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  1. Well done Jules. Getting back into the groove is good.
  2. At one point I had both Mak127 and a SW 100ED. Foolishly I never tried them side by side. So much depends on seeing that I cannot clinically say that one was better than the other in terms of revealing a particular lunar feature. However my overall impression was that there was little to choose other than the fact that I found the ED100 gave an image that was more pleasing and involving to the eye (not necessarily any more revealing) even though the 127 had more aperture. Interestingly my Tal100r (F10) even though it shows some CA is a wonderful lunar scope and my Vixen 80mm (11.4) is a crack
  3. To see a launch at Baikonur, now that would be really something, a journey of a lifetime. That would be one very impressive Steppe ......
  4. I've seen a couple of typhoon displays and know what you mean but in terms of noise that you can feel I remember watching a Vulcan display at RAF Finningley back in the early 90's. The sound of those 4 engines on take off was like a deep crackle that hit you at gut level. Then comes the famous Vulcan howl. So sad its not flying now.
  5. Yes, I agree. The added bulk and weight is very noticeable and this in turn affects the balance of the 'scope. If planetary is your main aim then I'd look to spend money on another EP.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Given the chequered history of Mars projects I've not held my breath quite as much since the Apollo days. Brilliant achievement.
  7. That's an interesting one to let the mind play with. I've just been reading that M31 has an estimated rotational velocity of 225 km/s at 1,300 light years from the core, so things are never quite where we think they are to say the least. A "snapshot in time" and the idea of what we mean by "now" gets very blurry ... err ...I think.
  8. From memory, I think standard plossls worked just fine in the 1.25" focuser. I used a Revelation (GSO) 32mm, Vixen NPL 15mm and I think the older SW 9mm 66 degree worked OK but unfortunately that was not such a good EP. My ES 20mm Maxvision wouldn't come to focus which was a shame as its a nice EP The Revelation 2.25x barlow also worked OK. The Tal1 is a very nice scope with very good optics. When I had mine I did some work on it to try to upgrade it to something like a more modern spec' scope. Looking back this was a mistake and I think it would have been better to accept it as it was using E
  9. Some very decent binos can be picked up in S/H shops/charity shops. In the last couple of years or so I've picked up mint Japanese Greenkat 10x50s for £25 and Asahi Pentax 8x30s in v/g condition for £20. Both have really nice optics, are very sturdy well built binos in quality hard cases. The Pentax binos are really handy to have round my neck when out for a walk. Not much opportunity at the moment for browsing the shops but when the time comes its worth a look - sometimes we get lucky.
  10. Wow indeed, that looks near mint. A capable 'scope.
  11. Mesmerising, really draws you in. Well done.
  12. Stunning Nigella, Wow! Great images. Like so many other people, the aurora is on the bucket list.
  13. I've occasionally come across books and articles where the author feels compelled to jolly people along as if by not doing so the reader is going to lose concentration when, at least for me, it has the opposite effect. There is a place for humour and the light touch and maybe in fairness its difficult to get right. I'm not a writer/author so perhaps I shouldn't judge too harshly.
  14. I've been perusing the latest versions of distros on distrowatch but not tried any yet. When I've got a system that does everything I want and is quick and good to use, then I'm cautious about jumping too quickly. Mind you its easy to play around with something first without going the whole hog.
  15. There's an article here that might help. I've not tried this out on my 6/8 SE mount but I'm assuming the accessory output socket in a car would work, with a long enough lead. Our Vauxhall its rated at 12v with max of 120, so about 10 amps. https://www.nexstarsite.com/OddsNEnds/PowerSources.htm
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