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  1. I am on my second pair of North Face Chillkats and I have a pair of the Baffin Impact boots. Both very good Jon
  2. I have had endless trouble with the new S &T digital subscription system through Zinio, so I have now ordered print based through my local WH Smiths. Easy to do. Jon
  3. Since joining the Web Society in 2011, I have always enjoyed the Webb meetings, and am looking forward to this 50th Anniversary one. Steve Gottlieb is one of the foremost deep Sky observers and as Owen says, probably the only person to have seen the entire NGC catalogue. A very entertaining and interesting day and well worth attending for those interested in deep sky observing. Jon
  4. I use the Jumbo Pocket Sky Atlas, plus the Interstellarum Atlas for navigation. For object selection I also have the Night Sky Observers Guide http://www.willbell.com/handbook/nitesky.htm If you specifically want Telrad rings, you could also try the Deep Sky Reisatlas https://www.amazon.co.uk/Deep-Sky-Reiseatlas-Michael-Feiler/dp/3938469714 excellent as it is water resistant. There also sets of maps which have Telrad rings - I have some somewhere - I will find them and let you have the publisher. Jon
  5. I saw this at Kelling Heath with my 8" dob in 2014 I think. Will have to check my log, but I think it was a 24mm Hyperion with Lumicon Hbeta filter. Needed to be quite dark adapted, but once observed was not too tricky. Jon
  6. Hi I am involved with this group http://madviewers.org who meet near Kilmington, near Warminster. We use a dark site Jon
  7. I use this one: http://www.spacejock.com/BookDB.html it is simple and suits my needs. Jon
  8. I'm not exactly local (Wiltshire) but I go up for the day. Speakers are excellent and a good spread of topics; Larry Mitchell of the Texas Star Party spoke here a couple of years ago, Wil Tirion last year, with Wolfgang Steinicke returning this year covering John Herschel's Cape observations. Jon
  9. I use Skytools 3 for generating star charts,observing lists and identifying objects. It's catalogues are excellent. You can also download DSS images to overlay on the chart so if you are hunting DSOs then you have an idea of what to look for. Megastar 5 from Willman Bell (which I don't have yet) is now a little elderly, but it does have images and a supplementary CD. You can also overlay Real Sky Images, although the trouble is getting hold of the Real Sky CD's as they are long out of production so it is scouring the net I guess. I have Sky X Serious Edition and agree with NickK that a l
  10. I have the German edition, but not, unfortunately, the Premium waterproof one. I imagine the printing costs are high for what is a comparatively small market, although the Premium edition sold out very quickly. Jon
  11. Looks like the Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas to me. Jon
  12. Glad to help You can also get to M27 from the Coathanger if that's easier. If you'd like to go on our observing meetings list, drop me a PM with your email address - we do meet at the eastern end of Salisbury Plain fairly regularly. Jon
  13. darc_marc If you need a finder map for M27, have a look at the article I wrote for my local astronomical society and observing group a couple of years ago : http://www.spogastro.co.uk/?page_id=117 the M27 article is listed under Messier Objects. if you want a larger version of the map, drop me a PM. Jon
  14. Eyepiece was a Hyperion 24mm and 1.25" filter. I will check my log and confirm this. Jon
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