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  1. and that is solely due to DR, bit dept and increased relosution due to smaller pixel and lack of RGGB matix glad you finally came to the obvious conclusion that "brightness" means nothing but it is all about SNR. no apologies needed
  2. did not realize you own the forum and can make data up to fit your world view. contradict /kɒntrəˈdɪkt/ verb past tense: contradicted; past participle: assert the opposite of a statement made by (someone).
  3. wow, someone does not like being contradicted. i dont need to pretent to be a scientist. G'day mate
  4. its lacking because its missing details. however the first picture, from the D7000 was "brighter" despite the missing details. not sure, but i hope you are going to confirm a source for "DSLR stretching". should be an interesting read. I am not worried - just amused mate
  5. do explain then how it better to drill holes in a EFW to and leave a gap compared to a simple adaptor
  6. can you please link a source to the DSLR stretching please. DSLRs are known to clip the blacks, but that is the opposite of a stretch. but you cannot do an arbitary stretch on one of the image and then compare them to each other. that is just minupulation of data to match your narrative of "brightness". anyway, here is what i get from D7000 (25*600 sec) and QHY268M (25*300 sec on ha and 25*120 on rgb). i will let you decide which is which; both images drizzled by 2 and cropped by a factor of 3
  7. errr, you could have bolted the M48 adaptor to the camera and then used a m48 to T2 , that way you would not have that gap between the edge of the filterwheel and the camera opening. or ruined a perfectly working equipment. at least that was my plan when i was looking at a asi 36 mm filter wheel, before finding a second hand 2 inch instead and going with that instead. With the 2 inch filter wheel from asi, i used their m54 to m48 adapter It sounds so unreal, that i am not sure if i missed what you are trying to accomplish. https://www.365astronomy.com/photography/photographic-adapte
  8. If Iapa takes the TDM, i would take the mount + tripod + counter weights + pier adaptor
  9. Hi - firstly, it is a long post, so I apologize for any typos - I am dyslexic but i will fix them as i find them. I have always loved taking night-time and landscape photographs. So, when I saw a picture of the Orion nebula, i was intrigued. and after a month of researching last year and realizing that it is probably not be very smart investing 2000+ pounds towards something that i did not know if i would find interesting in the medium/long run. So, I decided instead of buying ready-made stuff, I just make one. Step 1: I made myself a DIY tracker using an FPGA, two the software
  10. i did check. it is not there. if there was a service manual probably it would be mentioned there - but cant see any.
  11. Hi does anyone know what the RA/DE Gear Teeth count is on AVX mounts? I am looking at an AVX with broken mobo, and thinking of making it work with my current DIY GoTo/tracking controller, but i need to replace the DC to stepper and need to know the RA/DE gear teeth counts to work out the steps/rotation. if i cannot find that info i cannot confidently make the purchase as i donot intend to take the mount appart to count it and rather keep looking for heq5/eq6 which are well documented
  12. Interesting point you make. May i you to elaborate on what you mean by "lucky imaging". light pollution is constant, unless there is a power loss so why would level of light pollution vary from one sub to another? only reason why it would vary that i can of is if the target is moving towards or away from a distant light source, maybe a big city in the horizon.
  13. The P2 filter will definately reduce your NB photons due to transmission loses. so it depends if you want to count every possible photon or happy with a 5-8 % loss.
  14. PMed. does it come with counter weight?
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