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  1. Yes, but will it open the pod bay doors when asked?
  2. My wife seems to agree with this!
  3. You can use that to mount a camera on top of the scope Richard
  4. I would avoid the AZ3 mount. I had one and hated it. It struggled with an Startravel 102, let alone at ST120. Maybe an AZ4 would be a better bet?
  5. Apparently a small solar flare occurred today https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2020/new-sunspots-herald-increased-solar-activity-cycle-sdo Perhaps some sunspots to follow
  6. I have been buying asto stuff off of Ebay for years. Half of my stuff came from there including several scopes, including my beloved OO SPX 200. The only problem that I ever encountered was a RACI finder which turned out to be just an RA finder, but I got a full refund on that without any problems.
  7. My view to the South. Not bad for a suburb.
  8. Do the current ones have encoders or is this a new feature along with the VariStable?
  9. Here is my Meade AR5, given a new lease of life as a white light solar rig.
  10. I suspect that the Thousand Oaks HA filters aren't that widely used. I have never seen anybody on this site mention them. It's a shame because I have seen them advertised, was curious about them and hoped somebody would comment who had experience of them.
  11. I would avoid using the little cap to reduce the brightness of the moon. Yes it will do that, but it also reduces the aperture of your scope, effectively turning it into a smaller scope. There is a huge amount of detail to be seen on the moon but, with a smaller aperture, you will miss out on a lot of it. Use a moon filter instead.
  12. I tried my Evostar 102, which is a similar length to the Tal100 and weighs a little less I think, on my AZ3 and the results where pretty poor. Very wobbly indeed.
  13. I always store my Newt upright like that. As the mirror and cell make it very bottom heavy, it would be quite difficult to knock over.
  14. Don't forget the "Simulate Light Speed" option in Stellarium. Depending on the setting of this, Stellarium will show you the transits as they actually happen, and not when we observe them to happen on Earth (some 40 to 50 minutes later)
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