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  1. Some nights the gates are open. Not sure when but I have been up there on Frosty nights. There is a Village called Stonnall that I go up and setup on the village park get some good views.
  2. Same i'm in a village called Stonnall not far from Tamworth
  3. Hello, which side of wolves you on?
  4. Barr Beacon was great really enjoyed it. Cant wait till March the 1st
  5. WOW BBC Basic welcome to 1984 I did not know there was still a use for it!
  6. Thanks guys for your responses. I was thinking about doing whats the Weather like on each planet. Your right Stev74 there is not one whiteboard/blackboard insight (sad to see .) Ill be taking the CPC in while there having their break so the "ooooooooh" value will be high. Tonight i just been asked to do the Beavers sleep over so they can look at the night sky (should start charging ) I might take your advice and whip up a Power Point presentation. Kinda Nervous lol Thanks Again guys!
  7. Hi guys I've been asked to bring in my CPC 800 to show 4-5 year old the scope and talk about the skies and planets. Have any of you done the same any advice to talk to a bunch babes. Thanks
  8. If you could extract lats and logs with the extra data I'm sure it could be transferred
  9. The site is slow as a turtle with one leg and badly programmed. Should of made a public Google maps Markers
  10. Sounds like another counsellor in their pocket. Historic battle sites should not be obscured either
  11. I would agree with this post. 600ma is not enough umph to get it going
  12. Hi from the skywatcher website the newest firmware is 3.35 http://www.skywatcher.com/downloads.php?cat=4
  13. I found it for the first time last night. It was very very faint, mainly due to the moon and LP around the area but you can see it had a slight green hue and it was not sparkling like stars. You will get there. Plus it's getting lower and lower now so it will be harder to find soon.
  14. I'm guessing you could cut an inverted cone into the rubber to fit the tripods legs. Great idea!!!!
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