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  1. janesdsg

    Binocular observing set-up

    All that kit for $30 ... bins, tripod, weights, deckchair ... amazing!
  2. Bought for my partner to encourage him to share my passion for astronomy, but I failed miserably. Apart from the trigger-grip ball-head that I bought secondhand, everything else was bought new and has had hardly any use so is in great condition. SOLD: Pentax 10x50 PCF WPII waterproof binoculars with focus lock, including lens caps, carry strap, original case and owner's manual. Excellent optics. See Steve Tonkin's review at http://binocularsky.com/reviews/Pentax_SP_10x50.pdf) Giotto Professional Aluminum Monopod MML 3270B. Manfrotto #222 trigger-grip ball-head. Roof prism tripod adapter. Maximum extension is 79.5"/202cm (from base of monopod to top of roof prism tripod adapter). Price: £120 Price for monopod, trigger-grip ball-head and tripod adapter: £35 Collection preferred if possible but I will post if necessary (let me know where you are and I'll check the price).
  3. Thanks, both. That's what I was trying to say. The photo is definitely much clearer than my words.
  4. My focuser has two screws so I should centre the gold HGP screw opposite the small gap between the focuser's screws?
  5. Maybe a malt whisky might help me understand the instruction
  6. I've got one of these to use with my SW200p but I can't understand the instruction that came with it: Apply 2" clamp on side opposite 1.25" clamp screw Please could someone help me out - my lack of understanding is making me feel particularly dense Many thanks Jane
  7. janesdsg

    Lunt LS60 PT 1200bf

    + 1
  8. janesdsg

    COMPLETED - SOLD: Maxbright binoviewers

    Thanks, Luke. It's looking like I have a firm sale with Ade ... just waiting on funds to be transferred. ATB Jane
  9. janesdsg

    COMPLETED - SOLD: Maxbright binoviewers

    PM'd you this morning, Ade.
  10. janesdsg

    COMPLETED - SOLD: Maxbright binoviewers

    Hi Luke Photos of the prisms, taken through the T2 1.25" nosepiece. Images Prism 1 and Prism 2 are taken against a background of white paper, 3 and 4 are the view at the back of the house. I found it a bit difficult to get good photos, but the prisms are clean. Re collimation, there are collimation adjustment screws on each eyepiece holder. Here's a link to the pdf of the manual giving the details: http://www.alpineastro.com/Binoviewers/Maxbright Binoviewer Instructions.pdf Still struggling to answer your final question ... I've been using these with my solarscope, paired with 30mm eyepieces. Hope this helps.
  11. janesdsg

    COMPLETED - SOLD: Maxbright binoviewers

    Got the PM thanks. Not home yet so I'll reply tomorrow if that's ok with you. ATB Jane
  12. janesdsg

    COMPLETED - SOLD: Maxbright binoviewers

    Hi Luke Not at home today so will look at this again tomorrow. Need help with your final question, tho', as I've no idea how to go about answering that . ATB Jane
  13. Baader Maxbright Binoviewer with hard case: £150. Pick up in person from Pembrokeshire or postage is £9 RMSD to UK mainland.

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