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  1. Skyline

    Free Bahtinov Masks (+ postage)

    I would be interested in a 50mm one, if left. Pm on the way.
  2. Skyline

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    My only interest for it, so it can be used alongside my cisco lab.
  3. Skyline

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    The POE ( Power over Ethernet ) interests me. Bought one.
  4. I forgot about this thread, and now I'm off to beg to the Missus and tell how much I love her
  5. Any news when the Skywatcher Evostar 72ED is due out ? Thanks
  6. Skyline

    ED80 v 130P-ds

    Interesting topic, thanks to the OP. Here's my 2p's worth. ED80 Pros and Cons : Pros --> Easy to setup, easy to use no collimation needed, reduces to f6.37 for imaging with reducer, only around 2.5kg weight. I have one. Not taxing on mount. Cons --> Some CA can be evident, slower then a 130PDS especially if using DSLR. Cannot fix Astigmatism. 130PDS Pros and Cons: Pros --> Faster scope then 80ED, with a SW CC f4.5, works well with DSLR, More Aperture for your Buck, truly 5" Apochromatic scope without suffering CA (Otherwise buy a 5" Triplet), Astigmatism easy to fix with clip loosening. Fraction of a price of a 5" triplet and over half price of an 80ED. Not taxing on mount. Cons --> You have to collimate the scope, open tube - exposure to the elements, drawtube may interfere with light path (but can be fixed easily). Needs Coma Corrector I have both scopes, between the two I use the 130PDS more, only because its faster.
  7. I quite like it myself, certainly different then the usual livery, now what be a nice is a green micro focuser to complement the colour...
  8. I think that would be a good thing. Saves you tripping on the mount tripod leg.
  9. Sorry while I was unwrapping....
  10. I mean its become more fancy by the nice green dovetail supplied, FLO need to change their telescope pic .
  11. Rare as rocking horse droppings I bet to get hold of one.
  12. Looks like dust bunnies more closer to the camera imaging sensor. Use flats - Don't use a Brillo Pad to clean your lens
  13. I think you have had them all Mr. Grumpy ! That's why I like calling you Mr. Skywatcher

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