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  1. There's nothing wrong in experimenting with dso imaging with an achromatic. You'll find if your narrowbanding you can even get away with using an achromatic rather then a apochromatic scope. Why not just learn how to image on your current scopes, then later on buy something better?
  2. One of the most fundamental requirements are you are using TPM 2.0 for your pc to qualify.
  3. Nice processing, when zoomed in the brighter star shapes look triangle.
  4. After acquiring my WO73II from a fellow SGLer, I thought I design and 3D print a few risers. It's always been a problem with WO scopes with weight balance as the focuser locking bolt intrudes the dovetail from being pushed further back. This leaves some clearance now for me to use the locking bolt and balance the scope better.
  5. Hi and welcome, I would not say that, there's a few of us. It's a choice do we get time to mix.
  6. Why not buy a SW100ED or if you can find one a C100ED?
  7. Very nice Steve. Look forward to your future line up.
  8. That rotator is made to fit the 0.85x reducer. I think it has a M68 thread size.
  9. It's a wonderful scope, the mirrors 1st class of that era when Meade were making high quality mirrors. It's definitely a keeper just like my old Meade LX10 was.
  10. I quite like the shadows of the clips in my 130pds
  11. Can the 5V version be controlled by any USB 2.0 socket or does it have to be with a ASIAIR ?
  12. Hi, Could someone tell me if there are multiple versions or revisions of the ZWO EAF and what the differences are please. I am looking to buy one to automate my setup. Thanks.
  13. I take it you can't wait to next week, so I can order and have some equipment dispatched for the weekend ?
  14. Looks like a MT Series, possibly a 6", wouldn't mind having one of those.
  15. How long have you been using that RisingCam IMX571 and what do you think about it compared to say the likes of zwo?
  16. I love it, I am thinking how this camera would be suited with my SW ED72?
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