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  1. Hi My recently acquired CCD imaging kit is all very lovely, except, I don't want to keep dismantling it in order for the scope to fit back in it's case and stored indoors between sessions. i thought I'd come up with the perfect solution, but *apparently* leaving it on the dining table isn't a viable option . So what do you guys do? Put up with disassembly, make/buy a bigger box, or something way more clever that I haven't yet considered? Justin
  2. Thanks, I’ll have another look and compare the SX image.
  3. No, I don’t have a picture but I *thought* I was trying to focus by moving the Lodestar up and down on the prism post.
  4. Hi I’ve recently got some shiny new kit, and last night was the first clear skies here when I had the opportunity to try it all out. This is not my first time observing, so I’m well prepared for unexpected issues, but it is my first time ccd imaging. There was lots of learning, including; cable management needs to be better, I (still) never have the right USB cable, and the focus tube needs some mechanical refining to address slippage. But the problem I’m not sure how to solve is one of focus. I bought the SW Trius 814 kit (Trius 814, mini usb filter wheel with OAG, and Lodestar X
  5. Definitely not! If only refreshing the page made it get here quicker.
  6. Thanks for the update - I'll start obsessively checking the delivery tracker for the next few days
  7. Canon would be awesome - thanks. £440 is fine, I'll PM you my details. thanks
  8. That's OK, I can wait a few days - it's foggy here anyway. I'd prefer PPG (I'm happy to cover the fee).
  9. No, sadly not at all, I'm in Nottingham - so I'd need to organise a courier. I think myhermes should do it for about £20 insured.
  10. Hi Assuming that the ED80 outfit is still available - I'm interested, as in, I'd like to buy it Justin
  11. Hi PM sent - if the Equinox is still available I'm also interested. J
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