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  1. Ive only had my 300p for a couple of weeks so not sure if this info helps but i bought a baader 47mm click lock for my 300p. My main eyepieces used so far are 26mm nagler and 17 mm and 10mm ethos . I have the stock focuser and when out fully its 50mm. So the baader makes it almost 100mm Which leaves me with sufficient back focus if ever needed.
  2. Heres the 120ED i bought off you Stu . My first scope i bought when starting off some 4 years back . It has served me well and ive done some upgrades to it over the years.
  3. Thank you Garry for all your help sorting the collimation of my 300p.
  4. Cheers john. Am i right thinking theres a 2 inch and 1.25 version.? If so is there a perference?
  5. Thank you for all your help so far. So do i need a concenter and a cheshire? Up till now ive only owned refractors.Mainly to avoid collimating.. Paul
  6. Need advise on which collimator to purchase for my 300p dob. There seems to be a big diffence in costs of collimators Regards paul
  7. Cheers Baz I thought that was the answer It would be nice if i could find something as a quick release to replace the nut. but i will adjust it just a little to make it slightly tighter and see how i get on
  8. well i purchased a 300p second hand for £475 2 days ago One thing id like to know is can the azimuth be adjusted using the nut on the baseplate to give a little bit of friction as i find if i just touch the eyepiece with my face when observing it moves slightly
  9. Im looking to possibly buy a skywatcher flextube dob..Manual version not goto. Either the 250p or 300p. Anyone experienced using any of these range of scopes? Any advise at all would be great Regards paul
  10. I'm thinking of just getting the mount and hopefully they will produce vixen only saddles. John did say he managed to fit his adm but said it somehow didn't look right. I dont really want to spend £150 x 2 for 2 dual fit saddles when really all I'll use is vixen fittings Paul
  11. BTW. I would be interested in knowing if most people are ordering just the basic mount with or without any accessories? Saddles,encoders,etc? Regards Paul
  12. I will be ordering one early in the new year.😁
  13. I also have a 32mm tv plossl. However I did notice it had a very long eye relief. But purchased it for observing with my specs on. For use without specs you really need an extender.
  14. Yes I had a look at 6pn but had to go to my local astronomy club. Otherwise I'd have set up to observe.
  15. Yes Stu. The dual format saddles are quite expensive at £150 each. 😓
  16. Lol😂😂😂😂😂
  17. Also good to see all the components in their raw form at the show. All machined in house by Rowan Astronomy.
  18. What you have said about this mount is absolutely true. I was also at the IAS just to see this mount. I will be placing my order in the new year. I was also told that ADM saddles should fit this mount. I'll probably order a mount and go for the encoders later in the year.
  19. I was told it will be ready by end of the year. I will order one probably February. I did notice some new tension knobs I think have been added since john had one to test.
  20. Just been to the IAS I have spoken to the guys at Rowan Astronomy and seen the AZ100 in the flesh. Beautify made and to a very high spec. So it's defo my next purchase in the new year. 😁
  21. Perfect. I may go tomorrow then .... Looks like it gives the losmandy mount a bit of competition.
  22. Well it's my next purchase as far as I'm concerned So I may well go just to see it and see if it's as well built as it looks.
  23. Anyone know if Rowan astronomy had their new az100 mount on show?
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