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  1. A little better. I had to use a 4x Barlow stacked with a 2x Barlow on my Meade 10" and a Canon t5i. Single shot. I tried taking video, but out of the 5000+ pictures converted from video only 2 seemed fairly decent.
  2. So last night I had a clear night and decided to see how close I could get my mount aligned. I did the polar alignment then tried 3 star alignment, 2 of the 3 stars were behind trees, so I tried a 2 star alignment and the only 2 I could visual see was Spica and Vega. Well it wouldn't list Vega! Apparently that wasn't an option. So I used Spica and Arcturus. Both were fairly close in the eyepiece and easily centered for alignment. It did its beeps and said it was aligned. Cool. So I went to Jupiter and it went right to it. Then I went to m101 which I can't see but it went basically where it sho
  3. I use a lodestar x2 for a guide camera and I love it. I also use a canon t5i for imaging. My question is would another lodestar x2 but in color be a good choice for imaging planets or nebula. And can I use a Ha filter on it to get more detail of nebula? Or is there a better choice. I was thinking color version for easier photos over mono with 3-4 times the photos to get color.
  4. Thanks. I know sometimes I get into a rush since Oregon weather is often horrible when it comes to viewing the skies 10 months out of the year. Thus skipping crucial steps. Thanks for all the help
  5. Then after this I'm guessing a 2 star alignment is crucial.
  6. Thanks. Yes, for some reason I felt pointing north is good so pointing TRUE NORTH must be really good. Haha. Now that spring is here in about a week I won't even have a view to Polaris as my neighbors tree is filling out. As soon as I find a good spot that has really good alignment I'll have to mark the legs on the ground. It's not often that I find a target. Even when I was using the Polar scope to align with Polaris in the past
  7. I have a question for anyone that uses a goto EQ mount. Mine is a Bresser exos2. So everything I've read is basically start by pointing the polar scope north. Then for me 45° is my latitude. Now after that I've read you look through the polar scope to get Polaris to be inside a small circle according to how some other stars appear. Anytime I've done this it's been way off. Like by 30° longitude off. Last night I set up scope to point true north with a compass. That happens to be about 33° longitude away from Polaris. When I went to object I was about 1-3° off longitude. So my question is... Is
  8. I have a starlight express lodestar x2. Would that be a good planetary camera?
  9. The 2 scopes I have now are astrotech rc6 and rc8. The laser is very fuzzy at all settings. But appears to be aligned pretty close.
  10. I've noticed that too. I've used 2 different lasers on 4 different scopes and it's that way for me too.
  11. That makes sense. I use a Meade 10" that has 2500mm focal but use a canon t5i dslr. My image is much smaller and less detailed. I also have horrible light pollution.
  12. I was lucky enough to get a break in gloomy weather a couple nights ago when I couldn't sleep. I stepped outside for some fresh air, looked up at noticed the Moon and Jupiter close to each other and grabbed by camera to steal a couple shots before the clouds rolled back in.
  13. That is nice. Did you use Barlow lens? I noticed that the telescope is only 1500mm.
  14. So we just use the word "Jupiter" and post a new thread and that's the entry?
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