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  1. Meade telescopes were successful with their LX range also with their 5000 triplets their optics were second to none. I have no sympathy for Meade. I still remember the very biased opinions which BC&F had once when visiting their faringdon showroom in London.
  2. Still the old stuff was the best. My old 8” LX10 optics much better then present mass produced optics.
  3. Really decent scope that, like its bigger brother the C100ED, rare as rocking horse droppings.
  4. If I did not own a Celestron 100ED, then my ideal scope would have been a 120ED. Decent scopes for the money.
  5. I refer to Stan Moore's Focal Ratio Myth. f-ratio myth (stanmooreastro.com)
  6. Here is an informative article by Nils Olif Carlin about collimation. http://web.telia.com/~u41105032/kolli/kolli.html
  7. Brilliant telescope, one of the best telescopes I ever had.
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