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  1. Shame the part-night lighting people didn't change the clocks, they're going off at 1am now instead of 12.

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    2. ronin


      My lot are such that I can tell if I am late going to bed, the lights outside are all off at very close to midnight, say plus or minus 5 minutes. Usually about 2 or 3 minutes after midnight. If I am a bit late then I often take a look outside as it is fairly dark. Last year they "drifted" and were going off at 11:40ish, so used to it being midnight I actually checked the clocks.

    3. tingting44


      just read up on part-night lighting, how cool is that! is it a big difference for imaging from when the lights were on?

    4. Scooot


      I'd imagine it's quite a help but I'm not an imager.

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