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  1. A dedicated reducer for the ED72 would have been nice ! When do you expect the rotator for the reducer to be in stock FLO ?
  2. I am looking for a Baader MK II MPCC Coma Corrector. Not to be confused with the MKIII, which is in present production. Thanks.
  3. I am not telling ! The list is too big..... However I am after another ED120 -
  4. I've often thought about a one scope solution, the Force is strong on the Dark Side. I could easily depart from my Reflectors and my SW ED72. But I would find it very hard to depart from my C80ED & C100ED scopes, as you can't buy them new no more and their classics. But having a 120ED again is really tempting. Only if Celestron made a 120ED in Gloss Piano Black with a R&P focuser. Drooooooooooollll.
  5. Just to add another piece to this good topic, I must admit I can remember using my C100ED on Jupiter one night with a 9mm Orthoscopic eyepiece, the belts were very defined with not even a hint of colour, even so better then my OMNI XLT150 Reflector I would hasten to add. If I had to choose a keeper for my birthday - I don't think you could go wrong with a 4" ED Refractor, no collimation needed, low cooldown time and very transportable. There's something nostalgic about refractors which can't be found in reflectors.
  6. Buy the OO 6" 1/10th wave - I know you want to Grumpy ! or maybe a 100m F9 Doublet
  7. I use a Celestron OMNI XLT150 and a Skywatcher 130PDS. the 130PDS gives nice widefield views. Both are used for imaging when required. But I find the OMNI mirror quality to a higher standard then its counterparts and objects are even brighter and clearer when after you have laser eye surgery
  8. I love the combo, the 2nd reprocess is better.
  9. Unfortunately one way around this would be buy a IDAS EOS Clip filter, but I am just thinking if I was to buy a Baader Protective EOS T Ring adaptor, then use my 2" IDAS into it, then I would have to use a Lynx adaptor to make the scope for better inward focus using a DSLR with the OVL flattener, as this is my preferred camera for imaging. I am wondering, would this combination work ?
  10. That's a good adaptor, but might have to adapt this to have an internal 2" filter fitting
  11. No offence was intended Steve ! I also have one as well and quite pleased with the little nipper regardless of the little niggles.
  12. I wouldn't say that - What telescope is perfect? your always going to be fiddling with something as not everyone's requirements are the same. But saying that I also think SW should have bought out a dedicated reducer for it.
  13. Beautiful Beast, cut it a bit short - otherwise the holiday in April under good skies would have been ideal on the star adventurer.
  14. Its a beautiful image done with a OSC - may I ask what camera and telescope please? Also not an easy object to image.
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