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  1. Thats the point, I put my 50mm on and i don't need any software to guide only stellarium to find
  2. I have a 20 000 mah battery that runs my mount quite well, you will find them on ebay mine was about £30.00 but i think they do them with two usb ports now?
  3. Can anyone please tell me when i put my camera (1100D) on my mount(ioptron zeq 25), i can take images for as long as want (20 mins so far) without any help from PHD2 but when i put my telescope (80mm) on i can't get more than 3 mins best using polemaster, when i use PHD everything connects but i can't seem to get it to run smoothly. Also due to the light pollution where i am i struggle to find a guide star is there any way i can enhance this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. take your image as a fits file then run it through fits liberator it will show you in there (free program), although i do mine with nebulosity 4.
  5. this may help with the exposures :- http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/astronomy/MoonExposureCalculator.html
  6. when DSS has finished stacking you get the processing screen up showing RGB, luminance,& saturation firstly link the RGB together and then go to the luminance & move the midtone slider to 39.2-39.9 you should then end up with a steep curve in your graph , align your RGB with the graph (RGB being at the bottom of the curve, then go to the Saturation tab & set that to 18. This should give you a reasonable image for starters, hope this helps
  7. i will check that out hopefully get my guiding going
  8. the set BTW is 50mm guide scope & altair mono guide cam
  9. I'd Say take the drive to darker skies, it will put the fire back in your heart where i live it is mainly cloudy but when i get the chance i go up onto the tops where the skies are a bit darker the views are amazing
  10. i was going to use PHD, byeos
  11. 50mm guide scope & qhy5 L-ll or astro altair guide camera
  12. Hi All Do i need to connect my ST4 cable when i'm trying to guide the mount or can i just run a cable from the hand set & just plug the guide camera into the usb on my laptop. thanks for any replies
  13. Why not try the camera on its own on a dovetail i can get a good few minutes without guiding the best i have had is 1100 secs (18 mins ) and the stars were still round but it was a cloudy night so i stopped experimenting & went in
  14. I know what your all saying, but the mount is a ioptron zeq 25 (eqmod dose'nt work with ioptron) & i have set the setting circles as such (there is a vidieo for this on you tube) But as cfpendock says thats what happens, when i start cartes up & connect the scope everything is set up correctlythen when i have done my PA & alignment i then send my scope back to the home position & it ends with the scope in a horizontal position this did'nt happen with stellarium hence the question is there a home button on cdc. Ps Sorry about the late reponse
  15. not bad for first attempt, i'd drop the ISO down to 800 / 1600 & do less exposure to stop the stars trailing
  16. Hi All what do people use when they require more USB ports, i have one of those extra ports that take up a usb but when i'm trying to connect the laptop dose'nt like it
  17. They should put an actual image of what you expect to see, i was disappointed when i first looked at orion's belt and found it to be a grey cloud & not in glorious colours as seen in magazines or the sizes of the planets as seen through your prospective telescope. Happy New Year BTW
  18. I have a sunridge sleep suit which i use for fishing, it's like a long john base layer & i find i don't need much more than that other than a hat of some kind
  19. just a quick question, is there a home button on cartes d c i've looked but i can't find one, the reason being when i have finished with it & send it home (polaris) it takes a strange route & i have to undo the clutches & reset to the lines so the scope is inline
  20. I know this may sound stupid, but it is an easy mistake to do Is your set for the right time of year because that will put your alignment out as well. I normally do 1 star align when i'm setting up (usally Vega) then centre it with byeos & astrotortilla) then sent the scope back to the home position after that it's fine
  21. Get BYeos as suggested by CJ DAwson above , also download a app called polar finder by techhead (0.70p) it has a few overlays on it on it that might match yours, i have it downloaded on to a tablet which i take outside with me while i set up also i would invest in a bahtinov mask to help focus the stars
  22. managed to get it going by loading another file with larger scalemin & scalemax happy days but it takes about 2mins to solve after it's recentred is there any way that i can get the time lower
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