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  1. That was what I started with - it seemed like an obvious thing to try but it didn’t work. Maybe I have the spacing wrong?
  2. Hi I feel as though I see a steady stream of images along the lines of “I just held my phone up to the eyepiece”. Now either I’m absolutely missing something (which is definitely possible) or there is considerably more luck/effort in those images than inferred. I have an iPhone, and seem to have two significant problems using it to grab any kind of useful image. And no, I’m not expecting it to rival a dedicated imaging rig. Firstly, alignment is very difficult. And secondly, focus seems to be impossible. I have one of the Celestron NexYZ phone mounts, which is less steady than I exp
  3. Prima Luce Lab Sesto Senso (V1) Robotic Focusing Motor - £150 This... this changed my imaging life! But alas, I'm on an imaging hiatus and so now you can grab yourself a bargain. Please note, this is the original version, not the current V2. Overall it's had a nice life and is in great working condition. As you can see in the photos I had a little issue when I originally installed this, and the underside grub screw thread got stripped. I re-tapped it slightly larger (and slightly off of vertical which was not intentional) and whilst this is mildly annoying, it has not impeded functio
  4. Baader 1.25" filters with very little use. Optically pristine. Clear - £ 18 Leftover from my foray into imaging, which is now paused. This very useful addition to the Baader filter range is intended for the luminance channel in astro imaging. Using narrowband filters can often result in slightly dimmer images, which can be difficult to resolve to a focus. You can now use this filter to focus perfectly with a bright image and since they are also parfocal, switch to a different narrow band filter without loosing the focus. This filter has the same substrate thickness as the
  5. I thought about ‘constructing’ something but despite the implication of missing Monday, I’d prefer to exchange it for the right product.
  6. That’s an option I hadn’t consider, so thanks!
  7. Mild apologies in advance, but I'm a little annoyed, mostly with myself. Having decided that I'd like to try and see the transit, and being new to solar observing, the inevitable FLO order was necessary. I though that I'd try and use the little FS-60CB, so after a few emails about the options, I opted for the Baader ASBF filter. Unfortunately, I ordered the 80mm filter t match the 80mm tube of the scope, and of course, this isn't how those measurements work So now I have a solar filter that either too big or too small for my scopes, and not enough time to replace it. I know it's
  8. Ha ha ha - does it come with the SAS man to carry it too?
  9. Rowan AZ100 - and it has the slo-mo controls... it *is* tempting. From the pictures I've seen it just looks a bit... big. I know that at 8.5kg it is portable although that's considerably more (yes, admittedly for more of a mount too) than the Ayo II or even the Ayo Digi. It's probably a good option and I likely need to let go of my fantasy of a mount and scope that fits in my rucksack. I don't even know why that fantasy exists, because apparently the Uni-18 is going to magically levitate to wherever it is I'm heading
  10. Hi Having finally accepted that I'm just not finding or making the time to set up my gear for imaging, I've been moving towards a predominantly visual setup with some reasonable consideration for quick(er) setup times and portability. So the NEQ6 is out (want to buy it?) leaving me with just the AzGti for now. I like it a lot, but it's not really designed for regular manual movement, and I'm looking for options. My wishlist so far is: An alt-az mount Push-to capability (I'm leaning towards a Nexus DSC) Loading is currently quite light, the FS-60CB is teeny, and the 90
  11. Sky-Watcher NEQ6 Mount A well known mount, ideal for astrophotography This a few years old (I've had it for 4 years and it was second hand to me) so there are some expected 'wear and tear' scrapes to the paintwork SynScan hand controller EQDIR cable (I used this with INDI and EKOS / Kstars very successfully) Upgraded ADM Dual Saddle for Vixen (Sky-Watcher/Celestron) and Losmandy type dovetails (Original saddle also included) Heavy duty ABS Peli type case and counterweight storage bag Stainless Steel tripod I'm also including a power supply, so yo
  12. I'm finally accepting the harsh reality that I just don't find (or make) the time to set up and image, so I'm moving to a visual observing focus for the time being. Hence, the imaging kit is for sale. My NEQ6 is also available This comes in the original supplied hard case, and includes all cables. It is, in my opinion, an awesome bit of kit, which is why it is such a shame to leave it sat here doing nothing. Starlight Xpress Trius 814 imaging kit Trius SX-814 camera (mono) Mini USB filter wheel inc. off-axis guiding Lodestar X2 guide camera Trius SX-814 cam
  13. Another agreement here. Not that I have a 102 but I have been very aware of the visual improvement from 80 to 90, so if it fits, I'd go for it.
  14. I've found the SW 80ED to be an excellent piece of kit, and it's given me a very easy (which I guess is why it's so popular) introduction to imaging too. Check the weight though. I'm not familiar with the Porta II but the SW80 isn't the lightest. And if you wanted one.... I have one for sale second hand
  15. OK - I'm feeling a little stupid now. But the what? I've checked my app, and yes, I can see the option, had no idea this was a thing. Are there really *additional* encoders? Or are these the *normal* encoders for the Freedom Find functionality?
  16. I've had a Sesto Senso on my SW ED80 for a while and it's a great focus motor. But as others have already highlighted: No, it won't improve focuser slip, although there are a few things you can try to improve this If you get one, be prepared for the very accurate alignment needed to install it properly. It took me several attempts before I got it right, and every time it *looked* absolutely spot on.
  17. Yes - I haven't found a good compass option, but the 1-star alignment is usually good enough for some quick visual observing.
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