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  1. Those are some amazing pictures, especially Blast off.
  2. Following from my try at Cygnus in the Peak District I also captured Cassiopeia on the same night. Same lens was used a Canon 50mm f1.8 II lens with a Modded Canon 1100D with a Skywatcher Star Adventurer. 24x 1min at ISO800 with no LPR filter, no calibration files were used hence some nasty's in the pic.
  3. We had a fantastic time walking the snake path. Which our cottage was next to literally. Also no light pollution any where apart from a slight glow in the direction of Manchester
  4. This is my 2nd try out using the SW Star Adventurer mount, I used a 50mm f1.8 prime lens to capture this area in Cygnus. Taken with a Canon modded 1100D, 55x 1min at ISO800 with no LPR filter, no calibration files were used hence some nasties in the pic.
  5. Baby WO at FLO

    Absolutely stunning image, in the end I opted for the sw star adventurer. I had it out the other night on a 50mm lens.
  6. Skywatcher Explorer 190MN DS-PRO

    If only I had the time for bigger instruments. A legend of a scope.
  7. your tiff. Cygnus widefield.tif
  8. Hope you don't mind and not to offend, but you put your tiff up. so I have made some changes to your image, you still have data in the image.
  9. Baby WO at FLO

    I am genuinely eyeing one of these up from my setup. Can you a get a reducer for this and will it have enough focus travel?
  10. I am going to keep my Celestron C100ED and C80ED Refractors. I am not so kind .
  11. m3

    A nice M3 with star colour - also the background looks a bit clipped.
  12. the 2nd rendition is much nicer.
  13. Orion Optics VX 8 F4.5 Newtonian

    I can see where this is going. This is where I will duck out. Just remember Martin to buy the collimation tools.