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  1. Looking good!! Where's the piccy of scope on mount??
  2. La Palma trip Jan 2018 ....... Yeah, I want to go back too ......
  3. Longcase Pendulum Clock

    Long case clock with glowing moon phase globe would have been awesome ........ Hand designed and printed long case clock without globe will still be awesome!
  4. Grimaldi

    Did you use a Barlow too or is this prime focus? The collimation looks spot on to me. There was a good article in February Sky and Telescope on SCT collimation using Polaris in focus when the seeing is good for final adjustment. I'm going to try this got my C8 next time - if I ever get good seeing. Going to get some Bob's Knobs soon too.
  5. Do you use a Zoom and if so, why?

    I use a Vixen LV 8-24 lanthium zoom. It's my most used eye piece in TS80APO, C8, 8" F5 Newtonian and Maksutov 127. It's very good. I have some UWAN for when I want a wider field of view.
  6. Has anyone 3d printed a bahnitov mask

    Thanks, will try that. I've only used it on "standard" so far. What temperature do you use for the bed and extruder?
  7. Has anyone 3d printed a bahnitov mask

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I've just ordered a spool of PLA. The replacement A4988 arrived today and I tried my first prints, with mixed results. Blocked the extruder once, and the best test "cube" print was stringier than a Shreadedwheat 😢 Some way to go before printing bahnitov mask, let alone a clock 🤔
  8. Has anyone 3d printed a bahnitov mask

    Thanks AngryOwl - at least I know it isn't a silly idea. I was just starting on the tutorials for Blender at the moment - it seems a very complex, all inclusive bit of software. I'll go and look at OpenScad before I go any further.
  9. Hi, SWMBO gave me a surprise Prusa I3 Pro W DIY 3d printer kit for Christmas, which we have built. One of the A4988 stepper motor controllers is NAFF, but a replacement should arrive soon. I was thinking of printing a bahnitov mask for my TS80APO. Has anyone done this? Should I use ABS or PLA? I have installed Blender, any one else using this?
  10. Setting circles - quick lists?

    On the rare occasions I use the circles, I use the BAA Handbook. For 2018 on page 108 "Bright Stars for EPOCH 2018.5". 🔭
  11. Cambridge Double Star Atlas - New Horizons!

    I have the PSA, CDSA and SkyAtlas 2000. I use the PSA the most. I see there is now the "Jumbo PSA" too - don't' know what it's like https://www.shopatsky.com/jumbo-pocket-sky-atlas. Does Anyone have it?
  12. REDUC and planetary webcam http://www.astrosurf.com/hfosaf/reduc/tutorial.htm. But Bob Argyle's book is well worth a read! http://www.springer.com/gp/book/9781852338602. I like my Baader Astrometric eyepiece best.
  13. Pluto?

    Hi Beka, Strange indeed! My copy of Stellarium shows the same, but I can't see any 9.10 magnitude at those coordinates (19:12:27.10, - 21:40:33.8) on Simbad. The nearest "9.10" star in that area appears to be TW Sgr, (9.10 at maximum, 13.5 at minimum) and that ain't there !! (http://simbad.u-strasbg.fr/simbad/sim-coo?Coord=19+12+28.03988+-21+39+30.1720&Radius=30&Radius.unit=arcmin&submit=submit+query). So a mistake in Stellarium I guess. Looks like a good capture of Pluto!
  14. Sounds like it went really well. Good luck with getting the International Dark Sky Park status.
  15. Hi Ryan, I don't know for sure if it is the same for your Camera (I've just had a look at the 600D manual online and it would appear to be so - see page 122), but on the Canon 350D I use Bulb,Mirrorlock and the self-timer, the exposure starts two seconds after the mirrorlock fires. I use an MC-36b and set the exposure time to 62 seconds, with interval set to 7 seconds. Then with bulb, mirrorlock and self-timer enabled, the exposure starts two seconds after the mirror lock fires and I get exposures of 60 seconds. The 7 second interval gives my old slow camera enough time to write the image to the CF card. I found that using the mirror lockup on the 350D does help, but the 600D is a much better camera ....