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  1. melsmore

    Xmas astro presents...

    Obviously, I'd not been as naughty as was said.
  2. melsmore

    Smartphone night vision images

    They're fantastic !
  3. melsmore

    IC1396 & Garnet Star

    I like both of them, but prefer the first one as the nebula stands out more from the background.
  4. melsmore

    Sky & Telescope - still a nightmare to get hold of

    I get mine on subscription, and it is very reliable. What annoys me is I get them too early. For instance, I received the December 2018 edition on October 26th!! This is way too early, and I don't have the will power to refrain from opening it for a month.
  5. melsmore

    Filters ?

    I found this a good read BAA guide to filters for visual observation of moon and planets
  6. It looks a fantastic event, thanks for posting the pictures. I often fly from Manchester airport here in the UK and really like it when I get views from the plane of the Lovell dish at Jodrell Bank.
  7. melsmore

    What did the postman bring?

    Phew, thank goodness, I thought you'd got it to polish your Taks
  8. melsmore

    ST80 does what it does best

    I only ever see it as ET. I'd much rather see an owl. This, along with the Pleiades and the coat hanger(cr399) were probably my favourites in my ST80. Good session - did you sketch any of the others?
  9. Yes for visual, if it has a reasonable tripod and NOT the one shown. Check the axes rotate smoothly, unless you're happy to strip it down and re-grease.
  10. @msacco, I had it's predecessor, Helios 8", on an EQ5. The mount was an old one with a box-section tripod. It was not up to the job. I replaced the tripod with Vixen HAL 110 and the mount was absolutely fine for visual (not tried it for APP). The later EQ5s come with a better round-section tripod which should be OK. Older EQ5, like mine, used bad grease on the RA and DEC axes which sets like glue and made the axes very stiff. After I stripped it down and used a lithium based grease (sorry, I can't remember which one now), it worked fine.
  11. In addition to the optical quailty (using a wide range of standard and quality eps) I'd like to know if a GPD2 mount would be up to the job for visual and how easy it is for one person to get on and off the mount.
  12. And/Or you could join the British Astronomical Association Variable Star Section. The BAA and AAVSO databases are linked and there is very strong links between the two organisations. I think the BAA VSS is the oldest variable star organisation, started in 1890. There is much information for the beginner on the web site.
  13. I'm more concerned on what the LED colour temperature of the lights fitted outside my house is. A presentation was made the recent BAA/AAVSO meeting at Warwick by a member of the American Medical Association reporting significant increase in risk from cancer when exposed to LED light of higher colour temperature than 3000K. One BAA member's local council has installed 5700K lights (which are as toxic as it gets) everywhere apart from their National Parks, where they have installed 4000K ones (which are still bad enough). Anyone doubting the validity of the recent research should know that the 2017 Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded for some work on it. You want your lights to be <3000K (or tuned off after midnight). See https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2018/04/26/new-led-streetlights-may-double-cancer-risk-new-research-warns/ for a summary. I'm requested the specification from my local council, with a view to ensuring that the lights outside my house are 2700K ones. I've fitted blackout curtains but a significant amount of light still leaks in round the sides I see yours are going to be 4000K ones, I believe the latest research shows that these still pose significant health risk.
  14. I prefer, and subscribe to , Sky and Telescope, even with the American spelling and grammar. That and the BAA journal and Webb Soc. DSO keep me happy. If one had to go, it would be S&T.

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