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  1. The physical size concerns me getting to darker site ????
  2. Would this Dob be a bit big for getting us and down stairs????
  3. Thanks ! I was looking at the AZ5 Deluxe at the top of my budget????
  4. I’ve finally got £250 together for a entry level telescope. The scope I’ve been looking at is the Skywatcher Explorer 130p which is available with different mounts. My local shop does not have it in stock so I need to place an order. Before I order I would value some honest opinions on the scope and mounts taking my budget into account and some personal experience if possible. Thanks Niko...
  5. Not sure if the PDS scopes are a step to far for now...
  6. May be at some stage but but can’t afford to do it properly at the moment other than messing with my mobile with my spotting scope and the moon. I’ve already read the only way you can focus a DSLR is using a Barlow.
  7. Over the next couple of months I’ll be in the market for a new beginner telescope. As a beginner the Skywatcher 130p/ 150p ticks a lot of boxes for me. The mount is something that I still need to decide on. The one question and concern that I have about both of these telescopes is the basic focuser and how good/bad is it. I would appreciate any comments and opinions to do with this subject. Niko....
  8. I have recently bought myself a 2x Barlow lens and I know that it doubles the focal length of my telescope and the magnification. When I unscrew the lens element from the bottom of the lens and screw it onto the eyepiece what magnification do I get. Also when I fit an eyepiece into the tube of the Barlow lens without the lens element what effect does this have on the focal length and magnification of my telescope. Thanks Niko...️
  9. I’ve just uploaded my first images of the moon and I would appreciate any comments. The first image was edited in Google photos on my phone. The second image was converted in PIPP and edited in Registax from a video. I also tried to find Gimp for my laptop but was unable to do so. Are there any other good free imaging packages instead of gimp. My scope was a Celestron C 70 Mini Mak using a iPhone 6s.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I already already have a 15mm plossl eyepiece which gives me affectively 50X But my issue is that with the supplied zoom lens after 60X the imaged tended to get a little bit soft and I was struggling to get a good clarity at 75X. I am wanting to invest in a 2X Barlow lens but because of how the telescope performs at 75X with the stock zoom and also how tricky the focusing is I didn’t really want to bye the Barlow if the clarity is below par for say the Moon and Planets.
  11. The Celestron C70 Mini Mak has a 750mm focal length and a 70mm objective. With the scope being a small Maksutov and my high power eyepiece is a 15 mm which gives me 50X magnification Would using a 2X Barlow lens be too much for the optics and has anyone had any experience with using a Barlow lens with the C 70 Mini Mak.
  12. When using a 2X barlow lens does the exit pupil size half when the magnification doubles ?...
  13. At some stage in the near future I’m going to be looking at getting myself a beginner telescope. I was just wondering what the general consensus would be and to which telescope would be most appropriate for a starter scope. 1. Startravel 120 with a AZ3 or EQ3 Mount 2. Explorer 130p with AZ pronto Or AZ5 deluxe Mount ???
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