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  1. Hi John, Just read up on the rules for buying and selling so apologies' all and ignore my last message please! John
  2. Hi John, have read your message with interest and welcome aboard, I've just recently got back to it and need to move stuff on the try different projects. I am selling my William Optics Flt 110, if you're interested, just let me know. Cheers, John
  3. Thanks, all, - so 26 years a survivor - wow, so how do we chat? Do I leave the welcome section now if I want more info/ Not sure about this, any suggestions? John
  4. Thanks for the response and replies I'm getting. With being in self shielding and only just a few days ago got my licence back it's nice to know that there's a great bunch out there in the astro world. My biggest problem is that while I'm still on treatment I get very tired late in the day but if I've got a clear sky then I've got some purpose to go out. I've just recently bought a modified Canon 700d camera from a specialized dealer in Long Eaton ( don't want to give the name in case it's against the rules) and am using my Star Adventurer and a 18-135mm lens and my William Optics megrez 72 and am just having a go with single shots. My laptop has gone down so need a new one and I'm reading about stacking!?! and looking at tutorials on youtube but I'm having a go and giving me a bit of impetus, so any help will be appreciated
  5. Hi everyone, can't remember the last time I was on the forum but I've been through quite a lot just recently and just got back into astronomy which means a lot to me. I've recently been diagnosed with cancer but the treatment I'm on means I'm doing ok so doing astro stuff is helping me enormously. Don't want to bore members with the details so it's just nice to be doing this. I also need to sell some of my stuff to get some equipment for astrophotography so any advise would be welcome. Thanks for the help John
  6. Yes, to start with, I just want to move around using the hand set. Am I just complicating things as I've never had a mount like this before! Thanks, John
  7. Hi anyone, I have recently bought a HEQ5 mount and fitted it to my pillar and I am ready to do the three star alignment. I have got the Synscan controller but I am not sure whether I can control manually. Do I have to set the initial star alignment up first because it mentions the home position. I do have a member in my local group who has a similar mount but he is away on holiday. Can anyone help or advise? Thanks, John
  8. johnst

    New but old?

    Hi all, thanks a lot for the welcome - I already knew what a great bunch you all are or is it we. I have been interested in astronomy since I was at school and I retire in just over a years time so I'm looking forward to having more time to do some observing which is what I love best. John
  9. johnst

    New but old?

    Hi there, I am an existing member that hasn't been on the forum for ages and then when I returned it had been updated and I had to create another username - if that makes sense! It all seems so different now but I will try and get to know it. Personal circumstances and work has restricted my time with astronomy so I am just seeing how it goes. johnst
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