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  1. If it was tantalised softwood I’d agree but I chose 6x6” solid oak gate post for the reason its more structurally sound & should last a bit longer. The studding lengths will be trimmed down when I’m sure I have enough to play with, they’re currently a bit longer than ideal to secure the bird table.
  2. It’s been a while since last update on pier build as my mount has been away getting the Darkframe treatment, but it gave me time to address & refurb the garden and finish the pier. I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.
  3. Mount is currently away being tuned but the second hand ‘boss’ has come up a treat !
  4. Getting there, secondary brief met
  5. After getting a little tired of manoeuvring my tripod in and out of the shed I thought I would investigate building a permanent pier, but knowing that it was likely to be frowned upon by she who must be obeyed I thought I’d make it dual purpose. so I am now a fair way in to the most expensive bird table in the world that by night can be used for astrophotography...
  6. Interesting & thank you, if I ever get the will power to try again I will change that, it kind of makes sense with the issue I’d been seeing. But having just paid for the full version of APT it might be a while with the lighter evenings now in uk not so much opportunity for experimentation.
  7. Wow, I could be overthinking what sort of spec I need if it can run from a stick PC. im guessing 8gb ram 128gb SSD storage in any processor will be adequate to run... APT, PHD2, CDC, win10 & rdp ?
  8. That looks neat and tidy. Thanks for the details I’ll take a look
  9. Promising, Could I enquire what spec you’re running ? There are thousands and I’m struggling to know what is more than enough to do the job. My guess is win10 is the biggest drain on resource. I’m looking at 2nd hand rather than new.
  10. Hi All, is anybody successfully using a mini PC running Windows 10 to control their astrophotography applications ? And are you able to run it from a 12v leisure battery ? what’s the experience like ? Any foibles or issues ? Things you’d do differently next time around ? Regards Andy H
  11. I have been considering Raspberry Pi with astroberry or stellarmate, any experience of the WiFi range ? at the moment I RDP into my laptop (that is cabled to the mount) to keep an eye on proceedings which is working well, but think a mini PC would just tick the boxes when using away from home.
  12. Thanks for this, buzz me when you you’ve sorted postage and I’ll transfer you the money straight away thanks again Andy H
  13. Oh wow !, that looks like it. how much do you want for it including postage ?
  14. I’ve given up on darks after advice from this forum and dither every third or fourth frame, saves SO MUCH time when creating darks of guided subs. Currently I run bias frames at the end and flats the next day. messed about with using bias frames as darks too, it didn’t kill anything
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