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  1. The rowan saddles are drilled and tapped to accept the counterweight bar
  2. Yes i have been using the handles but would like something a bit higher up the tube to save bending quite as low, would also help getting it in and out of its small shed, the roof is too low to allow sitting the OTA in the base. Also noticed as you said in another thread that you want to have the alloy mount blocks at the right position before lowering into the base Think my camera auto settings are making this worse, its newish to me. Would be an interesting project, i thought about it with the 200p and wimped out and used blackboard paint instead of material.
  3. Just to confirm this is the 12" scope i got a bit distracted yesterday with another pier mounting adaptor for the Planet. I did get the base built last night though. As per the OTA, the contents of the box are well protected Small box contains the eyepiece holder which i will not fit. There is not a lot to it, if you have built one before you'll work it out easily. There are no instructions in the box but these are on Flo's site which those new to the hobby may find useful: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/user/manuals/stellalyra_8_10_12_dobsonian_manual.pdf You need a cross head screwdriver for fitting the handle, not many fixings to put it together I really like the azimuth having the bearing much better than my previous 200p (quite a few things are in my opinion) The most complex part of the construction would be the screw to hold the top and bottom base together With the base is complete I felt it sitting last night in the living room, it needs a duster applied. I'm going off on a tangent now but have you ever wondered how some objects can attract people and even trigger there imaginations? I am not meaning the tube either I moved the base closer to the chair this morning as it was less in the way when my younger sister visited. Gail never had much interest in science, fiction or otherwise. Anyway I showed her the scope outside but it was the base that got her, quite taken she was moving it back and forward, next thing she clambers into the chair and has her feet on the base still toing and froing stating its quite therapeutic. What she then did was not so much for me. She stands up - on the base (so thats stress tested to 55ish kg then) then crouches down and is wiggling her bum trying to keep the base rotating a bit. This is priceless if i had a camera I would have, but had i asked her to wait, she would have moved quick enough to have Einstein reeling in confusion. She then astounds me "They used to sit like this in the Daleks didn't they EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE" 55 years young, she really did hide behind the settee when Jon Pertwee was the Doctor. Back to the scope and you have a range of adjustment to help with balancing the scope depending on your added bits and bobs, you do have to lift the tube out to accomplish this. Its graduated so you can keep the scope in balance on both sides. Will have to experiment with this further. You can use the same 4mm allen key that came with the scope to tighten the screws to the mount block / tension adjusters - just remember to slacken the knobs before you lift the scope into the mount. A complete scope Resplendent in black The focuser is very smooth, the screw nearest to the tube on its body is to lock it, the outer screw allows you to adjust the focusers tension, it has a brass compression ring on both 2" and 1.24" fittings so gouging of eyepiece barrels. The finder shoe is the first irritation, it has a grub screw fitted, easily removed but why not just give it a second thumbscrew? I have a Baader finder shoe that will replace this once i find it. Like the large screws for collimating and the springs on said screws. Would like to know if the fans on the base actually have an effect in helping cool the tube Like the these, less chance of dropping a screwdriver compared to an allen key Moving the scope proved to be interesting has to be done in two parts, a bit of a bear hug and a penguin shuffle for the OTA is required so as @Mark at Beaufort has done a few handles will be required. On the subject of handles. Why do the manufacturers always put one on the front of the dob base - as soon as you pick it up its likely to drag the back edge on the ground, would one on each side not make a bit of sense? One last pic before i go out to have a check on collimation having rediscoved the hotech and cap. I have not even got to looking at the ancillaries. Its very exciting - looking like i might get first light later this evening, usually a new scope means i have to wait weeks
  4. Its not just the ADM clamp that the Tak dovetail doesn't quite fit, i discovered the same with a Primaluce dual clamp. Believe me the air turned blue as i watched the Tak begin to slide
  5. Quite a silly omission that, my one is the 12" @Captain Magenta
  6. Would seem sensible to have everything about this series of scopes together so others have an source of information. For a while i have been considering another scope to complement my Tak and C9.25. A dob for aperture really was the only choice. I did however want a solid tube not too easy to find as these were appearing to be a bit out of fashion above 10" currently, it was looking like i either went to a supplier abroad or tried something like Orion Optics or a second hand option, not easy if you cant collect a dob. So Flo's announcement that they were now supplying their own version of the GSO dobs was extremely good timing, I was not hanging about too long either due to the issues with supply chains currently. The big box and its smaller sibling arrived 22 hours after ordering which is great service Just the usual signs of the bands digging in when lifting the OTA, and of course its double boxed in reassuringly thick cardboard The OTA is supported in polystyrene blocks with the ancillaries in recesses to protect them My last dob a 200P arrived with the poly end blocks broken (scope was ok), not the case this time when i removed them, all looking good Time to get the OTA out of the box and it is quite awkward, not so much the weight as the sheer size of it. Definitely be having a hunt on ye olde WDS. Paintwork is very nice although the usual caveat is going to apply with black tubes always showing up fingerprints worse. At this point it started to rain so the tube was quickly moved into a shed, i was also getting close to starting time for work so further exploration had to be postponed The initial impressions are very good, i am very happy man its an impressive looking scope even if i am a touch daunted by the overall size of the big beastie. This should not be a problem though as this will only ever be moved a couple of metres in and out of its shed. Tomorrow i will update this thread once i get the base built and scope mounted
  7. Oooh it is a big box, StellaLyra 12" F5 has landed Superb service from the team @FLO 22 hours / 500 miles and it's arrived. Also a shout out to say thank you to Cody for fulfilling my special request Now i do apologise as this thing called work is going to get in the way and whilst the box has been opened, it then started to rain so assembly with further pictures will have to wait till later. I can say at this point it's going to need a handle or two to assist with manoeuvrability
  8. I will have some of that thank you 12" Ordered
  9. I think that is the way it will work, the encoders mean the mount always knows where it is. From the prototype pictures, the motor gears fit on the worm shafts where the slo mo controls would have been previously fitted. So you loose that manual control finesse, not difficult to make longer worm shafts to get around that
  10. Light weight, is a 7mm Delite too narrow?
  11. The ring isused as a part for the quick change adaptor, and the piece of metal is a pin spanner - fits the holes in the ring
  12. I have the same power supply and expect to use it unless the specs suggest otherwise when released, most goto's are using 2 to 3 Amps when slewing that's half the Nevada's output.
  13. You can move the spreader up the legs a bit and fill the old screw holes with wood filler, the limiting factor becomes getting the tray in if you use it. I moved mine up by about 1.5" some time ago, tray still fits.
  14. @HollyHound Yes the APM 20 was my first foray into 100 degrees, but the 13 kind of seduced my eyeball and the 8 followed
  15. @Space Hopper i little bit of diy: Losmandy AZ8 riser reinforced and a HEQ5 Rowan adaptor
  16. Trying to dodge that bullet, have the 8 and 13, keep trying to convince myself the 20HDC is good enough
  17. Could be worse you may eventually want an eyepiece that costs twice the price of the scope and a focuser that costs as much
  18. You have to be careful with ethernet cables too - cheap rubbish is often an aluminium core with a outer copper coating, would not be surprised if the same is done with USB
  19. For me its not the tripod that needs to settle - its the paving slabs it sits on - careful positioning required so i don't stand on them
  20. Mine is on a Planet as i bought the tripod a couple of years before the AZ was available. I wanted a spreader and not the chains, adding the spreader to the UNI took the cost too close to the planet to ignore doubling the load - they say you can never be over mounted.
  21. I thought enrolment was automatic upon ownership I hope you enjoy your AZ once it arrives
  22. Will be very interesting to hear the answers to this - its a great question
  23. Seems to me that until now Skywatchers prices have been pretty much the same over the past 6 years i have been indulging in the hobby barring the implications of currency fluctuations, production costs will have certainly risen during that time and recently shipping costs have went through the roof affecting many different businesses and or product types being imported. There has to be a Return on Investment for those in the manufacturing and supply chain to survive otherwise there will be no end product for the consumer. If you don't like it there is always the used market to fall back on.
  24. Now that the price difference is negligible, you could buy a lovely British mount and get some motors for tracking later
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