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  1. Would be perfect for someone looking to get into astronomy comes with 0111 filter plus three William optic lens swan 9 15 20 all been well looked after collection from Salisbury 250 pound no offers thanks this is a bargain
  2. I've not been out with the scope for ages may come for fri and sat if that's ok
  3. i will be looking forward to nxt year had a good time hope we didnt keep to many people awake with all our noise lol sunday monday and tue got a bit of obs done loving the pictures of my lil scope
  4. Last year weather was **** every day and cleared up nearly every night fingers crossed for the same
  5. well done bud looking good hope u dont mind
  6. google polar finder bud easyest way to polar align by miles bud
  7. i love my flexi i made my shroud for a 10er and i have all the mods on the scope and there is plenty of room i would be interested in your pst if you do decide to sell
  8. Don't surpose there is a link to were I can buy one please that would b ideal thanks bud
  9. ok thats what i thought was hoping that there would be a cheaper way lol
  10. ive just got a secondary mirror dew sheild heater what is the best way to attach to a power source do i really need a dew controler and what sort of power surply can i use with the smaller the better thanks toby
  11. cant wait when will a payment system be up and running bud
  12. It's should be fine bud idont have any problems with getting it about takes about 20 min to set up from base to collimating so not bad I'm very pleased with the scope the views are cracking
  13. wow nice one bud your gonna have some fun with that
  14. very nice sketches paul
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