £400 but more like £500. So that would be quite long before I could have one. The way
  13. Hi there SGL It is very long winded so sorry... I am a complete newbie/beginner of astronomy. So you probably can all point out why I am wrong that I cannot see. So: Backstory: My wife bought me a Celestron nexstar 4se for Christmas that kick stared me on my long dormant interest in astronomy and the night sky. I like the OTA and the simplicity of use but I found that I get more enjoyment of learning about the sky rather than just looking at something in the eyepiece that the magic fairy of GOTO bring up for me. Also I found I learned more from finding alignm
  14. Hi well I have just signed up to this forum with all intentions to ask about equipment and the like. I didn't think that my first post on the forum would be this but after reading this post (one of multiple) I just have to thank the poster. So thank you.
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