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    Lost somewhere in the 9 Realms !
  1. It was a 3D show in the dome so the entire thing was the night sky while being shown certain constellations, then zooming through space (very weird lol) to Andromeda and just really informative but the feeling like you're there lol It was really good. Well worth a visit
  2. Just wondered if anyone went to see the space show during Space week ? I took 2 of my daughters who thought it was amazing, but I kept shouting out the answers to stuff
  3. Thank you. I'm trying but finding it hard finding them anywhere else. I would rather have new so maybe I need to wait a little before diving in. It will be a long term thing so I dont mind waiting
  4. Thanks for the info That's great. I'm not far from the Downs either
  5. I wanted to try binoculars but I cannot hold my arms up for long at all (as silly as it sounds) unless I had a table under my elbows, due to the crap that I have ! But seeing Jupiter's moons must be awesome. I have a fascination with Jupiter
  6. Thank you. Really appreciate all this advice. I'm not in a wheelchair...... yet but thank you for thinking of that as I wouldn't have ! Thank you Thank you. This advice is great honestly. Giving me a lot to think about That's brilliant thank you. Can I just turn up or do I have to join beforehand?
  7. Everything you just said may have been Swahili How do I learn all this stuff
  8. Yes I did look at BAS last night. And I live just off Gloucester Rd and my Dad knows Massive Attack And I've lived up country, all over Devon, Cornwall and lived in Australia, bit Bristol is the Best
  9. Thank you. See its these things that I know nothing about. I would be sitting down too. Are there specific scopes that I should consider then ?
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