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  1. It would be interesting to find out what glass and crown is used in the ed72, as the correction seems very good. I wonder if someone like Es Reid would be able to tell if a scope was sent to him. Nadeem
  2. Definitely good for small dso work. Including like galaxies. also HA Hoover
  3. The Atik 16HR Mono has the same imaging chip as the Atik 314L+ peltier cooled but without the set point cooling. Very sensitive with very low noise. Nadeem
  4. Rubber strap wrench it may help perhaps.
  5. Phil's refractor is huge. The 120ed looks alot manageable.
  6. I see little optical difference between a ED100 doublelet then some higher end premium scopes with the same aperture from what I read.
  7. I found on mine when i unscrew the nose of mine the adaptor on top comes off as well and I am left with the female threads.
  8. Original ED72 version with OVL flattener attached to rotator with 60mm spacing.
  9. I to have a 2" concenter and makes collimation a breeze.
  10. I find out when I get my ASI294MC Pro next time I am out.
  11. That's news to me. So now they have shortened the 72ED, apart from the tube being shortened have they changed anything else, may I ask? However it does work with an OVL Flattener.
  12. The 130PDS with EQ5 Pro. The choice can only lay with you Chris, whatever you choose - Enjoy !
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