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  1. I prefer 'C' because of good contrast ratio even though you lost some details in the top area.
  2. If you go Windows, go Windows 10 - people might like the changes or not, but they are here to stay so no point in investing in old software that will not get upgraded and will lose support after a while.
  3. 900s subs at 1200mm unguided ? Hats down sir, hats down. Great image.
  4. Greath mosaic Arno. Really like the color, and the mosaic is done perfectly.
  5. Glad to hear you enjoy it - and as others already pointed out, it's a good idea to hunt for Andromeda, Dumbbell Nebulae ( M27 ) and Hercules Cluster - they are all very nice sights, apart from what was already suggested above. Clear skies!
  6. Is this cluster the only one you're having issues with ? Have you tried viewing any other ?
  7. Amazing shot - you rarely see the outer rings of this nebulae, yet you managed to capture them perfectly. Great work!
  8. The PHD graph you attached looks really interesting - not only is the displacement quite large in both RA and DEC - they also seem to go the opposite way, not something I've encountered before. Also, some of the spikes seem really rather drastic. An interesting lesson for all of us and certainly an answer to the 'what if' question many of us would either ask of think of at some point - thanks for sharing!
  9. Looks great. I took a shot at M27 recently to test my new scope - but only took 1x30sec exposure - it's nice to see how the 'final product' would look like.
  10. Looks great - especially for such a difficult object. Also, seems like your Orion autoguider is doing a really good job - i'm just getting started with mine so that's encouraging to see. " Weather permitting I hope to add more subs to help bring the faint detail further out from the sky background. " If you do, please share the final version with us
  11. I did a star test which looked fine - but then again, everything was rough and rushed so I will definitely check it in details later before jumping to any serious observing or imaging sessions Didn't want to get too technical on my first night as this was simply to check out the setup and finishing as early ad possible to avoid zombie mode at work the next day - you know, the irrational new scope excitment haha. I did read some reports of people having issues with AVX so i'm really glad that everything went really smoothly for me.
  12. Hi guys. So I finally decided to retire my SkyWatcher and upgraded to an Edge HD scope. I've been battling with that decision for many many months, trying to decide what to get, going back and forth, whether I should get a refractor, or an SCT etc. After all that time, and probably a hundred new gray hairs on the head, I decided to get an Edge HD SCT telescope. My reasons: - Light and compact - AVX Mount is incredibly portable - Relatively large aperture - Pretty good all-rounder - Good for both visual and imaging sessions - With it's long
  13. Hey Steve, that's a nice surprise, thank you I'm actually looking at ordering some eyepieces and additional accessories so I'll definitely get in touch.
  14. Excellent point, thanks. That's the sort of thing I was looking for.
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