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  1. I am going to keep my Celestron C100ED and C80ED Refractors. I am not so kind .
  2. m3

    A nice M3 with star colour - also the background looks a bit clipped.
  3. the 2nd rendition is much nicer.
  4. I can see where this is going. This is where I will duck out. Just remember Martin to buy the collimation tools.
  5. Why don't you buy yourself the biggest dob you can handle for planetary views and stop re-inventing the wheel
  6. The mirror clips are only there to stop the mirror falling out of the tube, some people say you need a width of a business card for a gap in between the clip and the mirror. I found the clips should just barely rest on the mirror without force. You must be able to move the mirror without any slop in the mirror cell. But not loose that is wobbles. Sometimes I get the same effects using my 130PDS on bright stars, but quite like the effect of the mirror clip shadows. One of my images showing the shadow of the clips using the 130PDS.
  7. This is a classic Celestron SP C102 telescope, lens made by Vixen Japan, rare as rocking horse droppings. An era just before Vixen started producing Lenses for Celestron ED telescopes. I wouldn't send it by post though. The price is about right, if it bore the original focuser supplied.
  8. A beautiful piece of work regardless of your reflection issues
  9. That old telescope is in Nirvana now, the only thing it wanted was some TLC with its lens. Also reunited with it's younger brother.
  10. You are strange Grumpy ! Next thing your going to have is your old telescopes haunting you - Why Did you Let me Go !!!!!!!!
  11. I think you should keep what you have got, the dual refractor solution might be just the ticket unless its more Newtonian fiddling.
  12. Why not raise a glass for the Omni XT100ED
  13. Very fine scope there chris, don't sell it for anything less.
  14. I have an HEQ5 Pro, its nice lightweight mount, quite adequate for anything up to a 6" reflector, but need something bigger for future plans, hence my question.
  15. How much do you want for the CGEM itself if splitting ?