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  1. It looks very nice, will read with interest how you get on with it. I did ask for the MCC sticker inside the box once, it made no difference
  2. Ok a bit of an exaggeration, just checked the invoice my shipping was £25
  3. Orion Optics(Uk) can make rolled tube rings and give you radius blocks for them, i had a pair made for a C9.25 Just be prepared to wait on them being made and if you can collect them. As there postage is ridiculous - more than the rings themselves
  4. A replacement draw tube and bearings for my moonlight focuser, good man is Ron, very helpful and easy to deal with. Just a shame how postage and customs nonsense make $ = £ when it comes to stuff direct from the US
  5. Take a look at the Altair Astro pier adaptor, does a few mounts in one
  6. So Altair are buying scopes and having them branded for there own make as far as i can tell. Yet they do not know the specifications of what they are buying and then selling themselves. Some strong smelling excrement here i think. The more i read in this thread the more i am put off either Altair or TS
  7. I do believe i sold you this, good to hear you like it. I did spend a bit of time one day faffing about with the focuser adjusting it, it can go tighter yet I think
  8. Have a PW100, the enclosure is plastic - would have preferred metal, fuses are covered - but all 30 amp, so you would want to change them to suit your gear
  9. Got a 34mm prism and associated bits to make it 2" from them a week ago, said it would be 72 hours and it was, i too got a quick reply to an email concerning the delivery address, all good for me
  10. Exactly what i did last week concerning a 200p dob, got a very quick reply from Martin at FLO And ordered a moonlight and astrozap for a 7" & 8" MAK SCT today
  11. omo

    Hello and thank you

    Max, I have had a captain sensible vfr 750 for 9 years, no jibes this is not the place - but on the dark side lurks a KTM I have problems parting with them too Saganite Its nice to know that i made good choices with the equipment, that came with help from here. But i do have a few concerns regarding the HEQ5, i'm a tinkerer at heart and not adverse to a bit of modification, so a few of you can guess where that will go, starting with a ADM dual saddle from FLO tomorrow morning
  12. omo

    Hello and thank you

    Evening all, i have been lurking for a while now, reading a veritable goldmine of information. Its about time i said a very grateful thank you for beginning my education, How many times have some questions been asked yet they are always answered patiently. I have never seen a forum quite like this you are quite amazing. i am newb to astronomy - rekindling a childhood interest almost 4 decades later. My main obsession is motorcycles and with it an interest in mechanics, seems i have got myself into another expensive hobby. Particularly as i may need to finally learn how to drive a box - if dark skys are to be found. Which wont be too difficult in Angus Getting them clear appears to be a problem. Kit wise, i have a SW ED80 and a HEQ5 linked to a laptop with a 8mm & 12mm Vixen NPL's and a 2x ED barlow, Not got to first light with it yet but have been familiarising myself with how it all works. The plan is to get to know my way around the skies and then get into imaging. And ask some questions here of course Grant
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