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  1. Bet he is knackered just collimating it :)
  2. There is also the Nexus 2 option and using it with a mobile device - sorry not making it any easier I would prefer to have the encoders pre-fitted, the guys will be used to doing it and should save faffing about.
  3. I thought you said you would not be taking it to bits, good to know the development is progressing though. Trying to hold off asking at least one question till you both get enough time to derive your conclusions
  4. Price for finder now reduced: £45 for the finder excluding postage £5.95 via UPS. Paypal friends or family or buyer pays fees.
  5. With 3 to choose from could they ever come to a decision as to which one?
  6. My local newspaper had an article with the headline "The Popes Astronomer coming to Dundee" recently. Knew who they meant before reading any more and sure enough Guy Consolmagno is doing a talk on November the 1st and a couple in Glasgow during the week before. My ticket is bought Think i will buy a second copy to see if he can sign it, as the first has been a bit abused The big challenge may get getting the other signature
  7. Both of these are unused and came with my SD103 three months ago, i have no need of the flip mirror- FLIP MIRROR NOW SOLD. Despite liking the finders compact light much more than the one that sticks out on my RACI, the RACI wins on ease of use for me. Looking for £60 £45 for the finder excluding postage £5.95 via UPS. Paypal friends or family or buyer pays fees. I also have a Primaluce Losmandy bar 240mm long, there area couple of small marks on this where the mount caught it and bolts were fitted, looking for £40. Paypal friends or family or buyer pays fees.
  8. Between wanting a AZ100 or AZEQ6 and being harassed for collecting stuff i need to sell some things. So for sale is my Moonlight Focuser and base plate for 8inch reflectors. The focuser itself has just had a new 50mm travel draw tube and bearings fitted, so is in perfect nick, the last picture shows the damage caused to the old tube by a bad bearing. Asking for £200 which includes postage. Paypal, friends and family or buyer pays the fees.
  9. I think its a cheap way to try and sway your buying choice, the aperture is king philosophy whilst a mm or two of glass wont break the bank. Or could it have something to do with astro photography and a greater choice in optimising FOV and sensor sizes - bear in mind i know nothing of AP but what i have read at times here.
  10. Will be interesting to see your approach to this. Mine was not that much cheaper than a Berlebach top for the planet, but i do have a lot of flexibility with the altair adaptor. Three M8 nuts and im back to standard, had to work myself up to drilling the tripod head though The three 28mm columns are studded at the bottom
  11. If the boss is not removable what is the purpose of the 4 M8's I do agree there's good odds it may not come off as it is threaded. Still not too long now and John will start to shine some light on the matter as well
  12. So removable boss held by 4 M8's giving possibilities of using a different boss to fit heq5 as well? Also could use the 4 M8's to bolt to tripod head if removed, a bit overkill but
  13. Seeing as i referred to this the other day: The shy one is a 14 Delos
  14. Flight cases using pick and pluck foam are very popular, there is a small thread here:
  15. Thats a good deal compared to Telescope Service who dont include the tripod, the risers are not cheap either but are adaptable.
  16. It will bolt straight on to my planet / reinforced az8 riser going to have to move some things on instead of collecting
  17. I think it has clamps but no tripod or riser, load about 70lbs
  18. Looks very nice. Is the base flat, M10 or M12 bolt in the base to attach to tripod / riser? What's the distance betweeen the 4 central holes on the clamps? looks like they would be M8 holes
  19. Some info is already up on Baaders site: https://www.baader-planetarium.com/en/baader-maxbright-2-binoviewer-with-case.html
  20. oh dear temptation is rising, very nice looking
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