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  1. OK, I admit defeat. I can't stick my Pegasus Astro box to my AZ-Gti using sticky back velcro. I'm sure this should be simple? Vecro (spiky/hook side) sticks to the AZ-Gti - yes, it's on the white paintwork and seems firmly attached. Velcro (soft fluffy side) stick to Pegagsus box - yes, apparently, but... ultimately no. Box sticks to mount - yes, only for about 30 minutes, so not really. The velcro stayed attached to itself, but peeled off the Pegasus box. Pegasus box is on the floor, velcro is still (both sides) happy attached to the mount. So I re-applied, not with the as
  2. TS Optics Photoline 90mm Triplet On reflection (or should that be through the lens of reality?) this was overpriced at £800, so is now reduced accordingly In excellent condition, I gave a small writeup about this when I bought it, and it is still an excellent scope. However it has been losing out to the 60 and 76 Tak and now spends all of its time alone, safely flight-cased. Don't leave this scope to suffer a lonely and unused life. Buy it and catch some great views this winter! Payment: PayPal (buyer pays fees) or bank transfer (preferred). Postage:
  3. Looks great! What are the advantages of splitting the indigo controls across two machines?
  4. I'm very jealous that you got a break in the clouds - I was poised for hours but it was not to be
  5. Thanks Gary (@HollyHound), I've read through those threads and noted the slo-mo adjustment, but wasn't sure this would help with my situation. As it turns out, while it does still feel a little stiff, it's noticeable with the FS-60CB (because it's so tiny and light I assume) and much less noticeable when I use the FS-76Q configuration. I'm as sure as I can be that this is not the alt axis / heavy loading problem, so I think I'm going to leave it alone for now. I still love this little mount!
  6. Overall I'm loving my new Scopetech Zero - however I can't get past the Alt axis being much tighter than the Az. If I loosen the Az clutch then the mount turns very freely, and I can adjust the clutch to be reassuringly present while still allowing for slo-mo control. All as I expected. The slo-mo controls on both axis seem to be similarly set, if slightly tight, but I also don't have anything to compare this to and doesn't seem to cause any problems. But the Alt axis is altogether stiffer. With the clutch fully disengaged it still takes noticeable force to move. Any guidance on how I
  7. It's not all roses and rainbows, those flutes and oboes are damned expensive...
  8. Near Barnard Castle? I could do with an eye test
  9. I'm familiar with the mindset you are referring to, albeit not in an astronomy related setting. I have no idea where my ideas will end up, maybe a new venture to expand an existing group, maybe a whole new entity in what ever form it may be, or maybe nothing at all. I guess I'm just embracing a moment of wondering 'maybe I could...' rather than 'isn't it a shame that...'.
  10. Hi James Regretfully your meetings are on the list of things that I find difficult to get to, although I do hear/read good things about them As much as I believe that there is possibly a city based contingent of interested people, I really have no interest in dividing what is likely to be a relatively small market. But at the same time it feels presumptuous to propose a joint venture with a group have no previous involvement with. All that aside, some kind of combined approach seems eminently sensible. My imaginings are very much centred around the practical (probably predominan
  11. I *think* I agree with you, but part of my reasons for thinking about this is that it’s actually not very easy to go and meet with them. There might be a sub-set, and I have no interest in diluting what might be an already struggling economy. The outcome might well be that it’s subset of an existing group that are interested, but then, when does that become a new group? I don’t think it has to be a binary choice.
  12. Does anyone have any experience of starting a new astronomy club / society / group? Here's why I'm asking... I live in a classically light polluted city (Nottingham) and while there are a few astronomy clubs around, they all meet (understandably and advantageously) outside of the city. I don't have a car (not a sensible one anyway, the 1969 Vitesse isn't so appealing in the colder or wetter months) and so it's actually very difficult to travel out. So I've come to wonder about trying to start a city based group, which accepts that light pollution is nightmarish, but meets anyway to obs
  13. Here's my 'portable' setup in the biggest (FS-76Q f12.5) and smallest (FS-60CB f5.9) configurations. The FS-76Q breaks down easily so really does become portable. I think a directly fixed clamp on the Scopetech Zero would make this more aesthetically pleasing, but makes balance difficult with the FS-60CB. It only hold in this picture because the alt is a little stiff at the moment.
  14. Baader Hyperion Eyepieces 5mm - £70 10mm - £70 24mm - £70 Or all three for £190 I bought these over on ABS a while back, used them a couple of times, and have never touched them again, so selling for future upgrade points. They seem like perfectly OK eyepieces, but the Baader and TV zooms are perfectly good for my portable viewing, and take up less space and weight. Price includes UK postage. Payment by bank transfer (preferred) or PayPal (buyer pays fees).
  15. Thanks guys, I think I agree with both of you - but the opportunity to start from scratch has made me consider everything, hence the question.
  16. I’ve been following The design looks great, so looking forwards to seeing how it goes. How are you dealing with pier isolation? My own thoughts were that with a bent pier I can easily maintain isolation from the obs floor as the footprint is relatively small. With the mesu pier and also with yours, the footprint is obviously much larger. But then I know that there are some strong advocates of not worrying about an isolated pier block and ‘just’ sit the whole think on big slab. This seems simple, although less so at 1.5m high.
  17. My understanding is that yes it can. My question about whether or not to install a bent pier is really just because I'm starting from scratch and so I can. But just because I can, doesn't mean I should, or that it is worth it - which I'm hoping some more experienced people can help me with.
  18. I'm not sure I follow. Do you mean far enough to 'require' the bent pier?
  19. I assume so, but engineering is nowhere on my list of even vague abilities. For now I'm working on the assumption that everything is possible, but it might not be worth the money/space for the added usability. Do you have any views on this?
  20. Yes - I'm still waiting for clarification on this. The Observatory will be next to an existing garage, so from the access road perspective it is at ground level. From the house perspective, because he plot is on a slope, it's raised and will exceed the 2.5m. Like I said above - there are some practical issues to overcome
  21. Something very odd has happened recently, and there have been fleeting references about 'your observatory'. I'm taking this as a tacit acknowledgment and agreement to building one! However, there are some practical issues to overcome, and this will likely be the first of many, many questions. As I have been casually drafting out my design ideas (because obviously I haven't been planning this for a few years) I've been prioritising the problem solving order. The biggest one also happens to be the first as it turns out, which is the pier. The observatory floor will (has to) be ~5feet (
  22. When I had SynScan my experience was that this is not possible to do natively in MacOS. Running the update software in a Windows virtual environment didn't work either - I had to dual boot into Windows proper.
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