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  1. Dunno, on their web site page it says "Baader Colour Filter Light Blue 1¼" (470nm) " , but "blue" on the box. Looking at the spectrum, it goes well into the green, so I would say it was light blue (the filter looks light blue too). U guess it got lost in translation from German.
  2. Think it is light blue, the dark blue filter spectrum cuts off before green.
  3. melsmore

    M42 sketch

    A good red light does help. I use one of these Ebook reader lights with some red cellophane over it.
  4. Tricky. The top one shows more nebulosity, while the bottom one shows the dust lanes better.
  5. Excellent sketch, thanks for sharing.
  6. Maybe be add another one at 90°. If my Auntie's power goes off, I'll know why!
  7. I don't think this scope is available yet in the UK. We only seem to get the DC, DF and DL.
  8. melsmore

    M97 & M108

    Excellent sketching! I like M97. Which UHC filter did you use?
  9. My yearly subscription payment went through last month ?
  10. Bluer than the Danube, but very pleasing nontheless. ?
  11. I liked all of them, but liked Mare Nectaris best. I thought it showed terrace detail in the crater walls better than the others.
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