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  1. Can anyone help with how to set up ASTAP through BYE , i have it downloaded but cant get it to do anything lease make as basic as possible & if i have to put files in folders send pictures. thanks for your inputs ANdy
  2. pick them up pretty cheap (refurbs) at Aria computers
  3. Also Have a look on Aria computers (manchester) they do refurbs some have decent spec and a 1years gaurantee.
  4. As already said start with the basics, watch the you tube video on how to set your mount to the home position then learn how to balance the scope on the mount (complete with DSLR, finder scope and anything you want attached) Make sure the time and date is correct do a polar align when you are sure that polar alignment is right just do a single star alignment with vega centre the star ok it send the mount back to home postion then send it to vega again and see if it aligns. if you are using a phone / tablet to run your mount make sure the times are the same as this will throw your mount
  5. Cheapastrophotography cameras you get astro moddified cameras at a good price, then an adapter to connect to a field flattener to your camera(as well the field flattener) or just get a lens (A cheap nifty fifty) or just buy a CMOS camera and your telescope will be your lens. Also have a look at astrobackyards Review about the Star adventurer-pro on you tube may help you to decide.
  6. You may have the right co-ordinates but the wrong way round? sounds more like a firmware issue other than a power issue, have you made sure all your connections are pushed in H/set , main board connections (main have a connection between RA & Dec, check that the motors go the right way when you just the handset N S E W. hope this helps
  7. nebulosity is a good program for capture and stacking or iris ( need to be a rocket scientist) but it,s free and very pwerful
  8. Something like a webcam maybe? not something i've thought about really i just set it going and leave it if it works it works, sounds like a good idea though
  9. Try this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi290mm-usb-3-mono-camera.html same camera just mono when your not guiding get a filter holder some RGB and have go doing colour images just a suggestion?
  10. I know its obvious but have activated the camera in the altair program your camera should appear in the top right of the program, the other thing is have you altered the gain slider to make it brighter ?
  11. try this site well rated binos https://oberwerk.com/product-category/binoculars-scopes/by-usage/astronomy-hand-held/ that will take you the astro side then go into the bird watching side to see if you see the same set in there i've been looking at the 8x40 mariner as they are w/proof
  12. Replace the nut with a same size nylok they dont come undone.
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