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  1. melsmore

    Organising your imaging files

    I'm not an imager, so use a notebook. "Observatory" from Codeobsession for the Mac got a very favourable review in Sky and Telescope recently. https://codeobsession.com/observatory/
  2. melsmore

    rho ophiuchi

    I can see more detail in the second one, but prefer the colour of the first one. It seems more "natural".
  3. You can get latest happenings in the outer planets from BAA web site or from http://pvol2.ehu.eus/pvol2/ e.g. Jupiter alert: Convective outbreak in Jupiter's South Temperate Belt 2018. To get the latest images available use the 'search data' option.
  4. melsmore

    Dark skies here I come.

    Good luck with the weather! Let us know how you get on.
  5. I had a ST80 and loved it. I had fantastic views of Mars with it in Portugal years ago. Polar caps, clouds, Syrtis standing out like Africa. I sold it and bought a TS80APO, which is a good APO scope, no false colour, astrophotography capable blah blah blah, but twice as heavy. Wish I hadn't. Hardly ever do astrophotography, not worth the difference.
  6. melsmore

    Horsehead nebula in Narrowband

    Absolutely. ( And Flames can be red, yellow, white, blue etc too anyway). There have been a lot of HH on SGL, this is one of my favourites.
  7. melsmore

    Horsehead nebula in Narrowband

    It's superb.
  8. Pest control? No bees - no honey!! Really like the star colours.
  9. melsmore

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    Neat layout, but what do you have in there? I can't tell from the photo.
  10. melsmore

    Dirty eyes?

    With mine, it just depends on the magnification I use on the moon.
  11. Brilliant, aren't they? I got a RIGEL PULSEGUIDE ILLUMINATOR from Optcorp.com for mine. It gives much better control over the brightness. It cost as much again to ship it over and for customs though.
  12. Looking good!! Where's the piccy of scope on mount??
  13. La Palma trip Jan 2018 ....... Yeah, I want to go back too ......
  14. melsmore

    Longcase Pendulum Clock

    Long case clock with glowing moon phase globe would have been awesome ........ Hand designed and printed long case clock without globe will still be awesome!

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