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  1. yep i know him from APT but its nice to see an image from a local astronomer as i imagine your skies are like mine usually awfull interspersed with a cold clear night once a month. Lets hope 2020 is better ! APT has caused me a few headaches lately with "busy" messages and non detection of the 183 but from starting with a 450D the jump to a dedicated camera is amazing All the best Mike
  2. Nice images and thank you for posting them I have the 183mm Pro and am looking to replace this with a 533pro as the terrible weather means i only shoot Luminance to maximise my imaging time Did you use any of these new duo band filters ? if the weather improves i may try these targets to get a comparison but looking at these i am more convinced that a 533 is right for me . It will be on my SW ED72pro
  3. Can i ask that all questions or requests to buy my camera are posted on this thread instead of a PM ? it makes replying a lot easier i have more PM emails than posts saying they have sent one which makes me slightly nervous Just to clarify i am not interested in any swaps this is a sale to fund my new camera Please note i have withdrawn this from sale until the New Year
  4. I am selling my ZWO 183m Pro and ZWO 5 position USB filter wheel to include LRGB and Ha filters Reason is i am moving to a 533C to try OSC I will include all adaptors as well Price is £500 for everything to include postage I will take offers
  5. These are my last images of 2019 taken with my ED72 and 183mm pro to be replaced by a 533pro These targets are not easy due to location trees etc except M1 , there was a bright moon as well so are all lucky shots but at last i have taken them warts and all . My guiding was all off as well Anyway a merry Christmas to you all and a Happy new year
  6. For a test shot i would be be chuffed !! My next major purchase must be a SCT though it will be an 8 or 9.25 , my Heq5 pro couldnt take a C11
  7. Lovely image If this is the sort of image you get with a C8 then look out credit card
  8. Cheers Vlaiv I set the binning in APT in the image plan settings but im not sure how i would do this otherwise. I use DSS and Gimp though i am trying Photoshop now
  9. The ST102 focuser itself had a mechanical wobble when i took it off the mount so i have retired it and gone back to the Skywatcher ED 72 that should improve things hopefully. I used the 102 due to its aperture over the ED72 . I have been back and forth over binning with the 183 and used 2x2 for a while but i decided to go for 53 gain instead of 111 and to use 1x1 binning and 60sec exposure to see if that improved detail and dynamic range as i felt that at 2mins ,111 gain and 2x2 binning i was oversaturating the chip and losing detail. i recently imaged the iris nebula with these setting as was dissapointed with the results hence the change in settings. Thanks for your input . The weather is about to change for the worse again !
  10. Thank you for your advice and comments Clear Skies !
  11. Thanks for the advice I took flats this morning and restacked. I took flats using a white box and APT ccd flat aids I use DSS to stack my images I am thinking about buying a ZWO 533MC pro to replace the 183 or compliment it Here we go Cheers
  12. Took this last night , sky was a bit hazy i think Any comments appreciated .... Processing not my forte unfortunately i dont have the patience No flats were used and as usual the filter wheel shadow is there ASI 183MM Pro 60x60s Lum, 30x60s RGB, SW ST102 Guided NGC 898 is in the centre by the way Cheers
  13. My next target as well thanks for posting What gain did u set for the 183 ? i used 2min exposures on M76 at gain 111 and felt the inner details were blown out . it was luminance only as well thanks
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