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  1. The Kodak chip is better. Detail is good as well. But the ASI is no slouch either. N.
  2. I did try this one a few years ago, but its low in my location, and the seeing was terrible. I think at that time I only got a few subs off with an outline of the main nebula. Yours is a good attempt, especially as the faint outer ring is starting to show. N.
  3. I started with a 450D and over 8 years stuck with a 1100D until better CMOS chips came along for dedicated astronomy cameras. The 1100D basically is the same chip as the 450D apart from the 450D uses DIGI 3 and the 1100D DIGI 4 image processor. The latter with better noise reduction. The 1100D has a 5.2 µm CMOS sensor, the 450D is the same. Edit: Easy to mod as well.
  4. I've got used to it, it reminds me of a country's colour of their national flag. I don't think colours like silver or gold would have suited them again from past trims and they wanted something different from other manufacturers. Certainly something with a bit of a punch! Just my 2p's worth.
  5. look at 4th post down. I could try with the IDAS V4 LPR I have 1st. When I get the chance.
  6. I have an interest in this filter as well, It was out of stock at the time of my recent purchase.
  7. or you use Noel Carboni Tools: https://www.prodigitalsoftware.com/index.html
  8. I tend to use a cheap plugin called Gradient Xterminator by Russell Croman. It will run on a limited trial then you have to purchase. http://www.rc-astro.com/resources/GradientXTerminator/ Nadeem.
  9. Those are good images Alan, especially the reprocess of M13. I need to find the opportunity to get my new ASI294MC Pro for a run (he clasps and rubs his hands in joy !) N.
  10. Any update FLO when they are likely to be back in stock Please ?
  11. My 2 pennies worth. An NEQ6 Pro would be more suited for that scope. The HEQ5 Pro is borderline if your planning to image. The EQ5 purely visual. Nadeem.
  12. My interest is mainly emission nebulas and star clusters, apart from a few galaxies i would like to image but thats it really. M63, M81, M101 NGC891, just a few to mention. Its all down to budget now and when to buy. Some food for thought. Nadeem.
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