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  1. Thanks for the encouragement @globular, @andrew s and @dweller25. Yes, I think the white patch at the bottom and left sides were cloud. I looked for a photo or competent sketch here and on ALPO for the same time to check with, but couldn't find one.
  2. First the disclaimer. This is my first attempt to sketch Mars, or indeed any planet. Also, it started to rain and I had to abandon it with some urgency (hence no orientation marker). I used a HB pencil and a blending stump. But I think I can see a couple of features that match Ade Ashford's app. The Wratten 21 filter improved the view enormously (although you may find that hard to believe looking at the picture) helping show the surface detail and improving the seeing. I tried it the day before in my 80mm refractor, but that just made the image too dim, but on the 115mm it was very good,
  3. Here is my newt, being diligently guarded by the head of security before he retired (to the sofa). It'll be 20 years old on 25/12/2020! Last seen by me in 2016 . We plan on going to the Moto Guzzi 100 year celebrations next September (subject to Covid-19 and/or the Grim Reaper), so may travel on down to rescue it after that.
  4. Farpoint Desiccant cap for my SD115S and #21 orange filter to try on Mars.
  5. Not far from me then, bit East of you on hols near Craster , fantastic skies here too... (Not tonight though).
  6. There's a Test Report by Alan Dyer of it in September 2020 Sky and Telescope too. (Page 68).
  7. And why not? It's always a joy to look at that combination.
  8. New sleeping bag for SD115S. The dog seems to have retired from security duties, hence the alternative.
  9. Excellent first light. Well done.
  10. That's not an "unboxing", it's just a box. You're taunting us.
  11. Yes, from me too. A terrific advertisement for TS and iOptron!
  12. New (to me) Vixen SD115S set up for first light. Birthday pressey from SWMBO.
  13. Very sorry, I just checked the current models of C8 and C925 on FLO's website and it is certainly no longer the case concerning the secondary mirror sizes. C925: Secondary Mirror Obstruction: 3.35 in (85.09 mm)Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area: 13.1 %Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter: 36.2 %Optical Tube Length: 22 in (558.8 mm)Optical Tube Weight: 20 lb (9.07 kg) C8: Secondary Mirror Obstruction : 2.5 in (63.5 mm)Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Area : 9.8 %Secondary Mirror Obstruction by Diameter : 31.3 %Optical Tube Length : 17 in (431.8 mm)Optical Tube Weigh
  14. My MAK127 is kept indoors (no cool room) and It takes 30 minutes or so to cool down - almost exactly what @vlaiv extrapolated from his! I plonk it outside first and by the time I've polar aligned my mount and faffed around it's just about good to go. Wooden sheds (in direct sunlight) can soak up a lot of heat and cool down slower than a MAK The only (very minor for double star observing) drawback I have concerning my MAK127 is that I can't use 2" eyepieces with it . Also, mine came with a RDF, and as I don't have GOTO, I'd have preferred a finder scope. @Stu recommended the C925. I'v
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