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  1. Another agreement here. Not that I have a 102 but I have been very aware of the visual improvement from 80 to 90, so if it fits, I'd go for it.
  2. I've found the SW 80ED to be an excellent piece of kit, and it's given me a very easy (which I guess is why it's so popular) introduction to imaging too. Check the weight though. I'm not familiar with the Porta II but the SW80 isn't the lightest. And if you wanted one.... I have one for sale second hand
  3. OK - I'm feeling a little stupid now. But the what? I've checked my app, and yes, I can see the option, had no idea this was a thing. Are there really *additional* encoders? Or are these the *normal* encoders for the Freedom Find functionality?
  4. I've had a Sesto Senso on my SW ED80 for a while and it's a great focus motor. But as others have already highlighted: No, it won't improve focuser slip, although there are a few things you can try to improve this If you get one, be prepared for the very accurate alignment needed to install it properly. It took me several attempts before I got it right, and every time it *looked* absolutely spot on.
  5. Yes - I haven't found a good compass option, but the 1-star alignment is usually good enough for some quick visual observing.
  6. You might want to also check out https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/ - I generally trust them a *little* more than eBay for astronomy gear, but as above, your budget is going to be restrictive. Another consideration for a return to visual observing (not photography) would be a decent pair of binoculars. You can see a lot (and a lot more than I expected), and they're very portable.
  7. Thanks guys - I think I’ll try the insulation tape first as I already have some
  8. Thanks - have you tried this or are your googling skills just better than mine?
  9. Thanks - I can that that could work. I had wondered about using PTFE tape but I think that would quickly get messy.
  10. Hello I was wondering of anyone has any neat and tidy ides for filling eyepiece undercuts? Specifically, I have some Baaden Hyperions which are nice and all, but a little annoying in my Tak prism as the undercut means that the collar on the prism doesn't quite tighten. And yes, I'm very happy with the Tak prism otherwise, so lets not do the whole Baader Zeiss/T2 prism discussion here One possibility is to slightly shorten the collar in the Tak but I'd rather not if there is a tidy way to 'fill in' the undercut section. J
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