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  1. Hi, I'm considering buying a HEQ5 mount second hand and looking for one with a Rowan upgrade. Is it worth getting the mod as I'm just getting into imaging, looking to improve all the time! Try to anyway
  2. Wife and I went over to Bridlington for a couple of days and the forecast said the more east you go the better so got set up in the harbour area for 10 am and got lucky at about 11.40 for 1/2 hr and got some good pics, so I'm pleased about that! IMG_8824.CR2 IMG_8824.CR2
  3. johnst

    Introducing myself.

    Hi and welcome, my 2 grandsons like dinosaurs and - hopefully, astronomy, so never too young to start!
  4. johnst


    Hi James, welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy!
  5. As I was a maintenance engineer at work and a decent DIYer at home, I just enjoyed building things, first was a basic barn door tracker in the early eighties and then I built my own dobsonian, buying a mirror kit from the Astronomy Centre up in Todmorden, (think I've spelt it right) when it first opened up. Last year in lockdown, I copied the plans in the Sky At Night magazine for making a wooden parallelogram binocular tripod which I'm really pleased with so I suppose if you can then go for it!
  6. Yes, I know what you mean, it's a Vonets WiFi extender and FLO do have them but I think I'm going to purchase an L bracket first, it may be that my signal is ok, don't know until I give it a go. Thanks anyway. John
  7. Well, I'm retired now but have still got into getting up at about 7 in a morning but I've always found that there is things to look at in the sky, notice I haven't put 'night' in and as others have mentioned there is always objects to observe and equipment to check out. Now I've got my ASIair working I can do some practising on using it ready for autumn. I also got my homemade 6" dobsonian out the other night looking at the moon through my favourite eyepiece, my panoptic 24mm and noticed that the collimation is slightly out. There's also the partial eclipse next month to get ready for. Is ever
  8. Hi all, got my second hand Huawei tablet last night with the ASIair app already on - forgot to put the password in at first BUT - it works. Put a few bits in and partly set up. I also phoned EE up again yesterday and apparently either my phone doesn't like the app or the app doesn't like my phone, he tried to get me onto a new phone and contract but I'm happy with the tablet. Also had a look at the moon with my home made 6" dobsonian using my 24mm panoptic - gorgeous views!
  9. Well, seems as though there's a lot more to go through now that I've made contact. Hopefully the tablet that I am going to get will be ok and connect up ok. At least my wife's iPad connects up ok.
  10. AT LAST, getting somewhere, and you folk have been a great help. Had daughter in law (in my bubble) call and she checked my phone and apparently it requires a firmware update which refuses to upload. Meanwhile she managed to update something on my wife's tablet and make it connect to the ASIair, so basically it proves that the ASIair itself is ok. She also has an old Huwaeii tablet that she is going to let me have and she will put the app on for me. Don't really want to use my wife's tablet in case I have an accident down the garden. While I was on the next page on the app it asks for th
  11. Can you explain a little simpler GrampyG please, have been down to try again and earlier with no luck. Have sent a message to ZWO for advice. I've also looked at Peter Zelenko's video regarding Android do have a glitch, he mentions putting airplane mode on and then back off again, not really sure what he means! I think it's my age!!
  12. First of all the asiair does bleep for about 3 secs approx 15 secs after switching on. Also, is the card light supposed to be on all the time because it just flickers and I've noticed that the asiair gets warm, is that normal? I've just tried my wife's tablet and it does just the same, I try the scan put in the IP no and it doesn't connect. Looks like I'm going to e-mail FLO Monday morning, oh dear!
  13. Good point Dave, although I haven't got that far yet. Not sure whether it bleeped or not - think i was sinking fast last night!! Going to try with tablet shortly John
  14. Sorry, didn't explain very well - he said my phone was picking up the WiFi from the ASIair ok and that as far as he could tell I had done things correctly. I've since took the app off my phone and going to reinstall it shortly. I'm also going to try my wife's tablet (I've already installed the ASIair app on it) to see if it works with a modern tablet - it's only a few months old, process of elimination I think it's called.
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