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  1. So again its been awhile since i posted any images, Scottish weather sucks Had a fair amount of tracking issues also, but a bit of tweaking and hitting my head against a wall, managed to fix it so am now able to guide 10m subs, probably never need 10m subs but at least the mount is working.First image NGC7000 North American Nebula45X120sec subsDarks and Flats from the libraryFilter used - L-Enhance Second image NGC6992 - Eastern Veil Nebula38X180sec subsDarks and Flats from the libraryFilter used - L-Enhance
  2. Hi, Couple new targets added to the album. North American nebula and Eastern Veil nebula, both taken from my spare room as unable to access this portion of the sky from my normal location due to trees, so no polar alignment on these, just a rough guess as to where it is, used stellarium to slew to a bright star, adjusted RA and DEC until centered then slewed to the target. North American - 40x3m subs, my framing for this was well off, will have to go back and spend some more time on this Veil Nebula - 65x3m subs, happy with this image, yes the colors are a bit off and processi
  3. I have no idea, but whenever i take a dark with the optolong in i get loads of issues, i take it out and no issues at all. I dont think theres an issue with the filter, the above images are testimont to that (if you can see past the crappy processing ) I am happy that something works, though i would like to understand why darks without the filter work with darks with the filter dont. I have time this week i will attempt to take more darks with the filter in to see if it works.
  4. Dang what a great picture, i can only dream of reaching this level, /runs to delete his crappy pictures before anyone sees them
  5. Posted these in another section, but probably better in here. Been having issues with processing due to amp glare issues and processing with darks, finally figured out that my system dont like darks with the filter installed. So with that fixed, pointed my scope to the only nebula within my field of view from my garden. Excuse the poor attemp at processing, still learning that side of things. Soul Nebula - 42 x 3m subs, gain 400, dark 24 Heart Nebula - 13 x 3m subs, gain 400, dark 24 Both images captured with Redcat 51 with Altair Hypercam 183C Pro Tec wi
  6. Okay finally got to the bottom of the problem, for some weird reason it didn't like me taking a dark with the filter installed. Since i got that fixed grabbed a quick couple of images to test. One of the Soul Nebula and Heart Nebula, only 2 nebulas in my field of view in my garden. Soul was 42x3m subs, heart was 13x3m subs Not the greatest of images (basically my processing still sucks, still learning), these were processed in APP and touched up in photoshop, apparantly the weather for the rest of the week is sort of promising so going to try for 5-6 hours on the heart t
  7. Prior to the Optolong l-enhance i was using a cheap nasty moon and sky glow filter, and when i meant previously, i meant without the dark file attached
  8. So ran the files through DSS and aligned the RGB, before i started, this is what the RGB looks like, doesn't look normal to me So lined them up saved with adjustments and ran in PS, screen glow is gone, but so is all the color... i did save as a 16bit tiff So obviously i assume its the dark that is the problem as apart from the screen glow, i had no issues with color previously, albiet some processing was required
  9. Hi, So managed to capture some data with my new filter after a week of poor weather, filter was great, really pulled out the nebula from the Heart Nebula in relatively short time. When processing through DSS with no calibration frames, i can see the nebula along with the lens glare of my Altair Hypercam 183C. These are stills taking from Sharpcap Livestack. So i spent all morning making a dark file with the same exposure, temperature, and gain value from last night. When i add this dark file into the stack the red channel does not have a peak no more, see image, cant real
  10. Light pollution is a big part of my query but not just that, my main interest in the night sky is nebula which is why i went for the optolong to focus more on Ha, OIII and Hb. Obviously nebulas are not up all year round, right now is a good example, nebulas are at a preminum and with the dwindling hours at night looking to at least get some galaxies and clusters to add to my image collection, so i suppose my answer would be something that allows me too capture the other stuff in the night sky without having to worry about light pollution too much, i know you can never get rid of it all, but ev
  11. Thanks for that, makes sense, due to the clouds and the less than bright stars i was taking short exposures just to test the filter, will increase the exposure length next clear night i get (at a premium at the moment). What would you consider a good filter (bortle 6 sky) for non-emission nebulas and galaxies? Hi Dave, Thanks for sending me here, fun friendly place i deleted all the images from the night i tried the filter, more in anger than from anything else, next night i'm out i'll try get some images if what RayD says doesn't work. So basically b
  12. I can get focus on my stars, with or without the filter, that is definately not an issue, granted when testing the filter it was partly cloudy and the stars where not as bright as normal, but still woulod have thought sharpcap would have been able to livestack some of them 2" extention long tube (the one that comes packaged with the Hypercam), i have ordered a filter holder for my filter, if this is not the issue then at least i will have an easy way to take the filter in and out. The image i posted was taken with the exact image train (without the filter) so definately not a
  13. Hi, Captured 60 x 1m subs with the Altair Hypercam 183C and stacked with a previous image taken with my Canon DSLR Rebel S1 (unmoddified), stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop. On show, Bodes Galaxy and Cigar Galaxy. Clear Skies
  14. Welcome to SGL, so i can blame you for the poor skies lately then
  15. Hi, Any redcat51 users out there that have an optolong l-enhance filter in there image train. I currently have my filter in my scope, the place where WO suggest, a 2" extension tube, then my camera (Altair Hypercam 183C Protec), so far all i've managed to capture is unstackable images and horizontal banding noise. Without the filter i have no issues capturing images, see below. My question is, is the filter (2" Optolong L-enhance) in the correct location in the train, does it need to be close to the camera sensor (as someone on social media had said) and do i need to worry
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