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  1. Yes or to other members. I know it will probably be something simple
  2. Thanks for your advice Steve. I am looking into the local astronomy club it starts back this month. once again thanks for all your advice. I will keep you posted. Ps I don’t know how you do a message on the forum, as I said I am a bit of a techno fob.
  3. Thanks for your advice Steve that was one of the things that was concerning me I am not that good with mobile phones and apps controlling things, aren’t the hand controllers quite expensive. I see flo does a power pack but I wasn’t sure if I would need one roughly how long do the batteries last,also is it quite easy to setup the go to alignment etc. charlie
  4. Thanks for your advice everyone. I think portability is where I need to go,as I said I live in a light polluted area. and as I am just starting out I don’t want to be off with mediocre views , so I am going to have to go to darker sites maybe not really dark sites but better than the city. So with that in mind I was thinking of the 127 mak and the SW az gti go-to mount and tripod about 8kg in total and would fit in the back of my car easily, I know it may not be the best setup but at least it might fuel my interest and then I can look at better set ups. So if anyone has had any experience with the 127 mak and the AZ-gti go-to mount your input would be greatly appreciated
  5. Thanks for the info John, I will probably go for the Bresser it seems like a really good scope.
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice, I will most likely go for the eq5 mount and look into the Bresser 127mak to be honest I never really looked into Bresser scopes as I was informed that they weren’t quite as good as the rest, I think I have been wrongly informed and will be looking into Bresser scopes , no pun intended. I will look into when the astronomy society meetings are held and hopefully get to next months meeting thanks John . I am still a bit undecided on which scope to buy, I am thinking of the sw127 mak or Bresser 127 mak or should I go for a refractor ?. I’m a bit confused with long and short focus long are best for planets /short for galaxies,nebula and dso,does this mean if I buy a short focus scope I won’t be able to use it to look at the planets and visa versa with a long focus. Does it not require as much magnification for dso,nebula etc
  7. Hi everyone I am just starting out in astronomy and I’m looking for some advice, firstly I am looking at getting the Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 as I have read it’s a good all round scope and quite portable. Secondly is which mount to go for Sky-Watcher eq3 pro go to or eq5 pro go to,I understand the eq3 is big enough for the Skymax 127 but I would like to get a refactor if all goes well with the Skymax,it’s just that some of the scopes I’ve been looking into are slightly above the 6.5kg load of the eq3 would this be ok if only slightly over say 7.5/8kg or should I go for the eq5, it just seems a bit of overkill and expense if I don’t get another scope. One last thing as I live in Glasgow which has quite light polluted sky’s,will I be able to see whatever I get the go - to mount to point at say a nebular or galaxy.
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