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  1. Photos attached. Just for information, one of the counterweights is missing its plastic insert so is slightly wobbly. Couple of minor chips to the paint where the legs pivot. One bolt has been upgraded so it has a wheel attached. All in excellent working order. Please note there is no hand controller.
  2. It is with reluctance I am selling my HEQ5 pro , Belt modded, ADM dual saddle, pillar extension and a Polemaster I will only sell it as a complete package . HEQ5 was purchased from FLO. It is about 2 years old in perfect working order . Used about a dozen times , not once this year. There is slight surface corrosion on some bolt heads. It has been stored in my garage under cover and tested 3 weeks ago I would look to £900 and buyer must collect I will post photos if anybody requests them
  3. I have 2 Synscan Hand Controllers for sale One came with my HEQ5 Pro which has never been used and the other with a Skywatcher Star Discovery Mount used once Both have cables One has a USB port I am asking £40 for the pair plus postage (prob £5)
  4. Selling this as i have never used it except to switch it on after opening the box Update.....Asking £50
  5. Sale agreesd and will post today....i have tried reply to every message but maybe being retired means im not as fast as i use to be ! I have also included a ZWO Ha filter as well Anubis if you need any help with the camera operation , settings etc just ask
  6. My first image was of M31 was taken with my Canon 450D now astro modded which was not brilliant on a alt az motorised mount i aim to go back with my canon now but on my HEQ5 pro to go back to Andromeda and hopefully do it justice....a new challenge i you will If the fire is rekindled i will look to the new range of OSC camers next year
  7. Location and postage is in the UK. Price depends on address and how you would like it insured, quick quote appears to be around £27
  8. I previously had this for sale but took it down, I have decided to relist it. For sale I have a ZWO ASI183MM Pro Cooled Mono Camera with adapters, as well as a ZWO EFWmini 1.25" USB filter wheel To include LRGB filters and cables. If you are interested please ask all questions in this form, do not PM me as I had far too many last time. I would like £600 for everything (plus postage/insurance etc to be confirmed). UK only.
  9. yep i know him from APT but its nice to see an image from a local astronomer as i imagine your skies are like mine usually awfull interspersed with a cold clear night once a month. Lets hope 2020 is better ! APT has caused me a few headaches lately with "busy" messages and non detection of the 183 but from starting with a 450D the jump to a dedicated camera is amazing All the best Mike
  10. Nice images and thank you for posting them I have the 183mm Pro and am looking to replace this with a 533pro as the terrible weather means i only shoot Luminance to maximise my imaging time Did you use any of these new duo band filters ? if the weather improves i may try these targets to get a comparison but looking at these i am more convinced that a 533 is right for me . It will be on my SW ED72pro
  11. Can i ask that all questions or requests to buy my camera are posted on this thread instead of a PM ? it makes replying a lot easier i have more PM emails than posts saying they have sent one which makes me slightly nervous Just to clarify i am not interested in any swaps this is a sale to fund my new camera Please note i have withdrawn this from sale until the New Year
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