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  1. melsmore

    M97 & M108

    Excellent sketching! I like M97. Which UHC filter did you use?
  2. My yearly subscription payment went through last month
  3. Bluer than the Danube, but very pleasing nontheless.
  4. I liked all of them, but liked Mare Nectaris best. I thought it showed terrace detail in the crater walls better than the others.
  5. Cloudy here when I walked the dog around 23:00, but set the alarm for 04:00 anyway. Totally clear then, main shadow about 25% in, watched with bins through the bedroom window for an hour. Some high cloud now in the North Wales Riviera!
  6. Obviously, I'd not been as naughty as was said.
  7. I like both of them, but prefer the first one as the nebula stands out more from the background.
  8. I get mine on subscription, and it is very reliable. What annoys me is I get them too early. For instance, I received the December 2018 edition on October 26th!! This is way too early, and I don't have the will power to refrain from opening it for a month.
  9. I found this a good read BAA guide to filters for visual observation of moon and planets
  10. It looks a fantastic event, thanks for posting the pictures. I often fly from Manchester airport here in the UK and really like it when I get views from the plane of the Lovell dish at Jodrell Bank.
  11. Phew, thank goodness, I thought you'd got it to polish your Taks
  12. I only ever see it as ET. I'd much rather see an owl. This, along with the Pleiades and the coat hanger(cr399) were probably my favourites in my ST80. Good session - did you sketch any of the others?
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