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  1. I look into buying one of those Telegizmo's in a little time later.
  2. This was my 1st light with my camera, the stars are a bit of an odd shape, that was because this afternoon I realised my Optolong Dual Enhance filter the night I was imaging got cracked, as I accidentally dropped it. See thread However I was very much impressed with the results only for 1 hours worth of data, no calibration files were used.
  3. I need it waterproof and hardwearing because it would be outside with the elements. Nadeem.
  4. I think its more painful buying another !
  5. The Stanley rubber gloves did it, thanks. Nice to see there's no damage to the reducer.
  6. No Obsy, just a concrete base for now, I thing I need to invest in rubber tiles or something.
  7. I had a nasty expensive accident on the 1st night of using my pier, the reducer fell out of my hand and the front filter got smashed. I feel so gutted £185 down the drain. I am finding hard to swallow. I can't seem to unthread the filter from the front now, maybe its jammed from the side of the impact. Any ideas ?
  8. You should be just fine with a Unmodified DLSR.
  9. Doh ! You are Absolutely correct Vlaiv. Thank you just exported to 4144 x 2822. Thanks.
  10. My current setting is Bilinear Interpolation.
  11. Hi, I need some help in this, I am sure I'm missing a trick here or I am going mad : Last night I was imaging, I stacked the images using DSS, when exporting the image into PS I noticed the DSS Autosave.tif image was saved at 2072 x 1411 instead of the native resolution at 4144 x 2822. I was binning at 1x1. Thinking it might be a problem with the FIT files, I checked in FITS Liberator and they all showing 4144 x 2822 resolution also this resolution shows next to each file stacked in DSS. Is this a DSS issue or a setting I need to set. The FITS settings in DSS is set to Generic RGGB, Any suggestions please ? Thanks Nadeem.
  12. That black tape is only securing the spiral cable wrap to join the ends together. I had loads of cable wraps in different lengths.
  13. Tonight's session imaging with ed72.
  14. Skyline


    From the album: Pier

  15. You have done certainly very well on this. It can only get better with a modded camera. The central core is not blown out. You could darken the background and it will pop the galaxy out a little more. N.
  16. I have a dehumidifier cannister under the covers. I need to print off a fixing bracket
  17. My wife is waiting for the construction stuff to be cleared around the pier before I can have a go. Walking on crutches is no fun and dangerous in the dark with building material around. N.
  18. Today I fitted the mount head on the pier, I found the peg a bit long so I had to thread an 8mm rod with some nuts to create a correct size peg, now everything fits flush and tight. Also I need some long azimuth knobs. Where can get some from ? Finally covered over with a waterproof tarpaulin with a fresh hardcore rubble bag underneath. Colour is bright, but so long it does the job it's no problem. Bungee cords are firmly fitted.
  19. Skyline


    From the album: Pier

  20. Skyline


    From the album: Pier

  21. Hence the reason for the extended rebars. N.
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