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  1. Thanks for the advice John, much appreciated.
  2. Hi Baz . I have been looking to see if I could get something with a bit wider FOV with good eye relief, but with not a lot of success so I am going to get the 9mm Morpheus. As yourself and a lot of other people rate it very highly. thanks Robert Hi Dave . No I am still unsure as to which Barlow to go for, I was maybe going to go for the Explore Scientific or Altair Astro 2x Barlow. I hadn’t even considered the Hyperion Barlow, I thought that the baader Hyperion zoom Barlow only worked with the zoom lens. But you say you can also use it with your Morpheus eyepieces, can you use it with any 1:25” eyepiece. thanks Robert
  3. Hi guys thanks for the advice. If I get a 2” filter and use it on the front of my 2” diagonal, so as I can use it with 2” or 1:25” eyepieces or does the filter need to be fitted to the bottom of the eyepiece . thanks again for all your advice. Robert
  4. Hi Alan Didn’t you fancy the 100 degree eyepieces ?. I will probably go with the 9mm Morpheus ,it seems to be well thought of . Thanks Robert PS Charlie was my nickname when I was in the Royal Engineers.
  5. Hi Ed thanks for the advice, at the moment I would say that star clusters , nebula and some galaxies are my main focus ( no pun Intended ) . Any advice would be appreciated. I realise an achro might not be the best for star clusters. Thanks Robert
  6. Hi Allan I have had a chance to use my 12.5mm but only a brief one and in my 127 mak not the 6” refractor. firstly I am new to astronomy so I don’t have a lot of experience to know what to look for. The 12.5mm is well made quality eyepiece ( in my opinion ) , it’s bigger than I thought a lot heavier than any of my other eyepieces apart from the 30mm UFF I just got. The eye relief is good with the eye cups up or folded down ( I wear glasses ) the view was brilliant I could see a lot more than usual I could actually look around the view from edge to edge instead of just in the centre . Everything seemed fine right out to the edges no distortion or bloated stars etc, in my limited knowledge opinion. I can’t say much about contrast as I live in Glasgow and have really bad sky glow / light pollution but the views of Jupiter where the best I’ve had yet. In all I am really pleased with this eyepiece I don’t have much to compare it with a couple of bst’s and a couple of Plossl’s. I can’t wait to get my 6” refractor out and try the 30mm UFF and 12.5mm with it. PS Allan do you have any experience with the APM 9mm 100 degree eyepiece I would like to get that next but eye relief is quoted at 13mm and I don’t think it would work for me. Thanks Robert
  7. Thanks for the advice Don. I was out last night and I noticed the sky seems to have a glow / haze to it , I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of living in a city. Don in what order of would you advise getting these filters ? Would I be as well going for Astronomik instead of buying cheaper and having to buy twice , also I know this might sound like a stupid question but do the 1:25” filters work just as well as the 2”. thanks again Robert
  8. Thanks for all your advice. I will give it a few more nights to see if it was just atmospheric conditions on my first night. Is there any difference between sky glow and light pollution ?, and what is the best filter to combat them ? Thanks Robert
  9. Hi All I had my new 6” achro refractor out for the first time the other night and everything looked as if it was misty, l mean I could see the planets it’s just that the background was like a slight mist rather than black. Is this down to light pollution ? ( I live in Glasgow ) and would the Astronomik UHC filter help or is it just for viewing nebula. Thanks Robert
  10. Thanks Louis D for the info, if it is the same as the meade it should be quite good. I will probably go with that or the ES Tele extender. Hi Alan if the 30mm APM UFF is as good as everyone is saying I’m in for a real treat . I know what you mean about wearing glasses, I’ve been looking at eyepieces and thinking that will do nicely only to find that the eye relief is not enough for glasses wearers. I think that the pony express are riding donkeys to do deliveries at the moment as still no sign of my stuff .
  11. Hi guys. I don’t want to disappoint you I’m new to this and I don’t think I would know EOFB if it walked up and kicked me on my shin bone hopefully I am wrong. Has anyone had any experience with the Altair Lightwave flat field Tele Extender Barlows
  12. Thanks Louis D I will look into them, no pun intended . I just wish the postman would hurry up with the APM 12.5mm.
  13. Thanks Louis D for the advice, what would you say was a high quality barlow ?
  14. Thanks for the advice Don and Louis D it’s much appreciated. That sounds like a plan for a complete set. The only snag is I quite liked the thought of the 84 degree afov and 23mm eye relief of the APM 12.5 Hi Wf so I ordered it this afternoon, hope I haven’t made a mistake ? The other sizes I think the Morpheus will do nicely. One last thing do you think it would be worth getting a 3mm giving 300x on a good night or would it just be a waste and never get used. Or should I just barlow the 9mm or 6.5mm.
  15. Thanks for your advice Barry and Jiggy . The Morpheus seems like a good bet ,I wear glasses and eye relief is an issue . I am unsure which focal length I would get the most use out of ? . I was hoping some of the frac guys might be able to give me some advice of what they’re most used eyepiece is . Thanks Robert
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