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  1. I've attached some pictures of what I am trying to achieve. I think the better Velcro will be my first option, but any clever pocket type or other arrangements gratefully considered.
  2. No, it's blue all over. And the mounting geometry restricts my options too.
  3. I don't have lots of options to try here. However, on closer inspection, I did already try glueing on top of the glue that came with the velcro, and now I'm wondering if this is the weakest point. There was glue residue left on the Pegasus, so it wasn't completely failing there. If this is, as I'm now suspecting, cheap stuff, maybe I just need proper supplies.
  4. Yeah I did clean with alcohol first, but I just can't bring myself to get the emery paper, not on such lovely blue aluminium. But I totally understand that it wold most likely be much more successful.
  5. Yes I wondered if this might be a factor. The Pegasus box is very shiny and new, not been outside yet.
  6. Hmmm - they both look strong, and more 'industrial' that what I have currently. But which is better? There's only one way to find out.....
  7. OK, I admit defeat. I can't stick my Pegasus Astro box to my AZ-Gti using sticky back velcro. I'm sure this should be simple? Vecro (spiky/hook side) sticks to the AZ-Gti - yes, it's on the white paintwork and seems firmly attached. Velcro (soft fluffy side) stick to Pegagsus box - yes, apparently, but... ultimately no. Box sticks to mount - yes, only for about 30 minutes, so not really. The velcro stayed attached to itself, but peeled off the Pegasus box. Pegasus box is on the floor, velcro is still (both sides) happy attached to the mount. So I re-applied, not with the as
  8. TS Optics Photoline 90mm Triplet On reflection (or should that be through the lens of reality?) this was overpriced at £800, so is now reduced accordingly In excellent condition, I gave a small writeup about this when I bought it, and it is still an excellent scope. However it has been losing out to the 60 and 76 Tak and now spends all of its time alone, safely flight-cased. Don't leave this scope to suffer a lonely and unused life. Buy it and catch some great views this winter! Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) or bank transfer (preferred). Postage:
  9. Looks great! What are the advantages of splitting the indigo controls across two machines?
  10. I'm very jealous that you got a break in the clouds - I was poised for hours but it was not to be
  11. Thanks Gary (@HollyHound), I've read through those threads and noted the slo-mo adjustment, but wasn't sure this would help with my situation. As it turns out, while it does still feel a little stiff, it's noticeable with the FS-60CB (because it's so tiny and light I assume) and much less noticeable when I use the FS-76Q configuration. I'm as sure as I can be that this is not the alt axis / heavy loading problem, so I think I'm going to leave it alone for now. I still love this little mount!
  12. Overall I'm loving my new Scopetech Zero - however I can't get past the Alt axis being much tighter than the Az. If I loosen the Az clutch then the mount turns very freely, and I can adjust the clutch to be reassuringly present while still allowing for slo-mo control. All as I expected. The slo-mo controls on both axis seem to be similarly set, if slightly tight, but I also don't have anything to compare this to and doesn't seem to cause any problems. But the Alt axis is altogether stiffer. With the clutch fully disengaged it still takes noticeable force to move. Any guidance on how I
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