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  1. Interesting video about a portable EV set up; Was interested by the comment that the Asiair doesn’t play well with the AZGTi in Alt Az mode. Must admit, I have never tried with mine so will do at some point, but has anyone else tried and had any success? ta
  2. I’m tactically waiting till more people install and report back! But im a coward!
  3. Really interesting thread - I currently use APT with no issues on a laptop but was considering moving to a a more portable mount mounted solution. Was thinking about a stick PC but have also had my head turned by the ZWO sale so am seriously considering an ASair
  4. I’m considering getting an ASIair and this would be a feature I need so have done some digging which turned up; That was added one or two releases ago. Pull up a previous image in the image manager and there should be a "go to" button in (if I remember correctly) the lower right corner. It will plate solve the center of the image and go to the coordinates. Now if I could just get the camera in the same rotation night after night. If that works could you let me know? Cheers
  5. Apologies - realise this is several months late but have only just seen and it may be of use to yourself and others, The datyson one on Thingiverse didn't work for me hence designing my own, stl below; QHY5 Guide Scope Adapter v1.stl
  6. Not sure where to place this, but just noticed a dome had been offered for free on Facebook marketplace in Milton Keynes if anyone fancies one? This is nothing to do with me - just felt it’s my civic duty to tell someone about it! Wish I had the space myself
  7. I’ve always wondered this too - following with interest.
  8. Hi, I ended up with a StellaMira Flattener for a while and then got lucky and managed to find the dedicated WO version. It seems to my eye that the WO gives slightly better stars at the edges but it could be just perception. cheers
  9. Good Morning everyone - I recently got my 600d modified and finally had a chance to test it out in the single clear night I have had in what seems like months. I chose the Horsehead / Flame region as a test as I really wanted to see how well the Ha comes out. My setup is a WO Megrez 72 with an OVL field Flattener on HEQ5. Images are 38 x 60seconds, ISO800 with flats and bias. I have very quickly stretched as i could tell there were issues whilst imaging but wanted to get something to look at and pick apart. Just wanted clarification on a couple things - firstly, the reflection, is that likely due to an issue with my optics (dirty, smeared, scratched, etc) or is it one of those frustrating things with Alnitak that sometimes happens? Secondly - the bloat on the brighter stars - is this just overexposure, or an imapct of the camera modification, and if so would a CLS CCD filter help?? Cheers in advance Gareth
  10. Interested in this too - did you find an answer @david_taurus83?
  11. My modded 600d has just turned up so now I’m ready for those long crisp clearless nights! oh.
  12. Today is a good day, Firstly as some of you will have read, I had a camera stolen by a courier a few months ago - They refused to pay out as it was classed as a non-compensatable item, but after several months of arguing and emails to the CEO they have finally admitted liability and paid out. New camera now on its way now to be modified by Astronomiser. Secondly, I ordered an Evostar 72 months ago and its turned up today, at least a month sooner than I was expecting! Happy Friday all!
  13. I got an Ender 3 this year and love it - really easy to use and set up, plus I have been able to print some very fine threads. As other have said, I wouldn’t trust them with anything too heavy though.
  14. Just want to give a thumbs up to FLOs service for warranty repairs / issues. My new AZGTi developed a power issue this week so I notified FLO on Sunday via email. They responded on Monday afternoon for some clarity and offer a few suggestions which sadly didn't work and so suggested a return. The parcel was collected from me Wednesday morning, and then next I heard was FLO informing me that they had found a power issue on the main board which they had now fixed and the Mount was on its way back to me. Just heard from DHL that it’s due to arrive at lunchtime today. So that’s 6 days from first contact to repair and return ready for the 10minute window of clear skies I will no doubt have tonight. Am really impressed with the service and the skills of the team as I was expecting it would have to be a replacement coupled with a lengthy wait. Thanks guys.
  15. TAL 25mm plossl - it’s always the first that I reach for
  16. I have an order with FLO for an Evostar 72ed at the moment but am seriously considering cancelling and getting myself one of these instead. Especially as I already have a Megrez 72 already - much like yours Lockie.
  17. Weirdly I was browsing FLO the other day and saw that you could buy a camera of this sort; https://www.firstlightoptics.com/other-science-gadgets-models-toys/solarcan-ready-to-use-solargraphy-camera.html
  18. I have been toying with the idea of getting involved with EEVA for a while now and have been gradually putting together equipment that may work. Tonight it is clear so I thought I would quickly get out my Meg72 on AzGTi and fot my ASI120MC to it and have a play. Centred on M57 and realised a tree was in the way. Moved the scope (beauty of the AZGTi is it’s so portable), realigned, centred on M57 and the very first shot absolutely blew me away. Needless to say, I’m hooked! Intending on getting a better camera next. Image is just a few stacks auto stretched in ASI Live.
  19. Oooh, what’s this mean? Should get my LCD this week and my case is now printed.
  20. Finally solderered everything up - need to print the enclosure and I can get this finished. The Nano was a real challenge and I appear to be at the point where I am now both short and long sighted!
  21. Welcome aboard Andrew - looks good. I’ve been mulling over how to improve the focuser on my ETX125 as it’s virtually frictionless to the point that even the weight of a peg (as a low end feather touch focuser) causes it to shift.
  22. This has got to be the quickest ‘scope related DIY I have ever done. Need to design a mounting bracket and it’s finished (pulley in the post). Thanks @tekkydave for the code and design.
  23. Crikey - that was easy. Arduino and motor arrived this evening. 5 minutes with Arduino IDE and a soldering iron and it’s working! Will design and print a casing tomorrow and away I go!
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