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  1. Pitch black skies,absolute dry high altitude desert , temperature minus 15 c .ISO800x10 minutesx 12 subs. TAK FSQ 85/AP Mach1/Canon 600d
  2. If only you had an o3 , this would have made it APOD Suresh
  3. lovely ! where in the sky is this? Suresh
  4. thanks for the info,will take my ccd as backup
  5. here s my question folks, i plan to shoot from himalayas this month end, the temperature is expected to reach minus 25 c towards morning. Does it make any sense to carry my ccd along?( i do have qhy10), as of now i plan to use the modified DSLR thanks Suresh
  6. My next goal is try remote,im working on it Suresh
  7. Heart and soul was tough to align on two consecutiive nights(mosaic)
  8. My mount and telescope is now located in ladakh at my friend s house and i propose to go once in two months for AP. Here are some photos from my november trip. Thanks for looking AP Mach1 FSQ 85 Canon 600d desktop.ini
  9. Hi friends a short two min video of our astrophotography trip to Hanle,Himalayas , thanks for watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbSX_Wndf98 Suresh
  10. yes i did bump on it accidentally and it fell on the hard floor, scratched the front element badly . Sent ASA a couple of mails but nothing happened. I called them and they were fantastic , they wanted the entire unit shipped to them on not the front element alone. The whole thing incl shipping costed me around 95 euros . Im glad i got away with it . it will be back to me in two weeks
  11. Im sorry i didnt provide adequate details : camera was a modified canon 500 D, telescope was Takahshi FSQ 85 with reducer working at f3.9 and mount was AP mach 1
  12. I seem to have an issue with my hard disk because i wasnt able to upload any pic . This pic of andromeda was taken st year from Leh ,Himalayas. Sky was blue ! Blue ! altitude 11000 ft. seeing 0.5 secs and transparency 10/10, temepreature was 0 c. Canon 500D ISO800x 10 minutex 24 subs
  13. Ah super ! i didnt think of the front glass element on front face of the chip which is 3 mm !! thank you !
  14. a very nice image , perhaps a wee bit adjustment of the blue bias ? lovely image
  15. very nice ,ive never seen this object before . as your wife said you can shrink the stars !
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