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  1. Thanks for that, last time I went out to see a meteor shower I was looking to the wrong side of the night sky and didn't see a thing this time i hope to see a display or if anything at least be observing in the right direction. I'd have been looking to South as The constellation of Orion is there in the winter lol glad I asked!
  2. Orionids meteor shower peaks tonight as I understand, but where in the night sky should I be looking? Obviously I know up lol
  3. I've been away but now I'm back

  4. Did you consider a 4.7mm Delos at all ? I did have a look but my thought process was that Delos with its narrower afov and shorter focal length maybe "pushing it" in my scope I probably would have been tempted if the Naglers did a 4.7,but saying that I've not owned or had opportunity to compare them up to yet.
  5. No offence taken. I do appreciate any advise, (reading my reply back it does seem a little sharp, it wasn't meant to be.) It seems from the feedback 5mm is usable in the right conditions and the 6mm is more the realistic size. so I've ordered the 6mm Delos and the 5mm nagler to test myself.
  6. That's why I use the forums, to help me make the most informed decision before making any financial comitment
  7. If it is clear it will be a late one metcheck forecasts 0:00 till 3:00am, luckily I'm off Thursday http://www.metcheck.com/HOBBIES/astronomy_forecast.asp?zipcode=Lichfield
  8. Thanks for the advise its very much appreciated, I'm gone start filling the the gaps in the middle to start. One advantage of having Christmas, birthday and work bonus is I'll be able fill it quite quickly
  9. I'm always up for geeking out. just need some clear skies!!
  10. Delos it is then. Off topic but Looking at your kit and previous reviews I don't think there is anyone better to ask. I am now concidering on building a decent set of EP's for my scope, I'm only interested in visual and to keep things simple I'll stick to TV eyepieces, what focal lengths and EP model (ethos well out of range unless second hand) would you recommend me having in my kit to cover everything?
  11. I'm now thinking to put towards my own Christmas present and going for either the Nagler 5mm or the 6.0mm Delos Eyepiece but can't decide which one will best suite my scope
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