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  1. https://teleskopy.pl/product_info.php?products_id=5749&lunety=GSO Cassegrain 8 F 12 200 mm klasyczny kolor czarny OTA hopefully this link link works GSO 8” F12 in Poland €753 / £659 plus €40 delivery . teleskopy.pl, worth a look .
  2. Welcome back Ian , I've read may of your great posts here. As only a newbie, I haven’t post up much but read a lot what goes on here, it’s what made me join the 130pds brigade. Anyway, I think changing username to your real name is a great idea. I’ve started to doing the same for any new accounts I join. Wonder if there is a easy way of changing it on SGL ? look forward to reading / seeing more of adventures
  3. Padraig

    It's arrived

    What a buzz when getting a new scope. Enjoy. Welcome to SGL. While waiting on clear sky’s check out “Stargazine” , loads of great videos.
  4. Never heard of these, might give it a go. Are they any good. Find my collimination a bit of hit and miss.
  5. Hi Snarf, how did you get on with your goto, as I have similar issue and only starting out with a new az-eq
  6. Starizona suggest staying with the screws https://starizona.com/tutorial/collimating-a-schmidt-cassegrain/ but as others have said, a screw driver in the dark is nerve wracking?
  7. That's the probe with reading using "adverted vision" , I've never check the date ! ?
  8. This fuzzy blob got me hooked on astronomy 1yr. ago after viewing through a pair of binoculars. Was expecting to great things when I purchased my 6"sct. Spent weeks looking for m80 & m81, only to find out they were too low on the horizon for that time year to see clearly started to look at other dso's then : ring nebula , heculas cluster, Orion Nebula and only recently found the blinking nebula which was a great buzz to find. Thats the great thing about this hobby…discovering dso' s yourself imho. Ps : did get a good view of m80/81 last January. Stick with it angelik
  9. This trend was a great read , very informative about the ax-eq6. Also a few laughs
  10. Seen several posts about collimation aids , which seem quite good as long as your running on windows. But for Mac users needn't despair, as there is an app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/collimation-aid/id1059878623?mt=12 Hope this helps anyone in need
  11. Just wondering, would it not be beneficial to cover down these heated straps to retain the heat generated?
  12. How time marches on…( Aug. '16 ) look at the price of 1000d now! You probably got great value ?
  13. Thanks for that, as a beginner , you hope you're making the right choice of telescope. My next port of call, is to contact the local astronomy club to get some hands-on. Thanks again
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