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  1. Mark, Is the quadband still available?
  2. I dont know if it gives better' polar alignment. However, the cost is a fraction of that of the polemaster at £10 per year subscription for Sharpcap Pro compared to around £250.00 for the polemaster.
  3. I would really recommend it. I used to struggle with trying to find a target in the light polluted skies here, then lining it up in the frame properly which could take ages. In APT (https://www.astrophotography.app/) I normally (following polar alignment in Sharpcap) select an object and use go to ++ which directs it roughly into the correct place and then uses plate solving to accurately place it in the centre of view. I also connect PhD to APT to allow dithering and use it to control my imaging runs.
  4. Link to CdC download here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/skychart/
  5. I always use Sharpcap to Polar Align following a rough alignment with the polar scope. Not really sure what additional benefits the Polemaster would confer.
  6. You should try plate solving - I use it in APT with my dslr. Saves so much time and hassle when aligning on an image. CdC or Cartes du Ciel is a free planetarium bit of software. Integrate better with eqmod than stellarium.
  7. Yes - managed to get into the front end of the site on another computer, but internal links give an error page.
  8. Interestingly, I have just tried to access it from the link and I get page saying 'Error establishing a database connection'
  9. Will do. I think it is possible in some cases for labels to be printed on the premises - they use a QR code off a phone.
  10. That sounds fine. Do you want the courier picking up from your home or from a pickup point? I will look into tomorrow if that is OK?
  11. Quite understood. I was thinking of courier to pick up from you which I would obviously arrange and pay for, but quite understand the issue with regard to packaging.
  12. I would really like this, but being based in Bristol and with current restrictions on travel cannot see how this would work. The only alternative I could see is courier.
  13. Karen, I have the EQ3 with 130pds and my understanding is that part of the weakness is the rather flimsy tripod that comes with it. I have my mount on the eq5 tripod which is a lot more substantial and find stability pretty good and it does increase the maximum weight you can use - by how much I dont know though. A possible upgrade that may be worth making and you can find them second hand.
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