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  1. I Had a similar problem, I deleted all of my profile & reset it with the Auto-wizard ( which fills all info in for you) cameras, scope etc, then i opened PHD 2 connected the camera & scope, set the loop to 2 secs then slowly adjusted the guide scope until i got an image, i now leave the scope set at that so i have a starting point. Vega is a good bright star to try with, good luck.
  2. Thats the point, I put my 50mm on and i don't need any software to guide only stellarium to find
  3. I have a 20 000 mah battery that runs my mount quite well, you will find them on ebay mine was about £30.00 but i think they do them with two usb ports now?
  4. Can anyone please tell me when i put my camera (1100D) on my mount(ioptron zeq 25), i can take images for as long as want (20 mins so far) without any help from PHD2 but when i put my telescope (80mm) on i can't get more than 3 mins best using polemaster, when i use PHD everything connects but i can't seem to get it to run smoothly. Also due to the light pollution where i am i struggle to find a guide star is there any way i can enhance this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. take your image as a fits file then run it through fits liberator it will show you in there (free program), although i do mine with nebulosity 4.
  6. this may help with the exposures :- http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/astronomy/MoonExposureCalculator.html
  7. when DSS has finished stacking you get the processing screen up showing RGB, luminance,& saturation firstly link the RGB together and then go to the luminance & move the midtone slider to 39.2-39.9 you should then end up with a steep curve in your graph , align your RGB with the graph (RGB being at the bottom of the curve, then go to the Saturation tab & set that to 18. This should give you a reasonable image for starters, hope this helps
  8. i will check that out hopefully get my guiding going
  9. the set BTW is 50mm guide scope & altair mono guide cam
  10. I'd Say take the drive to darker skies, it will put the fire back in your heart where i live it is mainly cloudy but when i get the chance i go up onto the tops where the skies are a bit darker the views are amazing
  11. i was going to use PHD, byeos
  12. 50mm guide scope & qhy5 L-ll or astro altair guide camera
  13. Hi All Do i need to connect my ST4 cable when i'm trying to guide the mount or can i just run a cable from the hand set & just plug the guide camera into the usb on my laptop. thanks for any replies
  14. Why not try the camera on its own on a dovetail i can get a good few minutes without guiding the best i have had is 1100 secs (18 mins ) and the stars were still round but it was a cloudy night so i stopped experimenting & went in
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