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  1. Thanks Chris wow couldnt believe how bright it was , even took my wife out too see it in the freezing cold
  2. ahhh most probable venus then in bottom left hand corner on horizon in the photo
  3. hmm could of been but not seen it as bright as that for a before
  4. So coming back home from work tonite (takes me 40 minutes ) i noticed just as it was getting really dark there was a really white light in the sky but on first impression looked like the mouse cursor shape on a pc . As i got closer to home it was still in same place (west) thought it may have been a plane but it wasnt moving have a photo i took as soon as i got in . its not brilliant and cant make out no detail but there is something there a round light hope you can tell me what it was
  5. What the best focal length is to take widefield shots of stars , if i go past 55mm it seems the stars like to take on a round blobby appearance where as i would like them small (as you would see with the naked eye but better )
  6. Interesting hope everyone can see it as its definitely there took 4 or 5 shots too make sure
  7. Was looking west when the photo was taken hope this helps
  8. Moon tonite at around 7pm
  9. Took a few test photos and came across a red blob in the photo can anyone tell me what this is ? ill link the photo Thanks
  10. Hardly any light pollution where i live , just have to walk up the road and dark skies
  11. Thanks for all the advice really think its one of the spectacles of the sky using the naked eye
  12. Where we live this is nearly always visible in the night sky altho over the summer havent seen it . Is there a time of the year when its best viewed ?
  13. Unfortunately not was annoyed nothing came of it and knocked it off
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