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  1. Baader 2" 7nm Ha filter

    Hey guys. I'm after a Baader 2" 7nm Ha filter. If anyone has one available in excellent condition please let me know. Cheers.
  2. I'm thinking about getting the Baader 2" 7nm ha filter. It will attach to my field flattener and could be used in the future with other cameras.
  3. I use a field flattener which is threaded for 2" filters.
  4. Suitable USB hub

    Polemaster, EQDIR, DSLR and guide camera.
  5. Hi guys. I'm after an Ha Filter and considering one of these 2. Which would be the best to go for? Thanks.
  6. Suitable USB hub

    The laptop is next to the scope. I'd just rather have the 1 usb cable to the laptop rather than a few. Does it have to be one thats powered?
  7. Hi guys. I'm wanting to reduce the number of cables running to the laptop by using a USB hub. Any suggestions on a decent one? Cheers.
  8. That's right. Is it really worth having? I'm seeing mixed things especially with 12nm and not 7nm or 3nm.
  9. Hey guys. Does this filter work with a camera that has had just the IR filter removed? Cheers.
  10. IC 1805 Heart Nebula

    I'll give it another go.
  11. IC 1805 Heart Nebula

    Left arrow is the black yeah. I usually just drag that to start of the data.
  12. IC 1805 Heart Nebula

    Cheers man. Yeah, clipping shadows has been mentioned bud. I think that will have been done in the levels yeah? Moving the middle arrow out to make it darker I think would cause it?
  13. M44 Beehive Cluster

    Cheers man. I have GradientXterminate on PS so will give that another run at some point.
  14. Reprocessing of IC 1805 Heart Nebula

    No worries bud. Cheers.
  15. Reprocessing of IC 1805 Heart Nebula

    It changes the background colour. If I click on a dark part of the background, it changes the rest of it.